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change to proper redirect - use routes path instead of
add missing path
add missing action
don't mix templates and
Ruby uses native
require 'lotus/utils' so needed Lotus::Utils.jruby? class method is defined, this closes #275hanami
fix README typo & substitute it with Lotushanami
prepare lotus for rubiniushanami
Implement Scope#class, Scope#inspect, LayoutScope#class and LayoutScope#inspect [resolve #44]view
enable rubinius testingview
updated CHANGELOG for v0.3.0 releaseutils
don't set MethodCallback#eql? and MethodCallback#hash protected - rubinius uses these methods internally for [,].uniq!utils
enable rubinius testingutils
Implement entity attribute inheritance thanks to @joneslee85model
Don't iterate through user given attributes and call #to_sym on every key (DOS vulnerable), use string key if attribute for symbol key returns nilmodel
added test for attributes string keysmodel
all attributes keys should be converted to symbols before trying access entries via symbolsmodel
enable rubinius testingmodel
officially support rubinius, remove rbx-2 from allowed-failurescontroller
enable rubinius testingcontroller
fix typorouter
forgot to rename in after hookrouter
add better failing test for rbx, to know what exactly is failingrouter
enable rubinius testingrouter