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Fixing typovalidations
Cache module must not be included by defaultcontroller
Putting require at the top of the filecontroller
Encouraging the use of cache_control and expires on the class levelcontroller
RDoc improvementscontroller
using class_eval to include CacheControl and Expires modules because travis is disclaiming about include is privatecontroller
Removing global handle_exceptions configurationcontroller
Replacing ifs by null objectscontroller
class methods documentationcontroller
Improving rdoccontroller
Implementing two modules with cache control and expires implementation headerscontroller
Now it's possible defining a default/global expires directive for all actionscontroller
Now it's possible defining a default/global cache_control directive for all actionscontroller
Extracting a expires class which will be responsible to store expires default valuescontroller
extracting a cache control class which will be responsible to store default cache_control valuescontroller
Renaming filescontroller
Renaming to Lotus::Action::Cachecontroller
Dropping Time instances supportcontroller
Including some documentation about http cache and conditional getcontroller
Fixing headers names. It must be a HTTP prefixcontroller
Finishing last modified implementationcontroller
returning only headers which matterscontroller
WIP: LastModified headercontroller
Some refactoringscontroller
Ensuring that fresh method keeps or includes the ETag header into response headerscontroller
simple etag implementationcontroller
just new linescontroller
Using directive class instead of have all the logic herecontroller
dashirizing non value directives keycontroller
Handling time value and other formatscontroller
Allowing non value and value directivescontroller
Allowing value directivescontroller
Creating a PORO to store directives and deal with all rules envolvedcontroller
Expires now considers value directives min-fresh and max-stalecontroller
including value directives min-fresh and max-stalecontroller
Since it's possible to define :public and :private directive, we should ignore public directive in favor of private directive (it's not official on RFC)controller