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Merge pull request #586 from maheshm/destroy_in_apphanami
Remove dry-* gems from Gemfilehanami
Merge pull request #601 from hanami/use-hanami-static-for-developmenthanami
Use Hanami::Static for developmenthanami
Merge pull request #599 from hanami/custom-rendering-for-any-http-statushanami
Allow views to render any HTTP status code.hanami
Cleanup for #583hanami
Merge branch 'logger-format' of
Merge pull request #587 from ericfreese/masterhanami
Merge branch 'Erol-fix-route-mounting-on-testing-environments'hanami
Change fixture according to the latest dry-validation changes. Closes #598hanami
Merge branch 'fix-route-mounting-on-testing-environments' of into Erol-fix-route-mounting-on-testing-environmentshanami
Merge pull request #590 from sakuro/remove_require_rubygemshanami
Cleanup for #588hanami
Merge branch 'beatrichartz-correct_coverage'hanami
Merge branch 'correct_coverage' of into beatrichartz-correct_coveragehanami
Test agaist stable Hanami brancheshanami
Merge pull request #566 from davydovanton/bin-require-gemshanami
README [ci skip]hanami
Cleanup for #578hanami
Merge pull request #575 from davydovanton/new-logohanami
Merge pull request #567 from flash-gordon/fix-synchronizehanami
Merge pull request #559 from KELiON/sort-initializershanami
Merge pull request #581 from Erol/fix-various-doc-typoshanami
Merge branch 'cllns-fix-destroying-action'hanami
Merge branch 'fix-destroying-action' of into cllns-fix-destroying-actionhanami
Added @jxxcarlson to README [ci skip]hanami
CHANGELOG [ci skip]hanami
Merge pull request #573 from pascalbetz/issue-572hanami
Merge pull request #555 from hanami/remove-simplecovhanami
Make it to work with latest changes from validations & controllerhanami
[ci skip] Donations. Closes #560hanami
Merge pull request #552 from stevehook/issue_494hanami
Remove simplecovhanami
Merge pull request #554 from ariejan/fix-spec-descriptionhanami
Merge branch 'davydovanton-rake-exit'hanami
Merge branch 'rake-exit' of into davydovanton-rake-exithanami
Cleanup for #543hanami
Merge branch 'berfarah-master'hanami
Merge branch 'master' of into berfarah-masterhanami
Merge pull request #545 from hanami/prefer-shotgun-as-code-reloading-mechanismhanami
Directory vendor/ isn't mandatory for entrhanami
Prefer Shotgun as default code reloading mechanismhanami
Code reloading: Only watch files on certain pathshanami
Merge branch 'aderyabin-entr'hanami
Merge branch 'entr' of into aderyabin-entrhanami
Merge branch 'cllns-fix-resourceful-routes-http-method'hanami
Cleanup for #504hanami
Merge branch 'enhance-security'hanami
Merge branch 'master' into enhance-securityhanami
Merge pull request #540 from cllns/change-deny-to-single-quoteshanami
Merge branch 'cllns-insert-route-after-comments'hanami
Merge branch 'insert-route-after-comments' of into cllns-insert-route-after-commentshanami
Merge branch 'accessd-dry-generators'hanami
Merge branch 'dry-generators' of into accessd-dry-generatorshanami
Merge branch 'jbodah-newline-gemfile'hanami
Merge branch 'newline-gemfile' of into jbodah-newline-gemfilehanami
Merge pull request #533 from jbodah/clean-up-cli-descriptionshanami
Merge branch 'davydovanton-logger-config-for-app'hanami
Fix and cleanup for #530hanami
Merge branch 'davydovanton-logger-level'hanami
Merge branch 'logger-level' of into davydovanton-logger-levelhanami
Merge pull request #529 from hanami/fix-generators-camel-case-naminghanami
Fix hanami generate model when the given name is CamelCasehanami
Remove shellescape logic from ApplicationNamehanami
Fix hanami new MyProject to generate my_projecthanami
Cleanup for #491hanami
Merge branch 'davydovanton-model-generation-app-name'hanami
Merge branch 'model-generation-app-name' of into davydovanton-model-generation-app-namehanami
Cleanup for #517hanami
Merge branch 'davydovanton-logger-config'hanami
Merge branch 'logger-config' of into davydovanton-logger-confighanami
Fix database URL for test and make it to load from .env.development. Ref #518hanami
Test against jruby-
Merge pull request #525 from aderyabin/docpatchhanami
Merge pull request #522 from daneb/db_digest_urlhanami
Ensure to don't load .env.* files if they don't exist. Ref #518hanami
Merge branch 'aderyabin-dotenv'hanami
Merge branch 'aderyabin-template'hanami
Merge pull request #503 from davydovanton/update-gemfile-temolateshanami
[ci skip] CHANGELOGhanami
Master is now 0.8hanami
Fixed build for v0.7.1hanami
Prepare for v0.7.1hanami
Merge pull request #493 from davydovanton/fix-public-path-requesthanami
Merge branch 'railsme-railsme-patch-1'hanami
Merge branch 'railsme-patch-1' of into railsme-railsme-patch-1hanami
Merge branch 'cllns-change-favicon-to-hanami-logo'hanami
Merge branch 'change-favicon-to-hanami-logo' of into cllns-change-favicon-to-hanami-logohanami
Cleanup for #471hanami
Merge branch 'cllns-change-logo-on-welcome-page'hanami
Merge branch 'change-logo-on-welcome-page' of into cllns-change-logo-on-welcome-pagehanami
Prepare for v0.7.0hanami
Merge pull request #469 from hanami/hanamihanami
Finalize renaminghanami
Lotus => Hanamihanami
Reflect new Lotus version in fixtureshanami
Prepare for v0.6.1hanami
Merge pull request #457 from trexnix/fix-issue-453hanami
Merge pull request #449 from davydovanton/fix-app-naminghanami