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Integration tests for hanami destroy migrationhanami
Integration tests for hanami destroy actionhanami
Rewrote integration test for #682 without using JS emulationhanami
Make #682 to passhanami
Merge branch 'yjukaku-add-migration-to-model-generator'hanami
Merge branch 'add-migration-to-model-generator' of into yjukaku-add-migration-to-model-generatorhanami
Cleanup for #704 and make the test for that PR to passhanami
Merge branch 'kaikuchn-master'hanami
Merge branch 'master' of into kaikuchn-masterhanami
Revert "Rubocop: always exclude tmp/ [ci skip]"hanami
Rubocop: always exclude tmp/ [ci skip]hanami
Make Hanami compatible with Rack 2 (#711)hanami
Revert "Debug Travis CI"hanami
Force HOME directory for integration specshanami
Debug Travis CIhanami
Disable Travis CI cache and don't cleanup gems on CIhanami
Bump version to 1.0.0.beta1hanami
Depend on hanami gems at ~> 1.0.0.beta1hanami
CHANGELOG [ci skip]hanami
CHANGELOG & FEATURES [ci skip]hanami
Prepare for v0.9.2hanami
Fix forum link in README. Ref #690 [ci skip]hanami
Merge branch 'cllns-use-poltergeist-for-all-platforms'hanami
Merge branch 'use-poltergeist-for-all-platforms' of into cllns-use-poltergeist-for-all-platformshanami
Updated .rubocop.yml [ci skip]hanami
Integration specs for sessionshanami
Merge pull request #679 from hanami/fix/lazily-load-project-when-hanami-server-is-not-usedhanami
Remove redudant test helper methods. Thanks to @AlfonsoUceda for spotting it.hanami
Merge pull request #680 from hanami/fix/force-ssl-to-redirect-to-right-porthanami
Extract Code of Conduct from READMEhanami
Added pending test for ApplicationConfiguration#port specshanami
Ensure force SSL to redirect to the right porthanami
Lazily load the project when `hanami server` isn't usedhanami
Merge pull request #678 from hanami/fix/eliminate-preload-dependency-for-environment-rake-taskhanami
Ensure `:environment` Rake task to not depend on the gone `:preload` task and to load the entire projecthanami
Merge pull request #669 from hanami/fix/body-parsers-do-not-eval-untrusted-inputhanami
Ensure JSON body parser to not eval untrusted inputhanami
Merge pull request #667 from tiagofsilva/bugfix-readme-typoshanami
Prepare for v0.9.0hanami
Ensure 'hanami new' to not depend on 'config/environment.rb' while generating the default apphanami
Generate new projects to depend on hanami-model ~> 0.7 in their Gemfilehanami
Rename assets digest to fingerprint. Ref hanami/assets#60hanami
Ensure Rake test task to use the test database. Ref 8db1ebdhanami
Don't auto disable hanami-model tasks, but require developers to manually remove 'hanami/rake_tasks' from their Gemfilehanami
Update Hanami Guides link for code reloading in generated Gemfilehanami
Forgot to update version spechanami
Prepare for v0.9.0hanami
Merge pull request #662 from hanami/project-initializershanami
Project initializershanami
Merge pull request #661 from hanami/new-model-enginehanami
Bump hanami dependencieshanami
Depend on hanami-utils ~> 0.9hanami
Inherit from Hanami::Entityhanami
Remove temporary testing dependency on rom-rb/rom-sql (master)hanami
Test against rom-rb/rom-sql masterhanami
Hanami.boot to load all the componentshanami
Let `apps` component to be marked as resolved with `true`hanami
When shotgun isn't available or code reloading is disabled, return nilhanami
Integrate with upcoming hanami-model 0.7. Remove support for `entr`.hanami
Default database engine is SQLite. Don't support memory and file system adapters anymore.hanami
Merge branch 'components'hanami
Make actions to use the new routes factory (eg. `Web.routes`). Ref 21e367ehanami
README [ci skip]hanami
Ensure to proper vendor gems when single test is ranhanami
Restore CLI integration tests for `hanami db console`hanami
Restore CLI integration tests for `hanami db apply`hanami
Merge branch 'master' into componentshanami
Improve a few tests on JRubyhanami
Merge branch 'lucasallan-jruby-tests'hanami
Merge branch 'jruby-tests' of into lucasallan-jruby-testshanami
CLI: integration tests for `hanami generate secret`hanami
Merge branch 'master' into componentshanami
Merge pull request #627 from toch/generate_secrethanami
Merge branch 'master' into componentshanami
Ensure application's middleware stack to mount ordered, unique Rack middlewarehanami
Ensure to evaluate application configurations only oncehanami
Move unit tests under `spec/unit`hanami
Ensure to load project code with an order that is consistent across operating systemshanami
Merge pull request #655 from cllns/sort-load-pathshanami
Simplify loading logic of `Hanami::Middleware#load!`hanami
Don't mutate `Config::LoadPaths` when `#load!` is invokedhanami
More reliable HTTP integration testshanami
Finalize components. Introduce Web.logger and Web.routes instead of Web::Logger and Web::Routeshanami
Enable code coverage againhanami
Integration tests for Rake task: assets:precompilehanami
Integration tests for Rake task: db:migratehanami
Ensure project to start when hanami-model isn't presenthanami
Vendor PhantomJS 2.1.1 in our repositoryhanami
Use therubyrhino as JavaScript runtime for JRuby on Linuxhanami
Let JRuby to use poltergeist for integration testshanami
Speedup CIhanami
Remove Ruby 2.2, bump JRuby to
Revert "Debug spec/integration/cli/assets/precompile_spec.rb on CI"hanami
Add therubyracer to run tests on Linuxhanami
Debug spec/integration/cli/assets/precompile_spec.rb on CIhanami
Assets precompile integration tests: try several times before to read the manifest filehanami
Integration test for Subresource Integrity shouldn't rely on order of assets listed in manifesthanami
Use PhantomJS 2.1 on CIhanami
Integration tests: use capybara-webkit on Mac and poltergeist on Linuxhanami
Use xvfb-run to run script on CIhanami