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Fixes for architecture guideshanami.github.io
Fixes for Command Line guidehanami.github.io
Fix typos on getting started pagehanami.github.io
Review and update helpers overview pagehanami.github.io
Review and update Getting Started pagehanami.github.io
Fixed typos and sentence structurehanami.github.io
Minor fixes for actions guideshanami.github.io
fixed for exception handling pagehanami.github.io
various changes and typo fixeshanami.github.io
Fixed typos and missing wordshanami.github.io
Add helpers to Gemfilehanami
Remove lotus-helpers dependency from Gemfile.tthanami
Remove double space indentshanami
Integrate with Lotus::Helperhanami
[skip ci] Add comments explaning different locations for specifying mappingshanami
[ci skip] Improve comments in the application templatehanami
Fix view rendering so layout methods can be calledview
Improve error message for undefined method in viewview
Update deprecated `load` methodview
README typoview
Improved error NameError message by passing in the whole constant nameutils
Updated README with spelling and sentence structure changes.validations
Fix class comment. Thanks @AlfonsoUcedahelpers
Fix number formatter for strings refactorhelpers
Revert required parameters for compatibility with < Ruby 2.2helpers
Refactor type checkhelpers
Add number formatting helperhelpers
Add link_to integration testhelpers
Refactor testshelpers
Change id to BEM stylehelpers
Add link_to helperhelpers