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Fix intermittent spec failurehanami
Create separate integration test for container middlewarehanami
Integration test for MethodOverride in container app WIPhanami
Use the MethodOverride middleware in container appshanami
MethodOverride middleware only in non-container appshanami
Some amends suggested in code reviewview
Refactor to encapsulate Configuration partial cache impl detailsview
Add integrations tests for partialsview
Make PartialTemplatesFinder.find_partials a class methodview
Tidy up for better readabilityview
Remove fall-back to old implementation in PartialFinderview
Use the correct configuration for the given view in partial lookupview
Add missing unit tests for Configurationview
Use Hash with default value for partial cacheview
Use proper versioning convention in commentsview
Tidy up PartialTemplatesFinderview
Refactor partial file search into PartialTemplatesFinderview
Fix intermittent test failures in load_test.rbview
Cache different partial templates for each formatview
First attempt to lookup partials from cacheview
Add a new test for PartialFinder and shared partialsview
Crude first attempt at caching partials in framework configview
Move partial load test to load_test.rbview
Add View::Configuration#partials and failing testview