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Put each assignment on its own line in Error#initializevalidations
Be consistent and always return strings from attributevalidations
Let error handle namespaced logicvalidations
Add Error#attribute_namevalidations
Remove errors.any?validations
Namespace the error itself, not just the key in Errorsvalidations
Flatten nested errors based on the parent attribute namevalidations
Fix an issue where an Errors would think it has errors after asking for any attribute that didn’t have errorsvalidations
Improve specs and allow nested validations to be validvalidations
Add doc for #validatevalidations
Pass errors down from the validatable classvalidations
Remove indirection of the _run_validations method and pull it into #validatevalidations
Implement nested validations as a validation itselfvalidations
Extract define_nested_attribute methodvalidations
An attribute needs defining to allow assignmentvalidations
Attributes#set does not return the value being set, so ensure we return the expected valuevalidations
Use #setvalidations
Take into account nested validators when calling .valid?validations
Ensure an instance of a nested validator class is always built even if no input was passed in for itvalidations
Support nested attributesvalidations
Merge defined attributes when subclassingvalidations
Ensure only defined attributes can be assignedvalidations
Remove nasty return nil on blank value checkvalidations
Don’t coerce to nil for blank string valuesvalidations
Back AttributeDefiner with Lotus::Utils::Attributes hashvalidations
Update @since reference for .validationsvalidations
Use class_eval, it reads bettervalidations
Fix alignmentvalidations
Make the validations constant more readablevalidations
Test with a String type, otherwise ‘thirtytwo’ gets coerced into nil and the format validator is bypassedvalidations
Move presence and acceptance calls to _run_validations to have a clearer picture of what happens during validationvalidations
Remove type option as coercion no longer happens herevalidations
Namespace ValidationSet under Lotus::Validationsvalidations
Remove Attributes in favour of a simpler Validator classvalidations
Revert "Change validation test so that we’re validating a string and the format test passes."validations
Use a read_attributes method instead of build_attributesvalidations
Add doc comment to build_attributesvalidations
An included hook on AttributeDefiner is no longer needed now it’s included by defaultvalidations
Change validation test so that we’re validating a string and the format test passes.validations
Rename variablevalidations
Rename AttributeSet to ValidationSet, .attributes to .validationsvalidations
Extract AttributeDefiner to hold the mass assignment initializer and attribute definition DSLvalidations
Extract validate method to allow standalone usagevalidations
Return nil for blank values when coercingvalidations
Don’t splat the type to be coercedvalidations
Extract blank value checker from attributevalidations
Use Hash#each_key instead of `each {|k, _|`validations
Attributes are now whitelisted in the constructorvalidations
Improve spec descriptionsvalidations
Generate attribute writer methods and move type coercion functionality therevalidations
Test to describe revalidating attributes after they have changedvalidations
Fix class inheritance test and bugvalidations
Fix conflict with ActiveSupport dependency loadingmodel
Add integration test for nested validationscontroller
Add full stack test for param access via symbols, string and methodscontroller
Add integration test covering nested params access via symbols (Issue #70)controller
Add test to ensure nested classes inherit from Paramscontroller
Actually test using paramcontroller
Add spec covering nested attributes and no input for themcontroller
Use the master branch of lotus validationscontroller
Implement nested paramscontroller