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Define Lotus::Presenter#respond_to_missing?view
Prefer String#prepend over String#insert(0, ...)utils
Prefer singleton_class over `class << self` idiomutils
Just extend the base class. No need to class_evalutils
Extract regexp and separator into constantsutils
Speedup Lotus::Utils::String#tokenizeutils
Define Lotus::Utils::Hash#respond_to_missing?utils
Define Lotus::Utils::String#responds_to_missing?utils
Generate unrolled list of entity attributesmodel
Avoid array allocations for generated coercer codemodel
No need to `uniq` already unique columnsmodel
Iterate over each value using `each_value`model
Just extend the base class. No need to class_evalmodel
Pass list of attributes to `attr_accessor`model
Assign redirect location reducing object allocscontroller