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Rename option `list:` to `values:`cli
Merge pull request #10 from hanami/work-with-command-instancescli
Remove support for plain callable objects as registered commandscli
Instantiate commands with options and provide command API via instancescli
Register commands explicitly in dedicated command registriescli
Merge pull request #272 from hanami/fix/add-missing-json-requirecontroller
Add missing 'json' require to action/flashcontroller
Refactor BodyParser content type parser loading (#182)router
Skip unknown content types when parsing body (#181)router
Add a warning about renamed 1.x-master branchview
Point to 1.x-master branch of hanami-view (#1037)hanami
Link to latest 2.0 announcement in
Add "Announcing Hanami v2.0.0.alpha2" post (#522)