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Ensure to create tmp/ directory before the build startshanami
Improve build on linuxhanami
Cleanup Hanami module and add more testshanami
Remove Application.load, .preload, .preload_applicationshanami
Remove Hanami::Loaderhanami
Make ApplicationConfiguration immutablehanami
Simplify components and with procs based implementationhanami
Ported `hanami server` to component based architecturehanami
Ported `hanami db` commands to component based architecturehanami
Ported `hanami console` to component based architecturehanami
Use instead of Hanami::Container.newhanami
Ported `hanami assets precompile` to component based architecturehanami
Ported `hanami routes` to component based architecturehanami
CLI: integration tests for `hanami routes`hanami
Hold global configuration via Hanami.configurehanami
Integration tests for streaminghanami
Integration tests for sessionshanami
Integration tests for application middleware stackhanami
Integration tests for Content-Security-Policy headerhanami
Integration tests for X-XSS-Protection headerhanami
Integration tests for X-Content-Type-Options headerhanami
Integration tests for X-Frame-Options headerhanami
Integration tests for HTTP headershanami
Integration tests for send filehanami
Integration tests for HTTP HEAD requestshanami
Moved integration test for Force SSL under 'security' directoryhanami
Integration tests for CSRF protectionhanami
Integration tests for force SSLhanami
Integration tests for exception handlinghanami
Integration tests for body parsershanami
Integration tests for assets: helpers, serve static, and subresource integrityhanami
Integration tests for assets: CDN and Digest modehanami
CLI: integration tests for `hanami db console`hanami
CLI: integration tests for `hanami db apply`hanami
CLI: integration tests for `hanami db prepare`hanami
CLI: integration tests for `hanami db version`hanami
CLI: integration tests for `hanami db migrate`hanami
CLI: integration tests for `hanami db drop`hanami
CLI: integration tests for `hanami db create`hanami
CLI: integration tests for `hanami assets precompile`hanami
CLI: integration tests for `hanami server`hanami
CLI: integration tests for `hanami console`hanami
CLI: integration tests for `hanami generate model`hanami
CLI: integration tests for `hanami generate migration`hanami
CLI: integration tests for `hanami generate app`hanami
CLI: integration tests for `hanami generate action`hanami
CLI: integration tests - ensure to change working directory both for Ruby and Arubahanami
CLI: integration tests refactoringhanami
CLI: mark as pending integration test for `hanami new --help` as it'shanami
CLI: integration tests for `hanami new --hanami-head`hanami
CLI: integration tests for `hanami new --template`hanami
CLI: integration tests for `hanami new --test`hanami
CLI: integration tests for `hanami new --database`hanami
CLI: basic integration testing for `hanami new`hanami
Bare minimum setup for CLI integration testshanami
Make it to work with latest dry-* gemshanami
Merge branch 'pascalbetz-scope-const-defined-to-module'hanami
Merge pull request #637 from cllns/capture__io-for-code-reloading-messagehanami
Merge pull request #636 from cllns/remove-car-and-name-repositorieshanami
Skip three tests from "modularized" architecture, which is private architecture and we won't support it anymorehanami
Merge pull request #628 from bruz/code-reloading-fixhanami
Merge branch 'igneus-fix_subcommand_help'hanami
Merge branch 'fix_subcommand_help' of into igneus-fix_subcommand_helphanami
Merge branch 'bruz-new-app-current-folder'hanami
Merge branch 'new-app-current-folder' of into bruz-new-app-current-folderhanami
Merge pull request #630 from max-si-m/update_app_file_generatorhanami
Prepare for v0.8.0hanami
Require 'hanami/validations' before of 'hanami/controller' when loading the frameworkhanami
Generate new projects with hanami-model ~> 0.6 in Gemfilehanami
Add hanami-validations ~> 0.6 to hanami.gemspechanami
Merge pull request #620 from hanami/fix/remove-require-gems-from-hanami-binhanami
Revert "Require gems in bin/hanami file"hanami
Link Code Reloading guides' article from Gemfile of new generated projectshanami
Merge pull request #618 from hanami/routes-recognizehanami
Introduced Hanami::Routes#recognize as testing facility for routeshanami
Merge pull request #617 from hanami/improved-ui-for-default-templatehanami
Improved UI for default templatehanami
FEATURES [ci skip]hanami
CHANGELOG [ci skip]hanami
Merge pull request #616 from hanami/x-xss-protectionhanami
Include "X-XSS-Protection: 1; mode=block" in default response headers.hanami
Add project to .hanamirc in order to make model generator to rely on that configuration.hanami
Merge branch 'GH-500' of
Merge pull request #614 from hanami/subresurce-integrityhanami
Generate new projects and apps with Subresource Integrity setting for production environmenthanami
Merge pull request #613 from artofhuman/masterhanami
Merge branch 'fix/detect-changes-for-sass-assets-dependencies'hanami
Ensure Hanami::Static and Hanami::Assets::Static to: serve precompiled and already existing assets from public and to not interfer with routes from the projecthanami
Hanami::Static and Hanami::Assets::Static documentationhanami
Use separated middleware for serving static assets: Hanami::Static for deployment and Hanami::Assets::Static for development/testhanami
Extracted Hanami::Assets::Asset from Hanami::Statichanami
Delegate to Assets::Compiler assets freshness check in developmenthanami
Merge pull request #604 from oreoshake/patch-1hanami
Merge pull request #608 from hanami/x-content-type-optionshanami
Explicitely require hanami/validations on top of test_helper.rbhanami
Added i18n gem to testing dependencieshanami
Include "X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff" in default response headershanami
Merge pull request #564 from karimmtarek/report-rendering-errorshanami
Merge pull request #606 from maheshm/destroy_spechanami