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Merge branch 'davydovanton-fix-gitignoretemplate'hanami
Merge branch 'fix-gitignoretemplate' of into davydovanton-fix-gitignoretemplatehanami
Merge pull request #458 from lotus/revert-435-change-db-urlhanami
Revert "Remove app prefix for generated DATABASE_URL"hanami
Fixes for CLI requireshanami
[ci skip] FEATUREShanami
Prepare for v0.6.0hanami
Merge pull request #448 from lotus/configurable-assets-compressorshanami
Generate new applications with compressors settingshanami
Updated tests to reflect Lotus::Assets changes for configurable compressorshanami
Merge pull request #443 from lotus/update-readmehanami
Merge pull request #442 from lotus/explicit-assets-sourceshanami
Explicit control on assets sources for each application.hanami
Cleanup for #431hanami
Merge branch 'davydovanton-fix-action-generation'hanami
Merge branch 'fix-action-generation' of into davydovanton-fix-action-generationhanami
Merge pull request #436 from davydovanton/correct-definitionhanami
Merge pull request #433 from lotus/translate-rack-env-deployment-into-lotus-env-productionhanami
Translate RACK_ENV=deployment into LOTUS_ENV=productionhanami
Revert "Change uri mysql protocol in the commented line"hanami
Merge pull request #429 from davydovanton/lotusrb-harcoded-keyshanami
Fix broken `lotus db console`.hanami
Merge pull request #428 from joneslee85/minor-refactoringhanami
Merge pull request #425 from lotus/travis-rubies-224-and-218hanami
[ci skip] FEATUREShanami
[ci skip] FEATUREShanami
[ci skip] CHANGELOGhanami
Merge branch 'prepend-sessions-middleware'hanami
Don't prepend all the added middleware, but only sessionshanami
Bumped dependencieshanami
Merge pull request #422 from davydovanton/fix-typoshanami
Merge pull request #421 from lotus/rake-tasks-for-ruby-ecosystem-compathanami
Finalize buildhanami
Make integration tests for Rake tasks independent from envhanami
Cleanup git repository from temporary test fileshanami
Generate new projects with installed Rake taskshanami
Unit tests for Lotus::RakeHelperhanami
Install the following Rake tasks in Lotus projects:hanami
Cleanup for #414hanami
Merge branch 'cllns-generate-resourceful-routes'hanami
Merge branch 'generate-resourceful-routes' of into cllns-generate-resourceful-routeshanami
Merge pull request #420 from lotus/improved-lotus-assets-integrationhanami
Enable cache control headers only for productionhanami
Added .lotusrc files for new application fixtureshanami
Expect public directory to be cleared before to precompilehanami
Automatically setup CDN mode for applicationshanami
Generate new projects with favicon.ico into apps/web/assets instead of public/assetshanami
Generate new projects with CDN settingshanami
Send Cache-Control header when serve static assets in production modehanami
Removed Lotus::Helpers::AssetTagHelpers. They are now implemented by lotus-assets.hanami
Merge branch 'master' into improved-lotus-assets-integrationhanami
Reflect changes from
Merge pull request #413 from AlfonsoUceda/391-fix-generating-dasherized-lotus-apphanami
Enable assets digest mode for production environmenthanami
Introduced `lotus assets precompile' commandhanami
Add /tmp to gitignorehanami
Add /public/assets* to gitignorehanami
Escape dash in footer for welcome pagehanami
Generate new apps by including Web::Assets::Helpershanami
Merge branch 'Nerian-favicons'hanami
Merge branch 'favicons' of into Nerian-faviconshanami
Merge pull request #397 from lotus/global-serve-static-assetshanami
Allow Lotus::Config::FrameworkConfiguration to accept multiple blockshanami
Merge branch 'master' into global-serve-static-assetshanami
Add lotus-assets to Gemfile when generate a new application with --lotus-headhanami
Generate new applications with .env.* that include SERVE_STATIC_ASSETS="true"hanami
Removed Lotus::Config::Assets as no longer neededhanami
New strategy for run integration tests in isolationhanami
Merge branch 'master' into global-serve-static-assetshanami
Merge pull request #407 from leighhalliday/video-helperhanami
Merge pull request #406 from cllns/update-welcome-footer-copyright-yearhanami
Merge pull request #401 from Nerian/image_taghanami
Merge pull request #404 from cllns/add-resourceful-http-verbshanami
Merge pull request #405 from olivierlacan/patch-1hanami
Use new SimpleCov syntax for MultiFormatterhanami
Mount Lotus::Static within internal Rack middleware stack for App architecturehanami
Introducing Lotus::Statichanami
Merge pull request #393 from oreoshake/timinghanami
Merge pull request #392 from kenglxn/dotenv_bughanami
Merge branch 'lotus-assets-integration'hanami
Merge pull request #373 from AlfonsoUceda/fix-request-urlhanami
Merge branch 'master' into lotus-assets-integrationhanami
No-op for Lotus::Config::Assets::Sourceshanami
Lotus::Assets integrationhanami
Merge pull request #374 from lucasallan/initializershanami
Merge pull request #380 from pascalbetz/issue-378-respect-lotusrc-for-testframeworkhanami
Merge pull request #371 from aderyabin/double_lotusrchanami
Merge pull request #377 from lotus/rspec-without-monkeypatchinghanami
Make test files for actions and views to work with RSpec's `disable_monkey_patching!' mode.hanami
Merge pull request #375 from berfarah/feature-streaminghanami
Depend on lotus-utils ~> 0.6hanami
[ci skip] CHANGELOGhanami
Make lotus-mailer a runtime dependency. New cleanup for #338hanami
Cleanup for #338hanami
Merge branch 'DEIGirls-master'hanami
Prepare for v0.5.0hanami
Bumped dependencieshanami
Cleanup per #341hanami
Merge branch 'theocodes-response-format-improvements'hanami
Merge branch 'response-format-improvements' of into theocodes-response-format-improvementshanami