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Removes JRuby 9.0 from travis-cihanami
Uses project_name instead of application_name in .hanamirchanami
[GH-382] - Adds destroy application action.hanami
[GH-367] - Adds support to initializers.hanami
Loads Gemfile when running lotus server.hanami
Adds Bundler as a runtime dependencyhanami
Adds jruby- to .travisview
Hanami::Utils::Hash#symbolize! now handles arrayutils
Adds JRuby to Traviscontroller
Fix specs when running on JRuby.controller
Adds jruby- to .travisrouter
Adds JRuby 9.1 to CIassets
Adds jruby- to .travishelpers
Adds jruby- to .travismailer