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Expand explanation about removed methodshanami.github.io
Update coverhanami.github.io
Cleanup v1.0.0.beta3 announcementhanami.github.io
Bump Hanami versionhanami.github.io
Stub for Validations guide articlehanami.github.io
Fix timestamphanami.github.io
Merge pull request #276 from hanami/clean-up-275hanami.github.io
Merge pull request #275 from hanami/announcing-v100beta1hanami.github.io
Update Getting Started Guide: model generator now creates a migration toohanami.github.io
Use gem install hanami --pre while in betahanami.github.io
Bump to v1.0.0.beta1hanami.github.io
Expand v1.0.0.beta1 announcementhanami.github.io
Upgrade guides for v1.0.0.beta1hanami.github.io
Merge pull request #274 from amatsuda/web/appshanami.github.io
Merge pull request #258 from TrevorBramble/update-routes-usagehanami.github.io
Merge pull request #255 from cllns/clean-up-getting-startedhanami.github.io
Merge pull request #253 from hanami/announcing-v092hanami.github.io
Announcing Hanami v0.9.2hanami.github.io
Updated CoC to 1.4hanami.github.io
Guides: Use Your Own Assets Management Toolhanami.github.io
Merge pull request #231 from hanami/announcing-v091hanami.github.io
Acknowledge @beauby for spotting the JSON body parsing problemhanami.github.io
Announcing Hanami v0.9.1hanami.github.io
Merge pull request #228 from vyper/patch-1hanami.github.io
Fix announcement link in ML 0010hanami.github.io
Merge pull request #225 from hanami/announcing-v090hanami.github.io
Update Download, Develop, Deploy instructions for v0.9.0hanami.github.io
Updated Getting Started Guide for v0.9.0hanami.github.io
Special thanks to the ROM team in v0.9.0 announcementhanami.github.io
Associations guidehanami.github.io
Update guides with fingerprint modehanami.github.io
Add => to v0.9.0 upgrade noteshanami.github.io
Mention PostgreSQL data types in ML 0010hanami.github.io
Announcing Hanami v0.9.0hanami.github.io
ML 0010hanami.github.io
Updated Use Your Own ORM articlehanami.github.io
Added PostgreSQL article in the guideshanami.github.io
Use PostgreSQL snippet for entities articlehanami.github.io
Updated repositories timestampshanami.github.io
Added repository istructions for legacy databaseshanami.github.io
Updated model guides: overview, entities, and repositories. Introduced data-types guides article.hanami.github.io
Updated generators guidehanami.github.io
Updated action share code guidehanami.github.io
Updated action HTTP caching guidehanami.github.io
Updated action Rack integration guidehanami.github.io
Updated action testing guidehanami.github.io
Updated action parameters guidehanami.github.io
Fixed routing overview guidehanami.github.io
Update logger guidehanami.github.io
Update Rake guidehanami.github.io
Tweak code reloading guidehanami.github.io
Reorganize architecture/projects topics in Guideshanami.github.io
Updated project initializers articlehanami.github.io
Upgrade notes for v0.9.0hanami.github.io
Bump to v0.9.0hanami.github.io
Guides: added instruction to use other ORMs with Hanamihanami.github.io
Merge pull request #147 from hanami/announcing-v080hanami.github.io
Revert "Using string instead of symbol to call key"hanami.github.io
Added missing contributors to v0.8 announcement blog posthanami.github.io
Bump version to v0.8.0hanami.github.io
Guides: fixed Getting Started code samples. Thanks @bruzhanami.github.io
Mention SERVE_STATIC_ASSETS env var for Heroku examplehanami.github.io
Guides: errors are now accessible via action.paramshanami.github.io
Upgrade Notes for v0.8.0hanami.github.io
[DRAFT] Announcing Hanami v0.8.0hanami.github.io
Guides: Code Reloadinghanami.github.io
Guides: Logginghanami.github.io
Fixed validation syntax in Getting Started guidehanami.github.io
Document Params#error_messageshanami.github.io
Fixed a few typoshanami.github.io
Guides: unit tests for routeshanami.github.io
Merge branch 'build' into announcing-v080hanami.github.io
Guides: add examples for `javascript` and `stylesheet` helpers to be used with a Hash to specify HTML attributes.hanami.github.io
Guides: Subresurce Integrityhanami.github.io
Guides: updated welcome page screenshothanami.github.io
Guides: explain the differences between #halt and #status=hanami.github.io
Guides: DATABASE_URLhanami.github.io
Guides: document CC and BCC for mailershanami.github.io
Guides: added `datalist` to form helpershanami.github.io
Guides: Use #local instead of #content in templateshanami.github.io
Guides: new validations syntax for paramshanami.github.io
Guides removed Indifferent Access from params :tada:hanami.github.io
Guides: Use #root for routes definitionhanami.github.io
Guides: Mounting an application to a subdomainhanami.github.io
Rails doesn't monkey-patch ERB anymore.hanami.github.io
Guides: link CLI migrations article from migrations overviewhanami.github.io
Merge pull request #204 from davydovanton/lighter-footerhanami.github.io
Merge pull request #203 from alagos/buildhanami.github.io
Merge pull request #200 from hanami/revert-193-patch-1hanami.github.io
Revert "Update BookRepository methods calls"hanami.github.io
Merge pull request #194 from davydovanton/set-dingy-colorshanami.github.io
Merge pull request #199 from hanami/revert-196-patch-1hanami.github.io
Revert "class methods => instance methods"hanami.github.io
Fix typos for ML 0009hanami.github.io
Merge pull request #192 from hanami/ml-may-2016hanami.github.io
ML 0009hanami.github.io
Merge pull request #190 from jooohn/feature/guide-pagerhanami.github.io
Merge pull request #191 from ownadi/buildhanami.github.io
Merge pull request #188 from hlegius/sao-paulo-user-grouphanami.github.io
Merge pull request #183 from jooohn/guide-menu-as-datahanami.github.io
Merge pull request #189 from maclover7/patch-1hanami.github.io
Merge branch 'davydovanton-add-status' into buildhanami.github.io
Merge branch 'add-status' of https://github.com/davydovanton/lotus.github.io into davydovanton-add-statushanami.github.io
Merge pull request #186 from nanocity/fix_code_formathanami.github.io
Added @jasoncharnes to supportershanami.github.io
Merge pull request #181 from hanami/0-7-3hanami.github.io
Announcing Hanami v0.7.3hanami.github.io
Merge branch 'davydovanton-title-anchors' into buildhanami.github.io
Merge branch 'title-anchors' of https://github.com/davydovanton/lotus.github.io into davydovanton-title-anchorshanami.github.io
Merge branch 'TPei-wording_fix_views_testing-1' into buildhanami.github.io
Merge branch 'wording_fix_views_testing-1' of https://github.com/TPei/hanami.github.io into TPei-wording_fix_views_testing-1hanami.github.io
Merge branch 'Erol-fix-various-typos' into buildhanami.github.io
Merge branch 'fix-various-typos' of https://github.com/Erol/hanami.github.io into Erol-fix-various-typoshanami.github.io
Merge branch 'fidothe-namespace-collision-warning' into buildhanami.github.io
Merge branch 'namespace-collision-warning' of https://github.com/fidothe/hanami.github.io into fidothe-namespace-collision-warninghanami.github.io
Use GitHub profiles for supportershanami.github.io
Added @olistik to supportershanami.github.io
Merge branch 'validations-predicates' into buildhanami.github.io
Corrections for last blog draft. Thanks to @solnic and @hieuk09.hanami.github.io
Added @gogolok to supporters listhanami.github.io
Blog post: Validations Predicateshanami.github.io
Added @mereghost to supporters listhanami.github.io
Added donate page with our first supporters of this weekhanami.github.io
Donations :green_heart:hanami.github.io
Fix for ML 0008hanami.github.io
ML 0008hanami.github.io
New logohanami.github.io
Merge pull request #167 from claudiob/patch-1hanami.github.io
Merge pull request #166 from cllns/fix-blog-title-layouthanami.github.io
Merge pull request #165 from KELiON/dry-and-zoomhanami.github.io
Fixed resolving with DNSimple linkhanami.github.io
Merge pull request #163 from cllns/fix-typos-on-homepagehanami.github.io
Merge pull request #162 from dragostis/buildhanami.github.io
Merge pull request #156 from davydovanton/form-helperhanami.github.io
Merge pull request #159 from cllns/fix-note-about-zshhanami.github.io
Merge pull request #157 from cllns/either-to-whetherhanami.github.io
Merge pull request #155 from davydovanton/fix-edit-buttonhanami.github.io
Merge pull request #153 from iamrahulroy/fix_typohanami.github.io
Merge pull request #152 from wazoo/patch-1hanami.github.io
Merge pull request #148 from hanami/announcing-v072hanami.github.io
Announcing v0.7.2hanami.github.io
Removed database url instruction for Heroku deployment. Ref hanami/hanami#498hanami.github.io
Merge pull request #145 from davydovanton/html-link-tohanami.github.io
Fix bin/site publishhanami.github.io
New Getting Started introductionhanami.github.io
Merge branch 'ann-release-0_7_1' into buildhanami.github.io
Editing for v0.7.1 announcementhanami.github.io
Merge pull request #131 from davydovanton/fix-color-dev-blockhanami.github.io
Merge pull request #130 from bolshakov/uuid-primary-keyhanami.github.io
Merge pull request #129 from davydovanton/fix-125hanami.github.io
Merge pull request #128 from katafrakt/small-syntax-fixhanami.github.io
Workaround for Middleman deploy issuehanami.github.io
Revert "Updated dependencies"hanami.github.io
Merge pull request #125 from davydovanton/add-info-about-nested-templateshanami.github.io
Updated dependencieshanami.github.io
Merge branch 'lotus-is-now-hanami' into buildhanami.github.io
Add a banner to clarify the name changinghanami.github.io
Lotus is now Hanamihanami.github.io
Merge pull request #122 from hanami/hanamihanami.github.io
Restore DNSimple linkhanami.github.io
Merge branch 'build' into hanamihanami.github.io
Merge branch 'announcing-lotus-061' into buildhanami.github.io
Announcing Lotus v0.6.1hanami.github.io
Domain name is hanamirb.orghanami.github.io
Final toucheshanami.github.io
Text based download, develop, deployhanami.github.io
Remove Sass dependency. Fix blog title.hanami.github.io
Restyle bloghanami.github.io
Add target blank to navhanami.github.io
Removed all the Lotus occurences, where possiblehanami.github.io
Ported guides to new UIhanami.github.io
Hanami home pagehanami.github.io
Cleanup for #47hanami.github.io
Merge pull request #47 from Bounga/fix_book_creation_action_specshanami.github.io
Merge pull request #105 from cllns/add-note-about-restful-http-methodshanami.github.io
Merge pull request #117 from mirosr/typoshanami.github.io
Merge pull request #116 from davydovanton/patch-1hanami.github.io
Merge pull request #115 from davydovanton/fix-typoshanami.github.io
Fix ML 0007 markuphanami.github.io
Changed build time for v0.6.0 ANNhanami.github.io
Merge branch 'release-060' into buildhanami.github.io
ML 0007hanami.github.io
Minor adjustments for 0.6 ANN. Thanks to @EvanHahn and @joneslee85hanami.github.io
Announcing Lotus v0.6.0hanami.github.io
Reflect latest changes from lotus-assetshanami.github.io
Merge branch 'build' into release-060hanami.github.io
Rewording unclear sentences of last blog posthanami.github.io
Merge pull request #113 from lotus/announcing-lotus-assetshanami.github.io
Rewritten version of assets articlehanami.github.io
Update homepage console with Ruby 2.3.0hanami.github.io
Typos. Thanks to @joneslee85 and @AlfonsoUcedahanami.github.io
Prepare guides for v0.6.0hanami.github.io
Announcing Lotus::Assetshanami.github.io
Fix load order for custom helpers guide. Closes #112hanami.github.io
Use new DNSimple link for footerhanami.github.io
Merge pull request #106 from cllns/remove-words-that-presume-knowledgehanami.github.io
Merge pull request #100 from caspg/mailer-test-fixhanami.github.io
Updated DNSimple logohanami.github.io
Sponsor: DNSimplehanami.github.io
Merge branch 'ml-0006' into buildhanami.github.io
ML Issue 0006hanami.github.io
Merge branch 'lotusrb-v050' into buildhanami.github.io
Updated Guides and ANN for v0.5.0hanami.github.io
Lotus v0.5.0 announcementhanami.github.io
Updated the command line screen on the home pagehanami.github.io
Minor fixes for Guides v0.5.0hanami.github.io
Prepare guides for v0.5.0hanami.github.io
Hack Day 2015 (quick & dirty)hanami.github.io
Typo with GH linkhanami.github.io
Fixed blogpost linkshanami.github.io
Announcing v0.4.1hanami.github.io
Merge pull request #70 from apohllo/fix-missing-variable-in-guideshanami.github.io
Remove broken image tag for RGSoC announcementhanami.github.io
RGSoC blog post editinghanami.github.io
Sitemap for Search Engineshanami.github.io
Merge pull request #48 from LimeBlast/patch-1hanami.github.io
Merge pull request #46 from Bounga/fix_book_index_controller_spechanami.github.io
Merge pull request #45 from Bounga/fix_timestamps_columns_persistinghanami.github.io
Merge pull request #44 from gonglexin/patch-1hanami.github.io
Merge pull request #42 from djfpaagman/more-fixeshanami.github.io
Merge pull request #41 from djfpaagman/patch-1hanami.github.io
Merge pull request #40 from thegcat/patch-1hanami.github.io
Merge pull request #39 from jc00ke/buildhanami.github.io
Merge pull request #38 from jc00ke/patch-3hanami.github.io
Merge pull request #37 from tomkadwill/architechture_fixeshanami.github.io
Merge pull request #36 from jejepage/patch-4hanami.github.io
Merge pull request #35 from jejepage/patch-3hanami.github.io
Merge pull request #34 from medcat/patch-1hanami.github.io
Merge pull request #33 from jejepage/patch-2hanami.github.io
Merge pull request #32 from jejepage/patch-1hanami.github.io
Merge pull request #31 from tomkadwill/command_line_reviewhanami.github.io
Merge pull request #43 from tak1n/patch-1hanami.github.io
Fix social linkshanami.github.io
Updated screenshot for ML 0005hanami.github.io
Link Guides from navigation barhanami.github.io
Bump to v0.4.0hanami.github.io
Newsletter issue 0005hanami.github.io
Finished Guideshanami.github.io
Annoucing Lotus v0.4.0hanami.github.io
Even moar guideshanami.github.io
Moar guideshanami.github.io
Small fixes for Getting Started guidehanami.github.io
Merge pull request #28 from tomkadwill/getting_started_first_passhanami.github.io
Merge pull request #27 from strand/patch-1hanami.github.io
Editing for Getting Started guidehanami.github.io
New blog post: Introducing Database Migrationshanami.github.io
Merge pull request #25 from tomkadwill/action_fixeshanami.github.io
Merge pull request #24 from tomkadwill/actions_type_fixeshanami.github.io
Merge pull request #23 from tomkadwill/exception_handling_fixeshanami.github.io
Guides: changed main title for Helpershanami.github.io
Guides: Views testinghanami.github.io
Guides: almost finished Views sectionhanami.github.io
Guides: done with helpershanami.github.io
Guides: Form Helpershanami.github.io
Guides: more on Helpers Overview (clean context and disable helpers)hanami.github.io
Guides: HTML5 helpershanami.github.io
Guides: helpers overviewhanami.github.io
New post: Introducing Form Helpershanami.github.io
Removed feature from v0.3.2 ANNhanami.github.io
Added Tatsuhanami.github.io
Bumped Lotus to v0.3.2hanami.github.io
Blog post: Announcing Lotus v0.3.2hanami.github.io
Guides: WIP Views Layoutshanami.github.io
Guides: Views Custom Templatehanami.github.io
Guides: Views MIME Typeshanami.github.io
Guides: Views Templateshanami.github.io
Guides: Views Basic Usagehanami.github.io
Guides: Views Overviewhanami.github.io
Guides: Action Testinghanami.github.io
Guides: clarify sentencehanami.github.io
Guides: Action Skip A Callbackhanami.github.io
Guides: Action Skip A Callbackhanami.github.io
Guides: Action Callbackshanami.github.io
Guides: Action Share Codehanami.github.io
Guides: Action HTTP cachinghanami.github.io
Guides: Action Control Flowhanami.github.io
Guides: expand Action Request & Response with #statushanami.github.io
Guides: Action Exception Handlinghanami.github.io
Guides: Action Sessionshanami.github.io
Use server side helper to print Lotus versionhanami.github.io
Announcing Lotus v0.3.1hanami.github.io
Guides: Action cookieshanami.github.io
Guides: Action MIME Typeshanami.github.io
Guides: Action Exposureshanami.github.io
Guides: Action Rack Integration + Navigationhanami.github.io
Guides: Action Request & Responsehanami.github.io
Guides: Action Paramshanami.github.io
Guides: action initializationhanami.github.io
Guides routing: basic routing => basic usagehanami.github.io
Guides: actions overview and basic usagehanami.github.io
Use markdown for all the guide articleshanami.github.io
Started with command line guides: routeshanami.github.io
Done with routing guideshanami.github.io
Rewriting of routing guideshanami.github.io
Guides: edit link for each articlehanami.github.io
Guides: router => routinghanami.github.io
Fall back to handcrafted guides navigationhanami.github.io
Dynamic guides navigationhanami.github.io
Getting started with Lotus::Routerhanami.github.io
Merge pull request #19 from msroot/patch-1hanami.github.io
Fix DNSimple logo and add a linkhanami.github.io
Merge branch 'build' of github.com:lotus/lotus.github.io into buildhanami.github.io
Fixes X-Frame-Options sentencehanami.github.io
Fix lotus versionhanami.github.io
Updated console output in home pagehanami.github.io
Announcing Lotus v0.3.0hanami.github.io
Bump lotus version in home page. Include DNSimple in use cases.hanami.github.io
Fixed weekly changelog entrieshanami.github.io
Changelog 2015-03-08hanami.github.io
Ensure to show only last two blog posts in footerhanami.github.io
Changelog 2015-03-01hanami.github.io
Changelog 2015-02-22hanami.github.io
Fixed TypeKit font familieshanami.github.io
Missing char for CDATA in Atom feedhanami.github.io
Command line utilitieshanami.github.io
Use signalled, encoded markup with CDATA section for Atom feedhanami.github.io
Don't put <br> in summaryhanami.github.io
Remove "Lotus Blog"hanami.github.io
Deploy instructionshanami.github.io
Remove old artifactshanami.github.io
Merge branch 'redesign' into buildhanami.github.io
Community pagehanami.github.io
Change TypeKit profilehanami.github.io
Ensure correct timestamps for WEBrick outputhanami.github.io
Fixed extension for Guides articlehanami.github.io
Fixed article cover helperhanami.github.io
Deploy workflowhanami.github.io
Moved CNAME under sourcehanami.github.io
Social sharing for blog postshanami.github.io
Mailing List archivehanami.github.io
Meta contents and visual quirkshanami.github.io
Atom feedhanami.github.io
Added minimal READMEhanami.github.io
Plugged mailing list formhanami.github.io
Fixed logo linkhanami.github.io
List last two blog posts in footerhanami.github.io
Extracted partialshanami.github.io
Helpers for bloghanami.github.io
Blog setuphanami.github.io
Plugged Communityhanami.github.io
Plugged guideshanami.github.io
Plug home page contentshanami.github.io
Import redesignhanami.github.io
ML 0004: Thank you to the contributorshanami.github.io
ML 0004: 2014 Retrospectivehanami.github.io
Updated Rake (again)hanami.github.io
Bump to latest Rakehanami.github.io
Merge pull request #8 from clekstro/patch-1hanami.github.io
Merge pull request #7 from fauxton/language_tweakshanami.github.io
Merge pull request #6 from lotus/revert-5-patch-2hanami.github.io
Revert "Add link to documentation"hanami.github.io
Merge pull request #5 from nithinbekal/patch-2hanami.github.io
Merge pull request #4 from fgo/patch-2hanami.github.io
Documented Lotushanami.github.io
Updated depenencieshanami.github.io
April 2014 issuehanami.github.io
Added Lotus::Modelhanami.github.io
Update dependencieshanami.github.io
March 2014 issuehanami.github.io
Added Lotus::Viewhanami.github.io
Added Lotus::Controllerhanami.github.io
February 2014 issuehanami.github.io
Revert "Added mailing list page"hanami.github.io
Added mailing list pagehanami.github.io
Added CNAMEhanami.github.io
Formatting. Pages for Utils and Router.hanami.github.io
Replace master branch with page content via GitHubhanami.github.io
Reuse old mailer configuration when code reloading is active. Closes #751hanami
Authors in gemspechanami
FEATURES [ci skip]hanami
Removed deprecated `ApplicationConfiguration#default_format` (#754)hanami
Simplify disconnect test as the current one is brittlehanami
CHANGELOG [ci skip]hanami
Bump hanami gems dependencieshanami
Prepare for v1.0.0.beta3hanami
API docshanami
Added integration test for hanami server logginghanami
Disconnect database during the boot process. (#748)hanami
Depend on hanami gems beta2, where possiblehanami
Prepare for v1.0.0.beta2hanami
Added integration spec for Action#unsafe_send_filehanami
Prepare for v1.0.0.beta1 [ci skip]hanami
CHANGELOG [ci skip]hanami
Merge branch 'fix-cli-commands-help-messages' of https://github.com/docStonehenge/hanamihanami
API dochanami
Add Hanami::Configuration#environment for environment specific settings (#724)hanami
Project logging (#722)hanami
Generate new projects with config/boot.rb (#720)hanami
Cleanup for #719 [ci skip]hanami
Remove old tests (Minitest) (#718)hanami
Fix code reloading with components (#713)hanami
Integration tests for hanami destroy modelhanami
Integration tests for hanami destroy apphanami
Integration tests for hanami destroy migrationhanami
Integration tests for hanami destroy actionhanami
Rewrote integration test for #682 without using JS emulationhanami
Make #682 to passhanami
Merge branch 'yjukaku-add-migration-to-model-generator'hanami
Merge branch 'add-migration-to-model-generator' of https://github.com/yjukaku/hanami into yjukaku-add-migration-to-model-generatorhanami
Cleanup for #704 and make the test for that PR to passhanami
Merge branch 'kaikuchn-master'hanami
Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/kaikuchn/hanami into kaikuchn-masterhanami
Revert "Rubocop: always exclude tmp/ [ci skip]"hanami
Rubocop: always exclude tmp/ [ci skip]hanami
Make Hanami compatible with Rack 2 (#711)hanami
Revert "Debug Travis CI"hanami
Force HOME directory for integration specshanami
Debug Travis CIhanami
Disable Travis CI cache and don't cleanup gems on CIhanami
Bump version to 1.0.0.beta1hanami
Depend on hanami gems at ~> 1.0.0.beta1hanami
CHANGELOG [ci skip]hanami
CHANGELOG & FEATURES [ci skip]hanami
Prepare for v0.9.2hanami
Fix forum link in README. Ref #690 [ci skip]hanami
Merge branch 'cllns-use-poltergeist-for-all-platforms'hanami
Merge branch 'use-poltergeist-for-all-platforms' of https://github.com/cllns/hanami into cllns-use-poltergeist-for-all-platformshanami
Updated .rubocop.yml [ci skip]hanami
Integration specs for sessionshanami
Merge pull request #679 from hanami/fix/lazily-load-project-when-hanami-server-is-not-usedhanami
Remove redudant test helper methods. Thanks to @AlfonsoUceda for spotting it.hanami
Merge pull request #680 from hanami/fix/force-ssl-to-redirect-to-right-porthanami
Extract Code of Conduct from READMEhanami
Added pending test for ApplicationConfiguration#port specshanami
Ensure force SSL to redirect to the right porthanami
Lazily load the project when `hanami server` isn't usedhanami
Merge pull request #678 from hanami/fix/eliminate-preload-dependency-for-environment-rake-taskhanami
Ensure `:environment` Rake task to not depend on the gone `:preload` task and to load the entire projecthanami
Merge pull request #669 from hanami/fix/body-parsers-do-not-eval-untrusted-inputhanami
Ensure JSON body parser to not eval untrusted inputhanami
Merge pull request #667 from tiagofsilva/bugfix-readme-typoshanami
Prepare for v0.9.0hanami
Ensure 'hanami new' to not depend on 'config/environment.rb' while generating the default apphanami
Generate new projects to depend on hanami-model ~> 0.7 in their Gemfilehanami
Rename assets digest to fingerprint. Ref hanami/assets#60hanami
Ensure Rake test task to use the test database. Ref 8db1ebdhanami
Don't auto disable hanami-model tasks, but require developers to manually remove 'hanami/rake_tasks' from their Gemfilehanami
Update Hanami Guides link for code reloading in generated Gemfilehanami
Forgot to update version spechanami
Prepare for v0.9.0hanami
Merge pull request #662 from hanami/project-initializershanami
Project initializershanami
Merge pull request #661 from hanami/new-model-enginehanami
Bump hanami dependencieshanami
Depend on hanami-utils ~> 0.9hanami
Inherit from Hanami::Entityhanami
Remove temporary testing dependency on rom-rb/rom-sql (master)hanami
Test against rom-rb/rom-sql masterhanami
Hanami.boot to load all the componentshanami
Let `apps` component to be marked as resolved with `true`hanami
When shotgun isn't available or code reloading is disabled, return nilhanami
Integrate with upcoming hanami-model 0.7. Remove support for `entr`.hanami
Default database engine is SQLite. Don't support memory and file system adapters anymore.hanami
Merge branch 'components'hanami
Make actions to use the new routes factory (eg. `Web.routes`). Ref 21e367ehanami
README [ci skip]hanami
Ensure to proper vendor gems when single test is ranhanami
Restore CLI integration tests for `hanami db console`hanami
Restore CLI integration tests for `hanami db apply`hanami
Merge branch 'master' into componentshanami
Improve a few tests on JRubyhanami
Merge branch 'lucasallan-jruby-tests'hanami
Merge branch 'jruby-tests' of https://github.com/lucasallan/lotus into lucasallan-jruby-testshanami
CLI: integration tests for `hanami generate secret`hanami
Merge branch 'master' into componentshanami
Merge pull request #627 from toch/generate_secrethanami
Merge branch 'master' into componentshanami
Ensure application's middleware stack to mount ordered, unique Rack middlewarehanami
Ensure to evaluate application configurations only oncehanami
Move unit tests under `spec/unit`hanami
Ensure to load project code with an order that is consistent across operating systemshanami
Merge pull request #655 from cllns/sort-load-pathshanami
Simplify loading logic of `Hanami::Middleware#load!`hanami
Don't mutate `Config::LoadPaths` when `#load!` is invokedhanami
More reliable HTTP integration testshanami
Finalize components. Introduce Web.logger and Web.routes instead of Web::Logger and Web::Routeshanami
Enable code coverage againhanami
Integration tests for Rake task: assets:precompilehanami
Integration tests for Rake task: db:migratehanami
Ensure project to start when hanami-model isn't presenthanami
Vendor PhantomJS 2.1.1 in our repositoryhanami
Use therubyrhino as JavaScript runtime for JRuby on Linuxhanami
Let JRuby to use poltergeist for integration testshanami
Speedup CIhanami
Remove Ruby 2.2, bump JRuby to
Revert "Debug spec/integration/cli/assets/precompile_spec.rb on CI"hanami
Add therubyracer to run tests on Linuxhanami
Debug spec/integration/cli/assets/precompile_spec.rb on CIhanami
Assets precompile integration tests: try several times before to read the manifest filehanami
Integration test for Subresource Integrity shouldn't rely on order of assets listed in manifesthanami
Use PhantomJS 2.1 on CIhanami
Integration tests: use capybara-webkit on Mac and poltergeist on Linuxhanami
Use xvfb-run to run script on CIhanami
Ensure to create tmp/ directory before the build startshanami
Improve build on linuxhanami
Cleanup Hanami module and add more testshanami
Remove Application.load, .preload, .preload_applicationshanami
Remove Hanami::Loaderhanami
Make ApplicationConfiguration immutablehanami
Simplify components and with procs based implementationhanami
Ported `hanami server` to component based architecturehanami
Ported `hanami db` commands to component based architecturehanami
Ported `hanami console` to component based architecturehanami
Use Hanami.app instead of Hanami::Container.newhanami
Ported `hanami assets precompile` to component based architecturehanami
Ported `hanami routes` to component based architecturehanami
CLI: integration tests for `hanami routes`hanami
Hold global configuration via Hanami.configurehanami
Integration tests for streaminghanami
Integration tests for sessionshanami
Integration tests for application middleware stackhanami
Integration tests for Content-Security-Policy headerhanami
Integration tests for X-XSS-Protection headerhanami
Integration tests for X-Content-Type-Options headerhanami
Integration tests for X-Frame-Options headerhanami
Integration tests for HTTP headershanami
Integration tests for send filehanami
Integration tests for HTTP HEAD requestshanami
Moved integration test for Force SSL under 'security' directoryhanami
Integration tests for CSRF protectionhanami
Integration tests for force SSLhanami
Integration tests for exception handlinghanami
Integration tests for body parsershanami
Integration tests for assets: helpers, serve static, and subresource integrityhanami
Integration tests for assets: CDN and Digest modehanami
CLI: integration tests for `hanami db console`hanami
CLI: integration tests for `hanami db apply`hanami
CLI: integration tests for `hanami db prepare`hanami
CLI: integration tests for `hanami db version`hanami
CLI: integration tests for `hanami db migrate`hanami
CLI: integration tests for `hanami db drop`hanami
CLI: integration tests for `hanami db create`hanami
CLI: integration tests for `hanami assets precompile`hanami
CLI: integration tests for `hanami server`hanami
CLI: integration tests for `hanami console`hanami
CLI: integration tests for `hanami generate model`hanami
CLI: integration tests for `hanami generate migration`hanami
CLI: integration tests for `hanami generate app`hanami
CLI: integration tests for `hanami generate action`hanami
CLI: integration tests - ensure to change working directory both for Ruby and Arubahanami
CLI: integration tests refactoringhanami
CLI: mark as pending integration test for `hanami new --help` as it'shanami
CLI: integration tests for `hanami new --hanami-head`hanami
CLI: integration tests for `hanami new --template`hanami
CLI: integration tests for `hanami new --test`hanami
CLI: integration tests for `hanami new --database`hanami
CLI: basic integration testing for `hanami new`hanami
Bare minimum setup for CLI integration testshanami
Make it to work with latest dry-* gemshanami
Merge branch 'pascalbetz-scope-const-defined-to-module'hanami
Merge pull request #637 from cllns/capture__io-for-code-reloading-messagehanami
Merge pull request #636 from cllns/remove-car-and-name-repositorieshanami
Skip three tests from "modularized" architecture, which is private architecture and we won't support it anymorehanami
Merge pull request #628 from bruz/code-reloading-fixhanami
Merge branch 'igneus-fix_subcommand_help'hanami
Merge branch 'fix_subcommand_help' of https://github.com/igneus/hanami into igneus-fix_subcommand_helphanami
Merge branch 'bruz-new-app-current-folder'hanami
Merge branch 'new-app-current-folder' of https://github.com/bruz/hanami into bruz-new-app-current-folderhanami
Merge pull request #630 from max-si-m/update_app_file_generatorhanami
Prepare for v0.8.0hanami
Require 'hanami/validations' before of 'hanami/controller' when loading the frameworkhanami
Generate new projects with hanami-model ~> 0.6 in Gemfilehanami
Add hanami-validations ~> 0.6 to hanami.gemspechanami
Merge pull request #620 from hanami/fix/remove-require-gems-from-hanami-binhanami
Revert "Require gems in bin/hanami file"hanami
Link Code Reloading guides' article from Gemfile of new generated projectshanami
Merge pull request #618 from hanami/routes-recognizehanami
Introduced Hanami::Routes#recognize as testing facility for routeshanami
Merge pull request #617 from hanami/improved-ui-for-default-templatehanami
Improved UI for default templatehanami
FEATURES [ci skip]hanami
CHANGELOG [ci skip]hanami
Merge pull request #616 from hanami/x-xss-protectionhanami
Include "X-XSS-Protection: 1; mode=block" in default response headers.hanami
Add project to .hanamirc in order to make model generator to rely on that configuration.hanami
Merge branch 'GH-500' of https://github.com/lucasallan/lotushanami
Merge pull request #614 from hanami/subresurce-integrityhanami
Generate new projects and apps with Subresource Integrity setting for production environmenthanami
Merge pull request #613 from artofhuman/masterhanami
Merge branch 'fix/detect-changes-for-sass-assets-dependencies'hanami
Ensure Hanami::Static and Hanami::Assets::Static to: serve precompiled and already existing assets from public and to not interfer with routes from the projecthanami
Hanami::Static and Hanami::Assets::Static documentationhanami
Use separated middleware for serving static assets: Hanami::Static for deployment and Hanami::Assets::Static for development/testhanami
Extracted Hanami::Assets::Asset from Hanami::Statichanami
Delegate to Assets::Compiler assets freshness check in developmenthanami
Merge pull request #604 from oreoshake/patch-1hanami
Merge pull request #608 from hanami/x-content-type-optionshanami
Explicitely require hanami/validations on top of test_helper.rbhanami
Added i18n gem to testing dependencieshanami
Include "X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff" in default response headershanami
Merge pull request #564 from karimmtarek/report-rendering-errorshanami
Merge pull request #606 from maheshm/destroy_spechanami
Merge pull request #586 from maheshm/destroy_in_apphanami
Remove dry-* gems from Gemfilehanami
Merge pull request #601 from hanami/use-hanami-static-for-developmenthanami
Use Hanami::Static for developmenthanami
Merge pull request #599 from hanami/custom-rendering-for-any-http-statushanami
Allow views to render any HTTP status code.hanami
Cleanup for #583hanami
Merge branch 'logger-format' of https://github.com/davydovanton/lotushanami
Merge pull request #587 from ericfreese/masterhanami
Merge branch 'Erol-fix-route-mounting-on-testing-environments'hanami
Change fixture according to the latest dry-validation changes. Closes #598hanami
Merge branch 'fix-route-mounting-on-testing-environments' of https://github.com/Erol/hanami into Erol-fix-route-mounting-on-testing-environmentshanami
Merge pull request #590 from sakuro/remove_require_rubygemshanami
Cleanup for #588hanami
Merge branch 'beatrichartz-correct_coverage'hanami
Merge branch 'correct_coverage' of https://github.com/beatrichartz/hanami into beatrichartz-correct_coveragehanami
Test agaist stable Hanami brancheshanami
Merge pull request #566 from davydovanton/bin-require-gemshanami
README [ci skip]hanami
Cleanup for #578hanami
Merge pull request #575 from davydovanton/new-logohanami
Merge pull request #567 from flash-gordon/fix-synchronizehanami
Merge pull request #559 from KELiON/sort-initializershanami
Merge pull request #581 from Erol/fix-various-doc-typoshanami
Merge branch 'cllns-fix-destroying-action'hanami
Merge branch 'fix-destroying-action' of https://github.com/cllns/hanami into cllns-fix-destroying-actionhanami
Added @jxxcarlson to README [ci skip]hanami
CHANGELOG [ci skip]hanami
Merge pull request #573 from pascalbetz/issue-572hanami
Merge pull request #555 from hanami/remove-simplecovhanami
Make it to work with latest changes from validations & controllerhanami
[ci skip] Donations. Closes #560hanami
Merge pull request #552 from stevehook/issue_494hanami
Remove simplecovhanami
Merge pull request #554 from ariejan/fix-spec-descriptionhanami
Merge branch 'davydovanton-rake-exit'hanami
Merge branch 'rake-exit' of https://github.com/davydovanton/lotus into davydovanton-rake-exithanami
Cleanup for #543hanami
Merge branch 'berfarah-master'hanami
Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/berfarah/hanami into berfarah-masterhanami
Merge pull request #545 from hanami/prefer-shotgun-as-code-reloading-mechanismhanami
Directory vendor/ isn't mandatory for entrhanami
Prefer Shotgun as default code reloading mechanismhanami
Code reloading: Only watch files on certain pathshanami
Merge branch 'aderyabin-entr'hanami
Merge branch 'entr' of https://github.com/aderyabin/hanami into aderyabin-entrhanami
Merge branch 'cllns-fix-resourceful-routes-http-method'hanami
Cleanup for #504hanami
Merge branch 'enhance-security'hanami
Merge branch 'master' into enhance-securityhanami
Merge pull request #540 from cllns/change-deny-to-single-quoteshanami
Merge branch 'cllns-insert-route-after-comments'hanami
Merge branch 'insert-route-after-comments' of https://github.com/cllns/hanami into cllns-insert-route-after-commentshanami
Merge branch 'accessd-dry-generators'hanami
Merge branch 'dry-generators' of https://github.com/accessd/lotus into accessd-dry-generatorshanami
Merge branch 'jbodah-newline-gemfile'hanami
Merge branch 'newline-gemfile' of https://github.com/jbodah/hanami into jbodah-newline-gemfilehanami
Merge pull request #533 from jbodah/clean-up-cli-descriptionshanami
Merge branch 'davydovanton-logger-config-for-app'hanami
Fix and cleanup for #530hanami
Merge branch 'davydovanton-logger-level'hanami
Merge branch 'logger-level' of https://github.com/davydovanton/lotus into davydovanton-logger-levelhanami
Merge pull request #529 from hanami/fix-generators-camel-case-naminghanami
Fix hanami generate model when the given name is CamelCasehanami
Remove shellescape logic from ApplicationNamehanami
Fix hanami new MyProject to generate my_projecthanami
Cleanup for #491hanami
Merge branch 'davydovanton-model-generation-app-name'hanami
Merge branch 'model-generation-app-name' of https://github.com/davydovanton/lotus into davydovanton-model-generation-app-namehanami
Cleanup for #517hanami
Merge branch 'davydovanton-logger-config'hanami
Merge branch 'logger-config' of https://github.com/davydovanton/lotus into davydovanton-logger-confighanami
Fix database URL for test and make it to load from .env.development. Ref #518hanami
Test against jruby-
Merge pull request #525 from aderyabin/docpatchhanami
Merge pull request #522 from daneb/db_digest_urlhanami
Ensure to don't load .env.* files if they don't exist. Ref #518hanami
Merge branch 'aderyabin-dotenv'hanami
Merge branch 'aderyabin-template'hanami
Merge pull request #503 from davydovanton/update-gemfile-temolateshanami
[ci skip] CHANGELOGhanami
Master is now 0.8hanami
Fixed build for v0.7.1hanami
Prepare for v0.7.1hanami
Merge pull request #493 from davydovanton/fix-public-path-requesthanami
Merge branch 'railsme-railsme-patch-1'hanami
Merge branch 'railsme-patch-1' of https://github.com/railsme/hanami into railsme-railsme-patch-1hanami
Merge branch 'cllns-change-favicon-to-hanami-logo'hanami
Merge branch 'change-favicon-to-hanami-logo' of https://github.com/cllns/hanami into cllns-change-favicon-to-hanami-logohanami
Cleanup for #471hanami
Merge branch 'cllns-change-logo-on-welcome-page'hanami
Merge branch 'change-logo-on-welcome-page' of https://github.com/cllns/hanami into cllns-change-logo-on-welcome-pagehanami
Prepare for v0.7.0hanami
Merge pull request #469 from hanami/hanamihanami
Finalize renaminghanami
Lotus => Hanamihanami
Reflect new Lotus version in fixtureshanami
Prepare for v0.6.1hanami
Merge pull request #457 from trexnix/fix-issue-453hanami
Merge pull request #449 from davydovanton/fix-app-naminghanami
Merge branch 'davydovanton-fix-gitignoretemplate'hanami
Merge branch 'fix-gitignoretemplate' of https://github.com/davydovanton/lotus into davydovanton-fix-gitignoretemplatehanami
Merge pull request #458 from lotus/revert-435-change-db-urlhanami
Revert "Remove app prefix for generated DATABASE_URL"hanami
Fixes for CLI requireshanami
[ci skip] FEATUREShanami
Prepare for v0.6.0hanami
Merge pull request #448 from lotus/configurable-assets-compressorshanami
Generate new applications with compressors settingshanami
Updated tests to reflect Lotus::Assets changes for configurable compressorshanami
Merge pull request #443 from lotus/update-readmehanami
Merge pull request #442 from lotus/explicit-assets-sourceshanami
Explicit control on assets sources for each application.hanami
Cleanup for #431hanami
Merge branch 'davydovanton-fix-action-generation'hanami
Merge branch 'fix-action-generation' of https://github.com/davydovanton/lotus into davydovanton-fix-action-generationhanami
Merge pull request #436 from davydovanton/correct-definitionhanami
Merge pull request #433 from lotus/translate-rack-env-deployment-into-lotus-env-productionhanami
Translate RACK_ENV=deployment into LOTUS_ENV=productionhanami
Revert "Change uri mysql protocol in the commented line"hanami
Merge pull request #429 from davydovanton/lotusrb-harcoded-keyshanami
Fix broken `lotus db console`.hanami
Merge pull request #428 from joneslee85/minor-refactoringhanami
Merge pull request #425 from lotus/travis-rubies-224-and-218hanami
[ci skip] FEATUREShanami
[ci skip] FEATUREShanami
[ci skip] CHANGELOGhanami
Merge branch 'prepend-sessions-middleware'hanami
Don't prepend all the added middleware, but only sessionshanami
Bumped dependencieshanami
Merge pull request #422 from davydovanton/fix-typoshanami
Merge pull request #421 from lotus/rake-tasks-for-ruby-ecosystem-compathanami
Finalize buildhanami
Make integration tests for Rake tasks independent from envhanami
Cleanup git repository from temporary test fileshanami
Generate new projects with installed Rake taskshanami
Unit tests for Lotus::RakeHelperhanami
Install the following Rake tasks in Lotus projects:hanami
Cleanup for #414hanami
Merge branch 'cllns-generate-resourceful-routes'hanami
Merge branch 'generate-resourceful-routes' of https://github.com/cllns/lotus into cllns-generate-resourceful-routeshanami
Merge pull request #420 from lotus/improved-lotus-assets-integrationhanami
Enable cache control headers only for productionhanami
Added .lotusrc files for new application fixtureshanami
Expect public directory to be cleared before to precompilehanami
Automatically setup CDN mode for applicationshanami
Generate new projects with favicon.ico into apps/web/assets instead of public/assetshanami
Generate new projects with CDN settingshanami
Send Cache-Control header when serve static assets in production modehanami
Removed Lotus::Helpers::AssetTagHelpers. They are now implemented by lotus-assets.hanami
Merge branch 'master' into improved-lotus-assets-integrationhanami
Reflect changes from https://github.com/lotus/assets/pull/27hanami
Merge pull request #413 from AlfonsoUceda/391-fix-generating-dasherized-lotus-apphanami
Enable assets digest mode for production environmenthanami
Introduced `lotus assets precompile' commandhanami
Add /tmp to gitignorehanami
Add /public/assets* to gitignorehanami
Escape dash in footer for welcome pagehanami
Generate new apps by including Web::Assets::Helpershanami
Merge branch 'Nerian-favicons'hanami
Merge branch 'favicons' of https://github.com/Nerian/lotus into Nerian-faviconshanami
Merge pull request #397 from lotus/global-serve-static-assetshanami
Allow Lotus::Config::FrameworkConfiguration to accept multiple blockshanami
Merge branch 'master' into global-serve-static-assetshanami
Add lotus-assets to Gemfile when generate a new application with --lotus-headhanami
Generate new applications with .env.* that include SERVE_STATIC_ASSETS="true"hanami
Removed Lotus::Config::Assets as no longer neededhanami
New strategy for run integration tests in isolationhanami
Merge branch 'master' into global-serve-static-assetshanami
Merge pull request #407 from leighhalliday/video-helperhanami
Merge pull request #406 from cllns/update-welcome-footer-copyright-yearhanami
Merge pull request #401 from Nerian/image_taghanami
Merge pull request #404 from cllns/add-resourceful-http-verbshanami
Merge pull request #405 from olivierlacan/patch-1hanami
Use new SimpleCov syntax for MultiFormatterhanami
Mount Lotus::Static within internal Rack middleware stack for App architecturehanami
Introducing Lotus::Statichanami
Merge pull request #393 from oreoshake/timinghanami
Merge pull request #392 from kenglxn/dotenv_bughanami
Merge branch 'lotus-assets-integration'hanami
Merge pull request #373 from AlfonsoUceda/fix-request-urlhanami
Merge branch 'master' into lotus-assets-integrationhanami
No-op for Lotus::Config::Assets::Sourceshanami
Lotus::Assets integrationhanami
Merge pull request #374 from lucasallan/initializershanami
Merge pull request #380 from pascalbetz/issue-378-respect-lotusrc-for-testframeworkhanami
Merge pull request #371 from aderyabin/double_lotusrchanami
Merge pull request #377 from lotus/rspec-without-monkeypatchinghanami
Make test files for actions and views to work with RSpec's `disable_monkey_patching!' mode.hanami
Merge pull request #375 from berfarah/feature-streaminghanami
Depend on lotus-utils ~> 0.6hanami
[ci skip] CHANGELOGhanami
Make lotus-mailer a runtime dependency. New cleanup for #338hanami
Cleanup for #338hanami
Merge branch 'DEIGirls-master'hanami
Prepare for v0.5.0hanami
Bumped dependencieshanami
Cleanup per #341hanami
Merge branch 'theocodes-response-format-improvements'hanami
Merge branch 'response-format-improvements' of https://github.com/theocodes/lotus into theocodes-response-format-improvementshanami
Removed no longer needed Lotus::Config::Assets#entries. Ref #342hanami
Merge pull request #342 from lotus/merge-assets-sourceshanami
Merge assets sourceshanami
Merge pull request #336 from SleeplessByte/font-src-csphanami
[ci skip] API doc fixeshanami
[ci skip] CHANGELOG & FEATUREShanami
Merge pull request #302 from lotus/fix-app-middleware-orderhanami
When add a middleware prepend ithanami
Merge pull request #301 from AlfonsoUceda/masterhanami
Merge pull request #300 from lotus/ensure-action-generator-works-with-quoted-namehanami
Ensure action generator works with (double) quoted or escaped namehanami
[ci skip] CHANGELOGhanami
Bump to v0.4.1hanami
Merge pull request #298 from mvader/database-checkhanami
Specify --url=/ in welcome pagehanami
Require 'securerandom'hanami
Disable CSRF protection during unit tests. Thanks to @khaiqlhanami
[ci skip] Updated README with Guides and Code of Conducthanami
Prepare for v0.4.0hanami
Welcome page enhancementshanami
Added "rendered" to the view specs "let" variableshanami
Introduce --url argument for action generatorhanami
Ensure to create empty directory 'apps/web/controllers' for new Container appshanami
Finishing up app archhanami
New generated apps must include lotus-model ~> 0.4 in their Gemfilehanami
Fix localhost problem on CIhanami
Ensure to create migrations artifacts for app archhanami
Fixes for application archhanami
Fixed generated config/application.rb for app archhanami
Fixes for #259hanami
Merge branch 'hieuk09-application_architecture_233'hanami
Merge branch 'application_architecture_233' of https://github.com/hieuk09/lotus into hieuk09-application_architecture_233hanami
Fixed forgotten test for #258hanami
Merge pull request #261 from AlfonsoUceda/add_sqlite_extension_sqlite_database_urlhanami
Merge pull request #260 from AlfonsoUceda/remove_slice_env_database_urlhanami
Limit force_ssl at the app level only, without Container (for the time being)hanami
Merge branch 'AlfonsoUceda-force_ssl'hanami
Merge branch 'force_ssl' of https://github.com/AlfonsoUceda/lotus into AlfonsoUceda-force_sslhanami
Cleanup for #252hanami
Merge branch 'AlfonsoUceda-prefix_router'hanami
Merge branch 'prefix_router' of https://github.com/AlfonsoUceda/lotus into AlfonsoUceda-prefix_routerhanami
Merge branch 'database-migrations'hanami
Small refactoringhanami
Added new CLI command: db versionhanami
Introduced new CLI commands for database migrationshanami
Introduced migration generator.hanami
When generate a new application, if the database is SQL, generate migration files and codehanami
Merge branch 'remove-lotus-logger'hanami
Moved Lotus::Logger from here to lotus-utilshanami
Merge branch 'csrf-protection'hanami
Enable CSRF protection automatically when sessions are enabledhanami
Initial CSRF protection supporthanami
Merge branch 'remove-apps-database-mapping-from-container'hanami
Removed database mapping from code generators for appshanami
Merge pull request #244 from lotus/fix-lotusrc-do-not-pollute-envhanami
Don't let .lotusrc read to pollute ENVhanami
Merge branch 'generate-dot-env-at-root-of-apps'hanami
Generate .env at the root of the apphanami
Merge pull request #239 from ferdinandrosario/ferdinandrosario-patch-1hanami
Depend on lotus-helpers 0.2.xhanami
Bump v0.4.0hanami
[ci skip] FEATURES for v0.3.2hanami
[ci skip] Removed entry from CHANGELOGhanami
Prepare for v0.3.2hanami
Merge pull request #232 from nguyenngoc2505/issues/226hanami
Integration test for Action#send_filehanami
Merge pull request #231 from lotus/fix-container-generator-for-rspechanami
Don't rely on config.before(:suite) to preload Lotus apps in testinghanami
Merge branch 'nguyenngoc2505-issues/225'hanami
Merge branch 'issues/225' of https://github.com/nguyenngoc2505/lotus into nguyenngoc2505-issues/225hanami
Merge branch 'AlfonsoUceda-fix_generate_action'hanami
Merge branch 'fix_generate_action' of https://github.com/AlfonsoUceda/lotus into AlfonsoUceda-fix_generate_actionhanami
Merge branch 'AlfonsoUceda-master'hanami
Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/AlfonsoUceda/lotus into AlfonsoUceda-masterhanami
Merge branch 'LeoTeam-lotus-root'hanami
Merge branch 'lotus-root' of https://github.com/LeoTeam/lotus into LeoTeam-lotus-roothanami
Merge branch 'AlfonsoUceda-automatic_secure_option'hanami
Merge branch 'automatic_secure_option' of https://github.com/AlfonsoUceda/lotus into AlfonsoUceda-automatic_secure_optionhanami
Cleanup per #227hanami
Merge branch 'AlfonsoUceda-enhanced_cookies_syntax'hanami
Merge branch 'enhanced_cookies_syntax' of https://github.com/AlfonsoUceda/lotus into AlfonsoUceda-enhanced_cookies_syntaxhanami
Prepare for v0.3.1hanami
[ci-skip] Cleanup per #216hanami
Depend on lotus-router ~> 0.4hanami
[ci skip] Expand cookies documentation for new applicationshanami
Merge branch 'hieuk09-application_generator_157'hanami
Merge branch 'application_generator_157' of https://github.com/hieuk09/lotus into hieuk09-application_generator_157hanami
Merge pull request #188 from lotus/ensure-to-load-routes-when-testing-in-isolationhanami
Ensure to load routes when testing in isolationhanami
Application generator --database argument: alias postgres with postgresql and sqlite with sqlite3hanami
Make test suite order independent for lotusrc testshanami
[ci skip] FEATUREShanami
New generated apps should depend on lotus-model ~> 0.3hanami
[ci skip] CHANGELOG, README and API docs for v0.3.0hanami
Ensure that inline CLI args have precedence over .lotusrc. Ref #186hanami
Ensure to remove .lotusrc after the test suitehanami
Mark as safe routing factory output. Closes #184hanami
Cookies: use the right Lotus::Controller configurationhanami
Merge branch 'action-generator'hanami
Quick and dirty API docs for action generatorhanami
When generate spec files for an action, add a require_relative to the related file, so the spec can be run in isolationhanami
Ensure to generate a template with the correct extensionhanami
DRY up action generator path logichanami
Cleanup code for Commands::Generatehanami
Added another fix for testshanami
Fix another random failurehanami
Fix a merge conflicthanami
Ensure to patch routes file only once at the top of the filehanami
Merge branch 'master' into action-generatorhanami
Bump version to 0.3.0hanami
Include lotus-helpers when generate a new app that uses --lotus-head=truehanami
Bumped all the dependencieshanami
Merge branch 'master' into action-generatorhanami
Removed swap file committed by mistake. /cc @joneslee85 @tomkadwillhanami
Merge branch 'master' into action-generatorhanami
Action generator: fail when an unknown app is givenhanami
When generate an action, inject the routehanami
Integration test for action generatorhanami
Merge pull request #172 from arandaio/cleanuphanami
Merge pull request #168 from tomkadwill/database_mapping_commentshanami
Started with lotus generate CLI commandhanami
Action generator: improve naming of variables in generated testshanami
Started with action generatorhanami
Merge branch 'Linuus-feature/git-init'hanami
Merge branch 'feature/git-init' of https://github.com/Linuus/lotus into Linuus-feature/git-inithanami
Generate a .lotusrc file for new applications. Ref #162hanami
Deleted file commited by mistake. Ref #162hanami
Merge branch 'AlfonsoUceda-lotusrc'hanami
Merge branch 'lotusrc' of https://github.com/AlfonsoUceda/lotus into AlfonsoUceda-lotusrchanami
Security headers: ensure to not send them to browsers when they aren't set. Ref #159hanami
Make security headers nil by default. Cleanup per #159hanami
Merge branch 'AlfonsoUceda-security_default_headers_v2'hanami
Merge branch 'security_default_headers_v2' of https://github.com/AlfonsoUceda/lotus into AlfonsoUceda-security_default_headers_v2hanami
Merge pull request #153 from tomkadwill/improve_application_templatehanami
Merge pull request #151 from lotus/dynamic-finders-for-application-routeshanami
Dynamic finders for application routeshanami
Prefix "v" when print version in CLIhanami
Application generator to create a spec_helper.rb compatible with RSpec 3.2hanami
Prepare for v0.2.1hanami
Merge branch 'preload-apps-in-console'hanami
[ci skip] Code stylehanami
Merge pull request #135 from robyurkowski/b-129-dotenv-error-when-dasherized-application-namehanami
Merge pull request #147 from PragTob/jruby-testinghanami
Merge pull request #145 from jc00ke/patch-1hanami
Full applications preload in consolehanami
Merge pull request #143 from jc00ke/patch-1hanami
Bumped dependencies requirementshanami
Simplify Lotus::RenderingPolicy implementation, delegating HTTP knowledge to Lotus::Action. :sunrise_over_mountains:hanami
Use Lotus::Action::Glue instead of monkeypatch Lotus::Actionhanami
Cleanup per #131hanami
Merge branch 'huydx-master'hanami
Use OS idenpendent path separator. Ref #128hanami
CI: print git reference for each Lotus frameworkhanami
Fix integration tests for latest changes in lotus-model v0.2.2hanami
Merge pull request #124 from hieuk09/test_generatorhanami
Merge pull request #120 from lotus/getting-started-with-container-generatorhanami
Add example route, action, view and template when generate a new container applicationhanami
Improve container generated Gemfile with a server group examplehanami
[ci skip] README adjustments for v0.2.0hanami
Explicit require "pathname" in "lotus/environment"hanami
Merge pull request #119 from lasseebert/require_version_from_clihanami
Merge pull request #116 from joneslee85/controller-namespacehanami
Merge pull request #118 from AlfonsoUceda/masterhanami
Generated "environment.rb" MUST also require "rubygems" and "bundler" setup to make it working with Powhanami
Merge pull request #115 from AlfonsoUceda/masterhanami
[ci skip] Specify usage of frameworks in READMEhanami
Ruby 2.2.0-rc1 doesn't support 'require' with instances of Pathname. Fixed.hanami
Use "application" instead of "slice" for CLI argshanami
[ci skip] Mention Lotus frameworks in README. Thanks to @thecatwasnothanami
Merge pull request #114 from joneslee85/version-clihanami
Merge pull request #113 from joneslee85/fix-spechanami
Merge pull request #112 from lotus/container-generator-enhancementshanami
Improved documentation for generated application's configurationhanami
Generated container apps to depend on lotus-model ~> 0.2hanami
Use "spec/" directory instead of "test/" for generated container app. Thanks to @joneslee85hanami
[ci skip] README rework for v0.2.0hanami
Merge pull request #111 from unrealhoang/fix_cant_infer_basepathhanami
Prepare for v0.2.0hanami
Merge pull request #104 from AlfonsoUceda/assetshanami
Merge pull request #108 from Jesterovskiy/add-assets-readmehanami
Merge pull request #100 from joneslee85/patch-5hanami
Merge pull request #109 from joneslee85/minor-refactorhanami
Depend on latest Lotus gemshanami
Merge pull request #106 from lotus/code-generatorshanami
Merge branch 'master' into code-generatorshanami
Muted failing tests introduced by 29ca76f9a37755978097fd6c5d5283f8037502ec. My apologies :crying_cat_face:hanami
Merge branch 'master' into code-generatorshanami
Preload applications in consolehanami
Generate per environment configuration blockhanami
Generate commented assets loading paths. Thanks @AlfonsoUcedahanami
Revert "Introduce Configuration#environment as syntactic sugar for Configuration#configure. Ref #97"hanami
Introduce Configuration#environment as syntactic sugar for Configuration#configure. Ref #97hanami
[ci skip] Ensure to generate well formatted Gemfilehanami
Slice generator: added 'public/{javascripts,stylesheets}' directories. Added assets directives to application.rb. Thanks to @joneslee85 and @AlfonsoUcedahanami
[ci skip] Fix typo in mapping example codehanami
Merge branch 'master' into code-generatorshanami
Merge pull request #107 from lotus/welcome-pagehanami
Show a welcome page when the application doesn't have routeshanami
Ensure to add breaklines for .env when generate a slicehanami
Preload apps during testinghanami
Merge branch 'master' into code-generatorshanami
Merge pull request #105 from lotus/register-applicationshanami
Register Lotus::Application subclasseshanami
Added minitest facilities for unit and feature testshanami
Merge branch 'master' into code-generatorshanami
Application generator (container arch)hanami
Merge pull request #103 from lotus/lotus-setuphanami
Introducing 'lotus/setup' that requires all the Lotus libs and require Bundler groupshanami
Merge pull request #101 from gotjosh/body-parsershanami
Merge branch 'AlfonsoUceda-assets'hanami
Merge branch 'assets' of https://github.com/AlfonsoUceda/lotus into AlfonsoUceda-assetshanami
Merge pull request #102 from joneslee85/add-rack-method_overridehanami
Fix CLI inconsistencieshanami
Merge pull request #97 from AlfonsoUceda/masterhanami
Merge pull request #98 from lotus/dot-env-configurationshanami
Use String representation of 'config.ru' for Lotus::Server and Shotgunhanami
Load .env files from configuration directory when the enviroment is loadedhanami
Depend on lotus-model 0.2.0.devhanami
Merge pull request #93 from AlfonsoUceda/masterhanami
Merge pull request #94 from lotus/per-framework-configurationhanami
Forward low-level framework configurationshanami
Merge pull request #89 from joneslee85/alias-presentershanami
Merge pull request #92 from lotus/lotus-containerhanami
Introducing Lotus::Containerhanami
Updated to latest stable versions of frameworkshanami
Lotus::Server use default Rack::Server stackhanami
Use consistent HTTP HEAD check in RenderingPolicyhanami
Ensure to not override response body while serving static assetshanami
Merge pull request #86 from lotus/code-reloadinghanami
Remove all the Rack middleware from Serverhanami
Merge pull request #88 from joneslee85/dup-entity-and-repohanami
New strategy for code reloadinghanami
Implement code reloading with "lotus server" commandhanami
Merge pull request #84 from joneslee85/patch-4hanami
Merge pull request #79 from joneslee85/hook-up-lotus-modelhanami
Move the setup of the rendering policy to the loaderhanami
Fix for HEAD requests: force empty bodyhanami
Fix response override from internal middleware. Put action instances in env.hanami
Session configuration cleanup. Ref #57hanami
Merge branch 'michalmuskala-allow-session-configuration'hanami
Merge branch 'allow-session-configuration' of https://github.com/michalmuskala/lotus into michalmuskala-allow-session-configurationhanami
Bump version to v0.2.0.devhanami
Updated latest dependencieshanami
Merge pull request #78 from jeremyf/refactor-method-abstractionhanami
Merge pull request #76 from jeremyf/improving-documentationhanami
Merge pull request #77 from jeremyf/fixing-lotus-routerhanami
Fix test according to Ref lotus/router#23hanami
Merge pull request #74 from benlovell/fix-readme-typoshanami
Remove lotus-validations as direct reference in Gemfilehanami
Merge pull request #70 from jeremyf/wordsmithinghanami
Merge pull request #68 from joneslee85/patch-3hanami
Added lotus/validations to Gemfilehanami
[ci skip] Fixed dochanami
Use bound response in custom template testhanami
Merge branch 'pkurek-custom_error_pages'hanami
Allow handle exceptions configurationhanami
Merge pull request #51 from gotjosh/allow-cookies-configurationhanami
Merge branch 'krasnoukhov-console-fix'hanami
Merge branch 'console-fix' of https://github.com/krasnoukhov/lotus into krasnoukhov-console-fixhanami
Merge pull request #50 from Xuhao/patch-1hanami
Merge pull request #46 from davidcelis/reloadhanami
Merge pull request #47 from JoelQ/add-cli-commands-to-readmehanami
Refactoring for Lotus::Configuration#middleware, this also includes fixes and test improvementshanami
Merge branch 'davidcelis-config-middleware'hanami
Merge branch 'config-middleware' of https://github.com/davidcelis/lotus into davidcelis-config-middlewarehanami
Merge pull request #44 from bronzle/fix_frameworkshanami
Refactoring for Lotus::Configuration's multiple environments supporthanami
Merge branch 'pkurek-config_per_env'hanami
Merge pull request #41 from ryanbrunner/masterhanami
Added --engine option to 'lotus console' command. Lotus::Console cleanup. Don't require 'irb' while testing Lotus::Console.hanami
Future proof code: stay with Minitest defaultshanami
Merge pull request #37 from davidcelis/console-commandhanami
Merge pull request #39 from lotus/environmenthanami
Discard a 'let' declaration in server test, in favor of an inlined valuehanami
Removed from configuration port conventions about the current scheme. Only let the current env and the explicit configuration to set this value.hanami
Ensure to reset env vars for Lotus::Configuration testshanami
Make Lotus::Environment thread-safehanami
Lotus::Environment refactoring: extract private method for better readabilityhanami
Let Lotus::Configuration to set the proper host/port according to the command line args that we pass to 'lotus server'hanami
Removed file commited by mistakehanami
Introducing Lotus::Environment as object who's responsbile to deal with env vars and cli optionshanami
[ci skip] Document tiny app architecturehanami
Merge pull request #36 from lotus/eager-load-configurationhanami
[ci skip] Updated README with new usage of one file architecturehanami
[ci skip] Typo in Lotus::Application.load! documentationhanami
Add Lotus::Application.load! to eager load configuration and allow one file architecturehanami
Merge branch 'lengarvey-add_lotus_binary'hanami
Merge branch 'add_lotus_binary' of https://github.com/lengarvey/lotus into lengarvey-add_lotus_binaryhanami
Merge pull request #21 from Benny1992/masterhanami
Merge pull request #22 from joneslee85/patch-2hanami
Merge pull request #17 from lengarvey/patch-1hanami
[ci skip] Typo in READMEhanami
Merge pull request #13 from riffraff/patch-1hanami
Merge pull request #12 from Benny1992/masterhanami
Merge branch 'fj-patch-1'hanami
Merge branch 'patch-1' of https://github.com/fj/lotus into fj-patch-1hanami
Merge pull request #8 from parndt/patch-1hanami
Merge pull request #6 from jeremyf/wordsmithing-readme-typoshanami
Fixed gemspechanami
[ci skip] Typo in README, thanks again @diegosouzahanami
[ci skip] Typos in README, thanks @diegosouzahanami
[ci skip] READMEhanami
[ci skip] Document other application architectures in READMEhanami
[ci skip] Updated README with microservices architecture detailshanami
[ci skip] Started with basic concepts in READMEhanami
Be paranoid with Lotus::Configuration#freeze testinghanami
Let Config::LoadPaths to use the right subclassing semantic of Utils::LoadPathshanami
Done with documentationhanami
Documentation for Lotus::Configurationhanami
Started with documentationhanami
Improve coverage for Configurationhanami
Make rendering policy to cover all the caseshanami
Let rendering policy to render all the formatshanami
Fix wrong test descriptionhanami
[ci skip] Added config.ru example filehanami
Added support for microservices appshanami
Better Ruby idioms for Config::Assets. Thanks to @fuadsaud and @luislavena for pointing out.hanami
Support both standalone (aka top level) and modulized applicationshanami
Introduced Configuration#assets, in order to make possible to set the directory where the public assets are. Serve static files, according to Configuration#assetshanami
Made Configuration#root optional, it defaults to the current directory of execution. Introduced Configuration#templates.hanami
Made the Lotus::Application.configure block to be evaluated only when an application is being loadedhanami
Align with the latest changes in the frameworks. Ditched metaprogramming in Loader implementation.hanami
Always depend on frameworks' HEADhanami
Enable Travis CIhanami
Introduced Lotus::Routes as object to generate URLshanami
Allow to configure scheme, host and porthanami
Merge branch 'rework' of github.com:lotus/lotus into reworkhanami
Handle thrown statuses from actionshanami
Handle thrown statuses from actionshanami
Handle redirectshanami
Handle 404 and 500 responseshanami
Serve static fileshanami
Make the build to pass againhanami
Made the first integration test to passhanami
Sync all the thingshanami
Explicitely require 'lotus/utils/string' for Lotus::Loaderhanami
Let the application to configure the layouthanami
Started working on application loading internalshanami
Made the default loading path to be "app/**/*.rb"hanami
Increase test coverage for Lotus::Config::Mapperhanami
Allow to configure database mapping for an applicationhanami
Allow to configure routes for an applicationhanami
Added the ability to specify several load pathshanami
Started implementing Lotus::Configurationhanami
Start again, sonhanami
Quickfix: make it work with the new frameworkshanami
Added "/assets" to the list of directories that are served with Rack::Filehanami
Quickfix: wrap response body with Array()hanami
Depend on Lotus::Modelhanami
Amend with latest changes from frameworkshanami
Serve static fileshanami
Exclude test and vendored files from auto-loading.hanami
Not found viewhanami
Show page for internal server error.hanami
Initial messhanami
Authors in gemspecview
CHANGELOG [ci skip]view
Remove deprecated `Hanami::View::Rendering::LayoutScope#content` (#119)view
Prepare for v1.0.0.beta2view
API docs [ci skip]view
CHANGELOG [ci skip]view
Bump version to 1.0.0.beta1view
Depend on hanami-utils ~> 1.0.0-beta1view
Prepare for v0.8.0view
Prepare for v0.8.0view
Merge pull request #110 from lucasallan/jrubyview
Merge branch 'null-local-to_s'view
Introduce Rendering::NullLocal#to_s to make it to work with HAMLview
Prepare for v0.7.0view
CHANGELOG [ci skip]view
Merge pull request #105 from hanami/fix/ensure-to-use-new-registry-when-loading-the-frameworkview
Ensure to use new registry when loading the frameworkview
CHANGELOG [ci skip]view
Resolve circular dependency between Hanami::Presenter and Hanami::View::Escape. Closes #103view
Merge branch 'mereghost-preserve-method-visibility'view
Merge branch 'nessur-fix_templates_finder'view
Fix non-initialized variable @scope for Rendering::Scopeview
Merge pull request #97 from hanami/fix-ruby-warningsview
Fixed Ruby warningsview
Bump development dependency to Rake 11view
Merge branch 'try-local'view
[ci skip] Fix API doc for #localview
Deprecate #content in favor of #localview
Make #local available to views as wellview
Introduced #local for templates as a safe navigator for locals.view
Test against jruby-
Master is now 0.7view
Prepare for v0.6.1view
Merge pull request #93 from hanami/disable-slim-autoescapeview
Disable autoescape for Slim as already implemented by usview
Merge branch 'stevehook-issue_185'view
Merge branch 'issue_185' of https://github.com/stevehook/view into stevehook-issue_185view
Prepare for v0.6.0view
Merge pull request #92 from hanami/hanamiview
Finalize renamingview
Lotus => Hanamiview
Merge branch 'guarantee-default-encoding-to-exist'view
Merge pull request #87 from deepj/layout_performanceview
Guarantee given encoding to existview
Prepare for v0.5.0view
[ci skip] CHANGELOGview
Merge pull request #84 from lotus/fix-layout-scope-exceptionsview
Let exceptions for LayoutScope to bubble as they areview
Cleanup for #82view
Merge pull request #82 from liamdawson/generalize-errorsview
Allow `Lotus::View::Template` to accept one or two argumentsview
Bump v0.5.0view
Fixed nearly introduced bug. Ref #79view
Cleanup for #79view
Merge branch 'brennovich-add-jruby-support'view
Merge branch 'add-jruby-support' of https://github.com/brennovich/view into brennovich-add-jruby-supportview
Cleanup for #78.. oopsview
Merge branch 'default-encoding'view
Merge branch 'master' into default-encodingview
Cleanup for #80view
Depend on lotus-utils ~> 0.6view
[ci skip] CHANGELOGview
Prepare for v0.4.4view
Additional Travis CI debugview
Added test for template encoding issues. Travis CI locale debug.view
Introduce default_encoding for configurationview
Merge pull request #77 from lotus/autoescape-layout-helpersview
Autoescape layout helpersview
Prepare for v0.4.3view
Cleanup per #73view
Merge branch 'farrel-master'view
[ci skip] Prepare for v0.4.2view
Merge branch 'tomkadwill-layout_methods_fix/235'view
Merge branch 'layout_methods_fix/235' of https://github.com/tomkadwill/view into tomkadwill-layout_methods_fix/235view
Depend on lotus-utils v0.5.0view
[ci skip] README improvementsview
Prepare for v0.4.1view
Merge branch 'view-content'view
Introduced #content as API to render optional contentsview
Merge pull request #66 from LeoTeam/update-travis-ciview
[ci skip] CHANGELOG and API docsview
Ensure that Rendering::LayoutScope#method_missing will always raise NoMethodError in case the method cannot be forwarded. Ref #63view
Merge branch 'tomkadwill-proposed_method_missing_fix'view
Merge branch 'proposed_method_missing_fix' of https://github.com/tomkadwill/view into tomkadwill-proposed_method_missing_fixview
Merge pull request #65 from AlfonsoUceda/fix_layoutview
Bump version to 0.4.0view
Depend on lotus-utils ~> 0.4view
Merge pull request #60 from lotus/auto-escapeview
Ensure that layouts will include modules from Configuration#prepareview
Additional tests for auto escapeview
[ci skip] Typos. Thanks to @tomkadwill :+1:view
[ci skip] More documentation for auto escapeview
Documentation for views and presenters auto escapeview
Auto escape for Lotus::Presenter outputview
Auto escape views: implicit and concrete methods.view
Merge pull request #58 from jc00ke/patch-2view
Merge pull request #57 from jc00ke/patch-1view
Merge pull request #56 from jc00ke/masterview
[ci skip] Amended CHANGELOGview
Prepare for v0.3.0view
Merge branch 'master' of github.com:lotus/viewview
Ensure to reset framework before of template name integration testview
Merge pull request #53 from joneslee85/dup-dup-dupview
Use kind error messageview
Configuration#prepare tests and documentation. Ref #52view
Merge branch 'joneslee85-rename-modules-to-prepare'view
Updated CI rubiesview
Merge pull request #47 from AlfonsoUceda/defaul_modulesview
Merge pull request #48 from bennyklotz/masterview
Made CI solid: removed the accidental dependency between tests orderview
Merge branch 'AlfonsoUceda-master'view
Bump version to v0.3.0.devview
Merge pull request #42 from lotus/framework-freezeview
Fix CI by resetting framework where neededview
Remove Lotus::Utils.unload!view
Lotus::View.load! now freezes framework, views and layouts configurationsview
Freeze more internal componentsview
Updated lotus-utils dependencyview
Merge pull request #41 from joneslee85/patch-3view
Merge pull request #40 from joneslee85/patch-1view
Merge pull request #38 from tomkadwill/readme_typoview
Document arguments for Rendering::NullTemplate#renderview
Merge branch 'KillaPL-master'view
Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/KillaPL/view into KillaPL-masterview
Concrete methods in layouts should be available in templatesview
Ensure to load the right layout when it's defined at the level of a view for a duplicated frameworkview
Ruby 2.1.3 supportview
Merge branch 'viking-view-blocks'view
Merge branch 'view-blocks' of https://github.com/viking/view into viking-view-blocksview
Merge pull request #27 from parndt/patch-2view
Merge branch 'master' of github.com:lotus/viewview
Implement "respond to" logic for layout and view scopes. Ref #28view
Safe override of Ruby's top level methods in Scope. Closes #28view
Merge pull request #26 from Erol/small-documentation-fixview
Merge pull request #25 from splattael/presenter-respond_to_missingview
Merge pull request #24 from joneslee85/patch-2view
Merge pull request #22 from vjustov/readme-improvementsview
Merge pull request #21 from parndt/patch-1view
Merge pull request #17 from joneslee85/patch-1view
Merge pull request #20 from arthurgeek/patch-1view
Merge pull request #14 from Benny1992/masterview
[ci skip] Error in README. Thanks @janxview
Merge pull request #15 from janx/masterview
Bump version to 0.2.0view
Merge pull request #13 from diegosouza/fix_readme_blockview
Fix CIview
Made layout registry class instance variable, in order to make multiple instances of the framework to coexistview
[ci skip] CHANGELOGview
Make Rendering::TemplatesFinder to look recursively for templates, starting from the rootview
[ci skip] Document configuration and reusability in READMEview
[ci skip] CHANGELOGview
Let the gem to include only lib/ and the essential filesview
Depend on lotus-utils ~> 0.2view
[ci skip] Revert "Replacing HTML table with Markdown table"view
[ci skip] Fix yardoc settingsview
[ci skip] Documentation for Lotus::View::Configurationview
Ensure to handle correctly the namespace for views, when it's configured as nilview
[ci skip] Documentation for Lotus::Viewview
Renamed Lotus::View methods: .duplicate => .dupe, .generate => .duplicateview
Introducing Lotus::View.generate as shortcut for .duplicate and .configureview
Ensure lazy loading and correct namespace of the layout class when using configuration's "layout" DSLview
Specify different scenario for template name in a standalone applicationview
Make the tests compatible with the newest Utils::LoatPaths APIview
Ensure to return the correct template name for namespaced viewsview
Ensure independent configurations between the framework, the views and its children. Lotus::View::Dsl.root now internally uses the configuration.view
Lazily load layout for Configuration. This mechanism solves eventual race conditions between the loading of the framework and the application.view
Temporary add a .gitkeep to make the build to pass againview
Lotus::View can be safely duplicated. Moved views and layout registries into Configuration. Configuration is now able to duplicated and (un)load itself. Layouts can be looked up in a given Ruby namespace.view
Implemented Lotus::View::Configuration#views and #layoutsview
Removed Lotus::View's class accessor for root, in favor of the API of Lotus::View::Configurationview
Removed Lotus::View's class accessor for layout, in favor of the API of Lotus::View::Configurationview
Implemented Lotus::View::Configuration#layoutview
Implemented Lotus::View::Configuration#load_pathsview
Make CI to depend on 'lotus/utils' HEADview
Introduced Lotus::View::Configuration with a bare minimum behaviorview
Merge pull request #12 from lasseebert/README_fixview
Fix CI by loading the frawework before each test of the loading featureview
Merge pull request #11 from gammons/template_methods_with_argsview
Enable Ruby 2.1.2 on Travis CIview
Merge pull request #10 from jeremyf/replace-html-table-with-markdownview
Merge pull request #9 from jeremyf/wordsmithingview
Merge pull request #8 from karlfreeman/svg-badgesview
Merge pull request #7 from karlfreeman/various-tidyingview
Ensure outermost locals to not shadow innermost inside templates/partials. Closes #3view
Merge pull request #1 from fuadsaud/patch-1view
Use 'gemspec' directive in Gemfileview
Fix gemspec warningsview
Added Semantic Versioning to READMEview
Updated copyrightview
Enabled Travis CIview
README enginesview
Introduced Lotus::View::MissingFormatError in order to force a rendering context to specify the requested format (mime type)view
README Reworkview
Changed signature of Lotus::View.render: it now accepts only a context for the viewview
Test with other engines than ERb, HAML in this case.view
Ignore Bundler artifactsview
Erubis is no longer a dependency.view
Performance: prefer `Hash#fetch(key) { default }`, over `#fetch(key, default)`.view
Allow custom rendering policies.view
Ignore gem artifactsview
Declare initial version as 0.1.0view
We aim for 100% test coverageview
Documented other classes from Lotus::View::Rendering namespaceview
Documented classes from Lotus::View::Rendering namespaceview
More documentation for Lotus::View submodulesview
Lotus::View::Layout => Lotus::Layoutview
Added lib/lotus-view.rb for Bundler backward compatibilityview
Started with documentationview
Remove private method for Presenter: #objectview
Introduced Lotus::Presenterview
Render partial from a layoutview
Make the tests pass with Tilt 2.0view
Align the gem setup with the other Lotus frameworksview
Added Lotus::View#localsview
Temporary depend on Tilt 1.4view
Don't use global class vars.view
Scope templates discovery to registered enginesview
Extracted Lotus::Utils in a proper gemview
Added support for layouts.view
Allow templates to be rendered from templates.view
Allow partials to be rendered from templates.view
Render template in the Lotus::View::Rendering::Scope contextview
Freeze at subclasses level tooview
Let views to specify relative template filenameview
Lotus::View::Rendering::Template => Lotus::View::Templateview
Removed unnecessary indirectionview
Extracted Lotus::Utils::Stringview
Registry cleanupview
Views can now transparently inheriths variables from locals, in order to reuse them.view
Removed templates as class variable for views: introduced a registry for runtime resolutionview
WIP rendering resolverview
Allow views inheritance.view
Refactoring: Engine is not relevant, let Tilt to deal with it. View has multiple templates. Intoduced DSL for format. Introduced resolver for runtime rendering. Dependency injection. :tophat:view
Extracted Lotus::View::Template::Finderview
Initial messview
Authors in gemspecutils
Removed dead code. Ref #195utils
CHANGELOG [ci skip]utils
Use `$stdout` instead of `STDOUT` as default stream for `Hanami::Logger` (#197)utils
CHANGELOG [ci skip]utils
Bump version to v1.0.0.beta3utils
API docs cleanup (#196)utils
Remove deprecated `Hanami::Utils::Json.load` and `.dump` (#195)utils
Remove deprecated `Hanami::Interactor::Result#failing?` (#194)utils
Remove Hanami::Utils::Attributes as no longer used (#193)utils
Explicitly require securerandom in testutils
CHANGELOG [ci skip]utils
API doc [ci skip]utils
Prepare for v1.0.0.beta2utils
API docsutils
Logger hash message (#189)utils
`Hanami::Utils.reload!` (#187)utils
Fix build for JRubyutils
Don't try to symbolize nested arrays, as it breaks Hanami::Entityutils
Fix problem introduced by fdb890f and #162utils
Use 1.0.0.beta1 instead of 1.0.0-beta1, according to the Rubygems conventionsutils
CHANGELOG [ci skip]utils
Merge branch 'lucasallan-symbolize_arrays'utils
Resolve git conflicts and cleanup for #162utils
Bump version to 1.0.0-beta1utils
Cleanup for #162 [ci skip]utils
Merge branch 'alexd16-non-deep-symbolize'utils
Merge branch 'non-deep-symbolize' of https://github.com/alexd16/utils into alexd16-non-deep-symbolizeutils
CHANGELOG [ci skip]utils
Prepare for v0.9.2utils
Merge pull request #170 from hanami/fix/utils-json-to-use-parseutils
Introduced `Hanami::Utils::Json.generate`. Deprecate `Hanami::Utils::Json.dump` in favor of `.generate`.utils
Introduced `Hanami::Utils::Json.parse` for safe JSON parsing.utils
Prepare for v0.9.0utils
Restrict gem installation to Ruby 2.3+ via gemspecutils
Prepare for v0.9.0utils
Merge pull request #167 from hanami/hash-initialize-with-to_hashutils
Let `Utils::Hash#initialize` to accept only objects that implement `#to_hash`utils
Make the build to pass with rubocop ~> 0.45utils
Merge pull request #164 from hanami/utils-requireutils
Introducing `Hanami::Utils.require!` as cross-platform, ordered, recursive way to require Ruby filesutils
Merge pull request #163 from hanami/file-listutils
Introducing Hanami::Utils::FileListutils
Make the build to pass with rubocop ~> 0.44utils
Merge branch 'hash-compatible-with-objects-that-respond-to-to_hash'utils
Make Utils::Hash compatible w/ objects that respond to `#to_hash`utils
Merge pull request #148 from mgrachev/interactor-failure-methodutils
Merge pull request #153 from hanami/make-basic_object-pretty-printableutils
Make Utils::BasicObject pretty printableutils
Merge branch 'pascalbetz-class-loading-order'utils
Merge pull request #150 from ilasorsa/refactorutils
Fixed rubocop offenceutils
Disable rubocop Style/MethodMissingutils
Prepare for v0.8.0utils
Run Utils::Json tests in isolation to make JRuby happyutils
Cleanup and fix for #147utils
Merge branch 'duykhoa-master'utils
Commented out intermittent failing specutils
Fixed .travis.yml for rubocoputils
Code tidyutils
CHANGELOG [ci skip]utils
Logger test: differentiate chmod assertion between JRuby and MRIutils
Fix intermittent failing test for Loggerutils
Merge pull request #146 from duykhoa/masterutils
Introduce Utils::Class.loadutils
Merge pull request #145 from jooohn/fix/typo-in-commentutils
Let Utils::Logger::Formatter to fabricate an instance of selfutils
Merge pull request #143 from davydovanton/fix-logger-formatutils
Extend with tests `Hanami::Utils::Json` Ref #142utils
Merge branch 'davydovanton-multi-json'utils
Cleanup for #122utils
Merge pull request #141 from Erol/fix-typo-on-interactor-docutils
Added tests for Utils::Kernel.BigDecimal in order to prevent regressions with negative numbersutils
Prefer String#=~ over #match as it doesn't instantiate a useless MatchData objectutils
Merge branch 'davydovanton-test-is-numeric'utils
Merge branch 'test-is-numeric' of https://github.com/davydovanton/utils into davydovanton-test-is-numericutils
Fix Utils::Kernel.Boolean conversion with ::String and Utils::Stringutils
Extracted Utils::Kernel.numeric?utils
Merge pull request #134 from duykhoa/string_improveutils
Merge pull request #131 from rogeriozambon/masterutils
Merge pull request #133 from davydovanton/fix-logger-testsutils
Merge pull request #126 from hanami/fix-ruby-warningsutils
Merge pull request #124 from TheSmartnik/fix_rses_endingutils
Don't shadow outer variable in test/escape_test.rbutils
Fixed parentheses warning for Utils::ClassAttributeutils
Fixed circular dependency for Utils::Blankutils
Bump development dependency to Rake 11utils
Merge pull request #125 from hanami/remove-simplecovutils
Remove simplecovutils
Rename Hanami::Logger#device into #streamutils
Let Hanami::Logger::LEVELS to be ordered according to the level valuesutils
Removing permission assertions from Logger test because their causing intermittent errors on CIutils
Cleanup for #121utils
Merge branch 'davydovanton-logger-level'utils
Merge pull request #120 from hieuk09/bug-classify-should-keep-titleize-wordutils
Merge branch 'deepj-simplecov-deprecation'utils
Merge branch 'simplecov-deprecation' of https://github.com/deepj/utils into deepj-simplecov-deprecationutils
Remove intermittent failing test on CIutils
Cleanup for #102utils
Merge branch 'modify-travis'utils
Merge branch 'master' into modify-travisutils
Cleanup for #117utils
Merge branch 'accessd-kernel-blank-method'utils
Merge branch 'kernel-blank-method' of https://github.com/accessd/utils into accessd-kernel-blank-methodutils
Fixed another OS dependent logger testutils
Fixed per OS logger testutils
Cleanup for #116utils
Merge branch 'thhermansen-symbolize-stringify-nested'utils
Merge branch 'symbolize-stringify-nested' of https://github.com/thhermansen/utils into thhermansen-symbolize-stringify-nestedutils
Cleanup for #112utils
Merge branch 'davydovanton-logdev'utils
Merge branch 'logdev' of https://github.com/davydovanton/utils into davydovanton-logdevutils
Master is now 0.8utils
[ci skip] CHANGELOGutils
Prepare for v0.7.1utils
Merge pull request #115 from hanami/fix-inflections-for-albumutils
Fix inflections for "album"utils
Merge pull request #114 from cllns/escape-dates-and-timesutils
Prepare for v0.7.0utils
Merge pull request #110 from hanami/drop-support-for-mri-20-21-and-rubiniusutils
Drop support for MRI 2.0, 2.1 and Rubiniusutils
Fix supported rubiesutils
Merge pull request #109 from hanami/hanamiutils
Fix supported versions for Travis CIutils
Lotus => Hanamiutils
Prepare for v0.6.1utils
Merge pull request #105 from davydovanton/classify-and-dashutils
Prepare for v0.6.0utils
Merge pull request #100 from lotus/ruby-2-3-0utils
Official support for Ruby 2.3. Deprecate 2.0utils
Forget to remove a useless require. Ref #98utils
Merge branch 'remove-class-load-support-for-pattern'utils
Remove pattern support for Lotus::Utils::Class#load!utils
Merge branch 'remove-callbacks-add'utils
Remove Lotus::Utils::Callbacks#addutils
[ci skip] CHANGELOGutils
[ci skip] READMEutils
[ci skip] READMEutils
Merge pull request #96 from lotus/safe-dup-for-class-attributeutils
Introducing Utils::Duplicable for safe dup logicutils
Merge pull request #95 from davydovanton/string-reduse-allocationutils
PathPrefix: reject entries that are matching separatorutils
Merge branch 'string-rsub'utils
Merge branch 'master' into string-rsubutils
Use new SimpleCov syntax for MultiFormatterutils
Introducing Lotus::Utils::String#rsub: it replaces the rightmost occurence of pattern, with replacementutils
Fix expectation for exception message (MRI 2.3.0 compat)utils
Utils::LoadPaths: remove duplicates and nil when push is invokedutils
Utils::LoadPaths: always maintain a flatten copy of paths, added equality semanticutils
Remove ascii 8bit string from test name, for JRuby compatutils
[ci skip] API docsutils
Bump v0.6.0utils
Merge branch 'custom-inflections'utils
Lightweight inflectorutils
Ensure immutability for encoded strings which failed the conversion Ref #88utils
Merge branch 'constXife-fix_escape_encode'utils
Merge branch 'fix_escape_encode' of https://github.com/constXife/utils into constXife-fix_escape_encodeutils
Merge pull request #89 from lotus/fix-singularization-with-es-suffixutils
Fix singularization: "horses" => "horse"utils
[ci skip] CHANGELOGutils
Move JRuby 9k+ to CI allowed failures, because it still uses .pre1 instead of stableutils
Try to force jruby- on Travis CI, instead of jruby-
[ci skip] READMEutils
Prepare for v0.5.2utils
Merge pull request #85 from lotus/string-capitalizeutils
Introduced Utils::String#capitalizeutils
Added Alfonso to gemspecutils
[ci skip] CHANGELOGutils
Bump to v0.5.1utils
Merge pull request #82 from theocodes/same-strings-join-fixutils
[ci skip] Prepare for v0.5.0utils
Merge branch 'lotus-logger'utils
Extracted Lotus::Logger from lotusrbutils
Bump v0.5.0utils
Merge branch 'interactor-improvements'utils
Small fix for Interactor and API docsutils
Don't mutate interactor state in case of error. Log errors with result.utils
Breaking change: remove magic from interactors, result payload accessors needs to be explicitly exposedutils
Allow interactors to be inheritedutils
[ci skip] API docutils
Prepare for v0.4.3utils
Cleanup per #79utils
Merge branch 'francois-master'utils
Ensure Utils::Attributes#to_h to return ::Hash at the top levelutils
Prepare for v0.4.1utils
Ensure Utils::Attributes#to_h to return a ::Hashutils
Merge pull request #75 from stsc3000/add-missing-interactor-module-include-in-examplesutils
Merge pull request #76 from lotus/fix-attributes-hash-coercionutils
When coerce Utils::Attributes to Hash don't rely on #to_h of the single valuesutils
Ensure Attributes#to_h to return Utils::Hash instanceutils
Merge pull request #74 from lotus/ensure-attributes-to_h-to-force-hash-valuesutils
Ensure Attributes#to_h to force Hash valuesutils
Merge pull request #73 from AlfonsoUceda/singularizeutils
Merge pull request #72 from lotus/string-pluralizationutils
Utils::Inflector API docs and extra testsutils
Faster pattern matching for rules in string pluralizationutils
Improved string pluralization: it respects the case (downcase or titleized).utils
Don't pluralize words if already pluralutils
Fixed pluralization for words ending in "ffe".utils
Introduced Utils::Inflector and Utils::String#pluralizeutils
Merge pull request #70 from lotus/interactor-error-falseyutils
Lotus::Interactor#error to return falsey valueutils
Prepare for v0.4.0utils
Bumped version to 0.4.0utils
Merge branch '0.3.x'utils
Bump version to v0.3.5utils
Move JRuby head into allowed failures for CIutils
Prepare for v0.3.5utils
Introducing Lotus::Interactor and Lotus::Utils::BasicObjectutils
Merge pull request #63 from lotus/string-dasherizeutils
Introduced Utils::String#dasherizeutils
Merge pull request #62 from lotus/string-titleizeutils
Introduced Utils::String#titleizeutils
Merge pull request #61 from teddy-ma/patch-1utils
Merge pull request #57 from jc00ke/patch-1utils
Merge branch 'html-escape'utils
Introduce SafeString as internal object to avoid double escapes and let devs to mark a string as safeutils
HTML escape final cleanuputils
Added extra tests for HTML escapeutils
Merge branch 'master' into 0.3.xutils
Prepare for v0.3.4utils
Merge pull request #55 from AlfonsoUceda/masterutils
Merge branch 'master' into 0.3.xutils
Merge pull request #54 from lotus/deprecated-callbacks-addutils
Deprecated Lotus::Utils::Callbacks::Chain#add in favor of #appendutils
Alias method #add for Utils::Callbacks#append. Ref #52utils
Merge branch 'weppos-chain-append'utils
Merge branch 'chain-append' of https://github.com/weppos/lotus-utils into weppos-chain-appendutils
Initial draft of URL escapeutils
Don't encode the following chars for HTML attrs: ,.-_utils
Fix escape test for JRubyutils
HTML attributes escapeutils
HTML content tag escapeutils
Merge branch 'master' into 0.3.xutils
[ci skip] Modified release date in CHANGELOGutils
Merge branch 'master' into 0.3.xutils
[ci skip] Fix version for API docsutils
Merge branch 'master' into 0.3.xutils
Prepare for v0.3.3utils
Merge pull request #50 from lotus/fix-core-classes-delegationutils
Ensure to return the right offending object if a missing method is called with Utils::String and Hashutils
Merge branch 'master' into 0.3.xutils
Bump version to v0.3.3utils
Merge pull request #49 from lotus/fix-kernel-coercions-for-non-numeric-stringsutils
Raise an error if try to coerce non numeric strings into Integer, Float & BigDecimalutils
Merge branch 'master' into 0.3.xutils
[ci skip] Fix API docsutils
Merge branch 'master' into 0.3.xutils
Prepare for v0.3.2utils
Merge branch 'master' into 0.3.xutils
Removed Ruby 2.2.0 from the allowed failuresutils
Merge pull request #47 from lotus/attributesutils
Introducing Utils::Attributesutils
Implemented Utils::Hash#stringify!utils
Bump to v0.3.2.devutils
Merge pull request #45 from strangeworks/masterutils
Merge branch 'master' into 0.3.xutils
[ci skip] Typo in CHANGELOGutils
Merge branch 'master' into 0.3.xutils
Bump version to v0.3.1utils
Merge pull request #44 from joneslee85/patch-2utils
Utils::Class.load! use explicit #to_s protocol. Ref #43utils
Merge branch 'joneslee85-load-takes-classname'utils
Merge branch 'master' into 0.3.xutils
Merge pull request #42 from lotus/simplify-class-loadutils
Simplify Utils::Class.load!, by extracting .load_from_pattern!utils
Merge branch 'master' into 0.3.xutils
Merge pull request #41 from lotus/rbx-2-3-0utils
Document Rbx support in READMEutils
Implemented Utils::Kernel.String for Rbxutils
Implement Utils::Deprecation for Rbxutils
Merge branch 'master' into rbx-2-3-0utils
Remove rbx from CI allowed failuresutils
Fix rbx builds on Travisutils
Merge pull request #40 from lotus/simplify-io-testutils
Merge branch 'master' into simplify-io-testutils
Introducing Utils.jruby? as VM instrospection facilityutils
Fix CI for Utils::Deprecation on JRubyutils
Simplify test for Utils::IO.silence_warningsutils
Introducing Utils::Deprecation. Closes #35utils
PathPrefix cleanup per #39utils
Merge pull request #39 from janko-m/relativeness-absolutenessutils
Fixing test for JRuby. Thanks to @eneboutils
PathPrefix: remove trailing occurrences of separatorutils
PathPrefix: #join and #relative_join to return a new instance of that class. Made #relative_join to be aware of the previous occurrences of separatorutils
Implement Utils::Hash#deep_duputils
Set version to 0.3.1.dev so Lotus::Assets can depend on a previewutils
Made Utils::PathPrefix#join to accepts multiple argumentsutils
CI: test against Ruby 2.1.4utils
[ci skip] Don't use specific Ruby version when link to core and stdlib documentationutils
[ci skip] API doc adjustmentsutils
Prepare for v0.3.0utils
[ci skip] Update API doc with 0.3.0utils
Merge pull request #37 from bennyklotz/masterutils
Merge pull request #36 from lotus/faster-kernel-arrayutils
Use 1/3 less objects when using Lotus::Utils::Kernel.Arrayutils
Merge branch 'KillaPL-string_underscore_optimisation'utils
Improved error message for Utils::Class.load! Ref #33utils
Merge branch 'tomkadwill-improved_name_error_message'utils
Added more tests for Utils::String#underscore. Closes #32utils
Merge pull request #31 from jeremyf/replacing-amp-block-with-yieldutils
Test CI against Ruby 2.2.0-preview1utils
Moved JRuby to the allowed failures for CIutils
Utils::Hash#to_h return instances of ::Hash in case of nested symbolized data structureutils
Expanded test for Utils::Hash #to_hutils
Added test for Utils::Hash serialization for a nested hashutils
Raise TypeError if nil is passed for PathPrefix#relative_joinutils
Merge branch 'master' of github.com:lotus/utilsutils
Ruby 2.1.3 supportutils
Merge pull request #30 from KillaPL/masterutils
Merge pull request #29 from KillaPL/masterutils
Add Minitest as a development gem deputils
Kernel.BigDecimal cleanup. Ref #27utils
Merge pull request #27 from fernandes/masterutils
Merge pull request #26 from twe4ked/typoutils
Ensure PathPrefix#relative_join will raise a meaningful errorutils
Merge pull request #25 from simlegate/patch-1utils
Define Boolean, if missing :airplane:utils
Merge pull request #24 from splattael/tiny-refactorutils
Merge pull request #23 from splattael/speedup-tokenizeutils
Merge pull request #22 from splattael/respond_to_missingutils
Let Utils::Hash#inspect output to be the same of ::Hash#inspectutils
Merge pull request #20 from lotus/composition-for-core-classesutils
Use composition over inheritance for Lotus::Utils::PathPrefixutils
Specify ::Hash in Lotus::Utils::Kernel.Hashutils
Use composition over inheritance for Lotus::Utils::Hashutils
Extracted constant for Lotus::Utils::String#classifyutils
Lotus::Utils::String is now a wrapper around a string, instead of inheriting from String.utils
Merge pull request #19 from lotus/jruby-supportutils
[ci skip] Add JRuby to READMEutils
Updated Travis CI configurationutils
Experimental support of JRuby in 2.0 modeutils
Merge pull request #18 from parndt/patch-1utils
Merge pull request #17 from arthurgeek/patch-1utils
Merge pull request #16 from joneslee85/patch-1utils
Merge pull request #15 from Benny1992/masterutils
Merge pull request #11 from Benny1992/masterutils
Merge pull request #13 from rrrene/patch-2utils
Merge pull request #12 from gonglexin/refinement-for-classify-methodutils
Implemented Lotus::Utils::LoadPaths#realpath as private method, in order ease the subclassing processutils
[ci skip] CHANGELOGutils
Implemented Lotus::Utils::Kernel.Symbolutils
Bump version to v0.2.0utils
Let the final gem to include only essential filesutils
[ci skip] yardoptsutils
Implemented Lotus::Utils::Callbacks::Chain#freeze in order to prevent modification after the object has been frozenutils
All the Utils::Kernel methods will raise TypeError in case of failed coercion. They now handle internally all the other errors that may occur: ArgumentError, NoMethodError, RangeError etc..utils
Make Kernel.Pathname to raise an error when nil is passed as argumentutils
Make Kernel.Time to raise an error when nil is passed as argumentutils
Make Kernel.DateTime to raise an error when nil is passed as argumentutils
Make Kernel.Date to raise an error when nil is passed as argumentutils
Make Kernel.Boolean to return false when nil is passed as argumentutils
Make Kernel.String to return an empty string when nil is passed as argumentutils
Make Kernel.Float to return 0.0 when nil is passed as argumentutils
Make Kernel.Integer to return 0 when nil is passed as argumentutils
Make Kernel.Hash to return an empty hash when nil is passed as argumentutils
Make Kernel.Set to return an empty set when nil is passed as argumentutils
Make Kernel.Array to return an empty array when nil is passed as argumentutils
Implemented Lotus::Utils::LoadPaths#freeze in order to prevent modification after the object has been frozenutils
Implemented Lotus::Utils::LoadPaths#initialize_copy in order to safely dup and cloneutils
Implemented Lotus::Utils::LoadPaths#push, also aliased as #<<utils
Use composition over inheritance for Lotus::Utils::LoadPathsutils
Use composition over inheritance for Lotus::Utils::Callbacks::Chainutils
Introduced Lotus::Utils::LoadPathsutils
Introduced Lotus::Utils::String#namespace, in order to return the top level Ruby namespace for the given stringutils
Enable Ruby 2.1.2 on Travis CIutils
Implemented Lotus::Utils::Kernel.Pathnameutils
Merge pull request #6 from jeremyf/wordsmithingutils
Enlist only features in CHANGELOGutils
CHANGELOG formattingutils
Merge branch 'svg-badges' of https://github.com/karlfreeman/utils into karlfreeman-svg-badgesutils
Updated README instructionsutils
Improved Lotus::Utils::Kernel.DateTime semantic: it now accepts numeric inputsutils
Implemented Lotus::Utils::Kernel.Timeutils
Implemented Lotus::Utils::Kernel.DateTimeutils
Implemented Lotus::Utils::Kernel.Dateutils
Implemented Lotus::Utils::Kernel.Floatutils
Merge pull request #5 from christhekeele/patch-1utils
Prepare for 0.1.1utils
Merge branch 'master' of github.com:lotus/utilsutils
Reimplemented Lotus::Utils::Kernel.Hash for Ruby 2.0.0utils
Make Lotus::Utils::Kernel.Hash compatible with Ruby 2.0.0utils
Implemented Lotus::Utils::Kernel.Booleanutils
Implemented Lotus::Utils::Kernel.Hashutils
Improved Lotus::Utils::Kernel.Set semantic. It now returns nil if nil is given.utils
Improved Lotus::Utils::Kernel.Array tests and semantic.utils
Implemented Lotus::Utils::Kernel.Setutils
Merge pull request #3 from karlfreeman/various-tidyingutils
Improved tests and documentation for Lotus::Utils::Kernel.Arrayutils
Improved the semantic of Lotus::Utils::Kernel.Integerutils
Fixed typo in Lotus::Utils::Kernel.String docs. Tiniest commit of my life :sparkling_heart:utils
Fix CI, consider to use UTC time for String coercionutils
Implemented Lotus::Utils::Kernel.Stringutils
Implemented Lotus::Utils::Kernel.Integerutils
Implemented Lotus::Utils::Kernel.Arrayutils
Merge pull request #2 from acook/patch-1utils
Switch from debugger to byebugutils
Merge branch 'master' of github.com:lotus/utilsutils
Added support for Ruby 2.1.1utils
Added a test coverage Rake task to be used within the CI envutils
Merge pull request #1 from rrrene/patch-1utils
Added Bitdeli badgeutils
Removed .coveralls.ymlutils
Specify Rake version in gemspecutils
Skip development gems installation on Travis CIutils
Skip Lotus::Utils::IO test on unsupported environmentsutils
Integrate with Travis CI and Coverallsutils
Changed homepage in gemspecutils
Update README and LICENSEutils
Specify supported rubies in READMEutils
README badgesutils
Introduced Lotus::Utils::String#demodulizeutils
Fix for ClassAttribute: ensure class attributes to be inherited even the subclass is defined into a different namespaceutils
Introducing Lotus::Utils::IOutils
Development: install debugger gem only when on MRI/Rubiniusutils
Added test coverage reporterutils
Document each method and class with the current versionutils
Additional documentation and tests for Lotus::Utils::Callbacksutils
Tiny documentation change for Lotus::Utils::ClassAttribute.inheritedutils
Documentation and tests for Lotus::Utils::Callbacks::Chainutils
Updated documentation for READMEutils
SemVer: initial release SHOULD be 0.1.0utils
More documentation: Class, ClassAttribute, Hash, PathPrefix, Stringutils
More documentation: Class, ClassAttribute, Hashutils
Added .yardoptsutils
More documentationutils
Documentation and more tests for Lotus::Utils::ClassAttributeutils
Documentation for Lotus::Utils moduleutils
Gemspec minor changes, added yard ad dev dependencyutils
Added Class loading mechanismutils
Initial messutils
Authors in gemspecvalidations
CHANGELOG [ci skip]validations
Bump version to v1.0.0.beta2validations
API docs cleanup (#125)validations
CHANGELOG [ci skip]validations
Fix build for JRubyvalidations
Merge pull request #122 from hanami/fix/inline-predicate-to-not-discard-other-yaml-error-messagesvalidations
Don't let inline predicates to discard other YAML error messagesvalidations
Bump version to 1.0.0.beta1validations
Depend on hanami-utils and hanami-model ~> 1.0.0-beta1validations
Ignore rubocop artifactvalidations
Merge pull request #116 from vyper/patch-1validations
Prepare for v0.7.1validations
Merge pull request #115 from hanami/fix/ensure-custom-validations-to-work-with-concrete-classes-with-namevalidations
Ensure custom validators to work with concrete classes with namevalidations
Prepare for v0.7.0validations
Prepare for v0.7.0validations
Ensure Form to handle inline validations. Closes #103validations
Official Rubies: MRI 2.3+, JRuby
Depend on hanami-utils ~> 0.9validations
Depend on dry-validation ~> 0.10validations
Use URI::REGEXP instead deprecated URI.regexp in testing codevalidations
Make the build to pass with rubocop ~> 0.45validations
Make it to work with latest dry-* gemsvalidations
Prepare for v0.6.0validations
Depend on dry-validation ~> 0.9validations
Merge pull request #107 from hanami/fix-i18n-setup-in-testsvalidations
CHANGELOG [ci skip]validations
Tidy codevalidations
Turn skipped tests into running specsvalidations
Depend on dry-validation ~> 0.8validations
Merge branch 'fixes-for-dry-v-0.8'validations
Uncomment shared predicates specsvalidations
Fix tests according to latest dry-validation changesvalidations
Disable tests for custom predicates until https://github.com/dry-rb/dry-validation/issues/183 won't be fixedvalidations
Allow validator to be initialized without argumentsvalidations
Update to latest dry-rb gemsvalidations
Merge pull request #102 from hanami/high-level-rulesvalidations
High level rulesvalidations
High level rulesvalidations
README [ci skip]validations
Merge pull request #100 from hanami/predicates-with-new-backendvalidations
README [ci skip]validations
Removed old testsvalidations
Added support for I18nvalidations
Implemented messsages namespacevalidations
Added support for Validations.messagesvalidations
Allow to setup custom error messages via YAML filevalidations
Added pending test for nested schemas. Ref: dry-rb/dry-validation#162validations
Added support for inline and global predicatesvalidations
Make it to work with latest dry-rb master versionsvalidations
Make it to work with latest dry-rb master versionsvalidations
Added support for base rules (private API)validations
Use included_in? over inclusion? and excluded_from? over exclusion?validations
Make it to work with latest dry-rb master versionsvalidations
Fix require for Formvalidations
Custom predicatesvalidations
Merge branch 'master' into predicates-with-new-backendvalidations
Done with Hanami::Validations::Formvalidations
Use dry-types and dry-logic mastervalidations
Fixed double message error for lt? predicatevalidations
Test against dry-validation master, as it will be v0.8.0validations
New DSL for Hanami::Validationsvalidations
Partial implementation of Hanami::Validations::Formvalidations
Test predicates with key/optional in combination with required/maybe macrosvalidations
Extra tests for Array predicatevalidations
Macros: required, maybevalidations
Test array predicatevalidations
Predicates with attrvalidations
Predicates with optionalvalidations
Predicates with keyvalidations
Start from scratch with testsvalidations
Merge pull request #95 from cabeza-de-termo/mastervalidations
Merge pull request #94 from hanami/remove-simplecovvalidations
Remove simplecovvalidations
Depend on model ~> 0.7validations
Master is now 0.6validations
Prepare for v0.5.0validations
Enabled Hanami::Model integration test after the name switch offvalidations
Merge pull request #89 from hanami/hanamivalidations
Finalize renamingvalidations
Lotus => Hanamivalidations
[ci skip] READMEvalidations
Merge branch 'master' of github.com:lotus/validationsvalidations
Prepare for v0.4.0validations
Bump to v0.4.0validations
Merge pull request #82 from hlegius/81-blank-values-with-size-attribute-failsvalidations
Merge pull request #78 from lotus/ignore-blank-values-for-format-validationvalidations
Ignore blank values for format validationvalidations
Test against lotus-model ~> 0.5validations
Depend on lotus-utils ~> 0.6validations
[ci skip] CHANGELOGvalidations
[ci skip] CHANGELOGvalidations
Prepare for v0.3.3validations
Merge pull request #66 from pascalbetz/fix-documentationvalidations
Test against lotus-model ~> 0.4validations
Depend on lotus-utils v0.5.0validations
Prepare for v0.3.2validations
Merge branch 'deepj-invalid-method'validations
Merge branch 'master' of github.com:lotus/validationsvalidations
Prepare for v0.3.1validations
Merge pull request #62 from jeremyf/wordsmithingvalidations
Ensure Validations#to_h to return a ::Hashvalidations
Merge branch 'dsnipe-reafctor-override-attributes'validations
Merge branch 'reafctor-override-attributes' of https://github.com/dsnipe/validations into dsnipe-reafctor-override-attributesvalidations
When coerce to Hash, only convert nested attributes, Hash and Utils::Hash. Ref #58validations
Ensure #to_h to return Lotus::Utils::Hash instancesvalidations
Merge branch 'fix-nested-attributes-hash-serialization'validations
Ensure nested attributes to have correct Hash serialization. Closes #58validations
Merge pull request #60 from lotus/fix-nested-attributes-hash-serializationvalidations
Ensure nested attributes to have correct Hash serialization. Closes #58validations
Merge pull request #55 from AlfonsoUceda/mastervalidations
[ci skip] Prepare for v0.3.0validations
Depend on lotus-model ~> 0.3 (for testing)validations
Bump version to 0.3.0validations
Depend on lotus-utils ~> 0.4validations
Merge pull request #51 from PragTob/simplify-travis-ymlvalidations
[ci skip] Fixed API docvalidations
Prepare for v0.2.4validations
Merge branch 'stevehodgkiss-nested_errors_issue'validations
Merge branch 'stevehodgkiss-nested_validators'validations
Merge branch 'nested_validators' of https://github.com/stevehodgkiss/validations into stevehodgkiss-nested_validatorsvalidations
[ci skip] More documentation for v0.2.3validations
Prepare for v0.2.3validations
Merge branch 'entity-compatibility'validations
Entity compatibility: cover more casesvalidations
Skip integration test with Entity if JRuby as it isn't compatible withvalidations
Integration with Lotus::Entityvalidations
Fix for .validates usage: accept whitelisted attributesvalidations
Fix unrecognized validation error for :typevalidations
Cleanup per #42 and additional testsvalidations
Merge branch 'stevehodgkiss-ensure_whitelisted_public_send'validations
[ci skip] Modified release date in CHANGELOGvalidations
Remove MRI 2.2 from allowed failuresvalidations
Merge branch 'stevehodgkiss-blank_string_coercions'validations
Merge pull request #41 from stevehodgkiss/use_utils_attributes_to_back_getters_and_settersvalidations
Reintroduced .defined_attributes per Lotus::Controller compatibilityvalidations
Prepare for v0.2.2validations
Merge pull request #39 from Linuus/patch-1validations
Bump to v0.2.2validations
Cleanup per #37validations
Merge branch 'stevehodgkiss-refactor_to_allow_constructor_ownership_and_revalidating_changed_attributes'validations
Merge pull request #38 from stevehodgkiss/fix_class_inheritance_bugvalidations
[ci skip] Fix API docsvalidations
Prepare for v0.2.1validations
Merge pull request #34 from rail44/custom-coercion-idempotentvalidations
Implemented Errors#to_avalidations
Introduced Errors#to_hvalidations
Implemented Validations::Errors#any?validations
Bumped version to v0.2.1.devvalidations
Bump version to v0.2.0validations
Depend on lotus-utils >= 0.3.1validations
Merge pull request #30 from lotus/non-whitelisted-attributesvalidations
When a validator doesn't define any attribute, don't whitelist at the initialization timevalidations
Bump version to 0.2.0.devvalidations
Merge pull request #29 from lotus/rbx-2-3-0validations
Support for Rubinius 2.3.0validations
Merge pull request #28 from lotus/validations-eachvalidations
Add example with Enumerable usagevalidations
Implement Validations#each and remove #attributesvalidations
Reduce memory footprint by holding less or less complex structuresvalidations
Merge pull request #27 from lotus/attributes-with-key-strings-integrationvalidations
Accepts strings as keys, only for declared attributesvalidations
Fix Gemfile pathvalidations
Introduce lazy coercion for attributes. Closes #12validations
Refactoring: extract attributes and attribute responsibilitiesvalidations
Merge branch 'whitelisted-attributes'validations
Retrieve only whitelisted attributesvalidations
Depend on lotus-utils 0.3.xvalidations
Merge pull request #23 from lotus/expose-attributesvalidations
Validations#attributes prevents information escapevalidations
Expose #attributes as public methodvalidations
Ensure that decorated validations preserve don't override the previous set of rules. Thanks to @rhynixvalidations
Document and test decorated composable validationsvalidations
Use class_eval + include instead of send :includevalidations
[ci skip] Fix invalid syntax in READMEvalidations
[ci skip] Added Errors example to READMEvalidations
[ci skip] Make Yard happy :joy_cat:validations
Merge pull request #18 from lotus/faster-errors-iteratorsvalidations
Made Lotus::Validation::Errors#each and #map 4x fastervalidations
Ensure that multiple #valid? calls don't multiplicate errors.validations
[ci skip] README improvementsvalidations
Don't include CHANGELOG for nowvalidations
Exclude test files from the gem. Requires a version of Ruby 2+validations
Prepare for v0.1.0validations
[ci skip] Done with API docsvalidations
Made Lotus::Validations#attributes protected method and API privatevalidations
[ci skip] API doc for Lotus::Validations::AttributeValidatorvalidations
Lotus::Validations#initialize now accepts objects who implement #to_h protocolvalidations
[ci skip] API docs for Lotus::Validationsvalidations
Use lotus-utils 0.3.xvalidations
[ci skip] Started with API docsvalidations
Added source file for Rubygems/Bundler compatvalidations
Merge pull request #17 from tomkadwill/readme_reviewvalidations
Updated README with usagevalidations
Merge pull request #16 from dipolesource/update_gemspec_formatvalidations
Ruby 2.1.3 supportvalidations
Merge branch 'boolean-coercion-bug' of https://github.com/viking/validators into viking-boolean-coercion-bugvalidations
Attribute is invalid if its presence is required and it's blank. Closes #8 #9validations
Merge pull request #14 from lotus/custom-coercionsvalidations
Type coercer accepts custom classesvalidations
Merge pull request #10 from lucasas/mastervalidations
Implemented Errors#==validations
Renamed Errors instance variable for nicer inspect: @hash => @errorsvalidations
Merge pull request #5 from lotus/better-errorsvalidations
Implemented Errors#countvalidations
Introduced Lotus::Validations::Errorvalidations
Implemented Errors#each and #map for easier introspectionvalidations
Ensure to report multiple errors for a single attributevalidations
Introducing Lotus::Validation::Errorsvalidations
Return rich error informationsvalidations
Check validation names. Closes #4validations
Ensure unique attribute names as symbolsvalidations
Additional tests for inheritancevalidations
Removed unused testvalidations
Implemented confirmation validationvalidations
Implemented esclusion validationvalidations
Implement Range#size when needed (eg JRuby)validations
Implemented size validationvalidations
Forgot to commit an examplevalidations
Implemented acceptance validationsvalidations
Refactoring: DRY AttributeValidator implementationvalidations
Merge branch 'viking-inclusion'validations
Merge branch 'inclusion' of https://github.com/viking/validators into viking-inclusionvalidations
Require lotus/utils from GHvalidations
Enable services. README.validations
Refactoring. Extracted AttributeValidator.validations
Log and expose errorsvalidations
Implemented basic format validationvalidations
Use Hash over Set as attributes registryvalidations
Implemented basic validation presencevalidations
Ensure that getters are defined only in one classvalidations
Ensure that attributes are returned after initializationvalidations
Introduced coercions :airplane:validations
Setup dependencies :airplane:validations
Initial messvalidations
Authors in gemspecmodel
CHANGELOG [ci skip]model
API docs [ci skip]model
Prepare for v1.0.0.beta3model
Introduce `Hanami::Model.disconnect` (#389)model
Depend on rom-repository ~> 1.2 and rom-sql ~> 1.1model
Fix spec problem introduced by 0a3768emodel
CHANGELOG [ci skip]model
Merge branch 'artofhuman-fix-console-for-postgresql'model
Merge branch 'fix-console-for-postgresql' of https://github.com/artofhuman/model into artofhuman-fix-console-for-postgresqlmodel
Cleanup for #384model
Fix securerandom require in testsmodel
Prepare for v1.0.0.beta2model
Ensure MySQL migrator to create/drop databases with dash in name (#383)model
Implement `Repository#first` and `#last` without SQL conditions. Ref #380model
Bump rom-repository dependency on ~> 1.1model
CHANGELOG [ci skip]model
Let migrator to lazily connect to the databasemodel
Raise `Hanami::Model::MissingPrimaryKeyError` if the table doesn't has a primary key.model
API docmodel
Introduce mapped relations to avoid ROM::Relation#as on repository queries (#378)model
Raise exception when Repository#find is used against a table w/o primary key (#375)model
API docs for Repository.schema [ci skip]model
Upgrade to ROM 3model
Upgrade to ROM 3model
Introduce Hanami::Model::Configuration#logger=model
Fix the build for JRubymodel
Test against JRuby
Configuration gateway (#372)model
DRY Configurator with only migrations_logger. Ref #368model
Refactoring: introduce Hanami::Model::Configuration#migrations_logger as private APImodel
Fixed READMEmodel
Automatic logging to stdout when running migrationsmodel
Log database operationsmodel
Map rom/rom-sql exceptions and re-raise as hanami-model errors (#366)model
Fix build for SQLite on JRubymodel
Fix build for SQLitemodel
Merge pull request #362 from hanami/relation-readmodel
Added specs for relation readmodel
Merge branch 'gramo-org-respect-given-timestamps'model
Merge branch 'respect-given-timestamps' of https://github.com/gramo-org/model into gramo-org-respect-given-timestampsmodel
Deep symbolize entity attributesmodel
Bump version to 1.0.0.beta1model
Depend on hanami-utils ~> 1.0.0-beta1model
Prepare for v0.7.0model
Enable test for writing aggregates in associationmodel
Merge pull request #341 from beauby/fix-readme-2model
Merge pull request #340 from beauby/fix-allmodel
Specify username and password in README [ci skip] Closes #326model
API docs [ci skip]model
Ensure PostgreSQL types to be used when a database table is missing timestamps. Thanks to @flash-gordon for his help.model
CHANGELOG [ci skip]model
Prepare for v0.7.0model
Merge branch 'new-engine'model
Change project description in gemspecmodel
README [ci skip]model
Enable HoundCImodel
Make Rubocop :cop: happymodel
README [ci skip]model
Depend on rom-sql 0.9 (stable)model
Make Hanami::Entity a superclass instead of a module to includemodel
Enable again pending tests for PG typesmodel
Make build to pass with rom-sql mastermodel
Save memory when hold reference to a set of attributes in entity schemamodel
Entities schemamodel
Develop against dry-types 0.9 (stable)model
Bump JRuby to
Make the build to pass with rubocop ~> 0.45model
Composite keys for SQLite can't be NULLmodel
Extract Hanami::Model::Configuration#connectionmodel
Get rid of useless `Array#compact` in `Consoles::Abstract#concat`. Thanks @cllnsmodel
Move repositories list from configuration to Hanami::Model so repositories and entities can be required before to configure the frameworkmodel
Depend on dry-rb/dry-types HEAD until 0.9model
Don't let CI to fast finish in case of errormodel
Avoid string concatenation for console adapters. Minor refactoring.model
Unify MySQL database creation error message with the PostgreSQL one. Ref #325model
Let `Hanami::Model::Association` to expose factory via `.build` instead of `.new`model
Implement Hanami::Entity#hash. Thanks @pascalbetzmodel
Entity enhancementsmodel
Fixed message expectation for Postgres migrator testmodel
Merge branch 'master' into new-enginemodel
Ensure Hanami::Model.configure to return Hanami::Modelmodel
CHANGELOG & README [ci skip]model
Make the build to pass with `rubocop ~> 0.43`model
Add `rubocop` to `Gemfile`model
Rubocop isn't a Rake taskmodel
Cleanup after engine rewritingmodel
Introduce 'schema' plugin for commands, in order to handle advanced types (eg. PG Array)model
Inherit CRUD operations from repository and configuration DSLmodel
Dismiss support for 'mysql' gem in favor of 'mysql2'model
Make exceptions to work on all OSes / Rubies / Databasesmodel
Updated Gemfile to use a specific development rom-sql branchmodel
Raise Hanami::Model specific exceptions for CREATE/UPDATE/DELETE commandsmodel
Started with code cleanupmodel
Re-enable SQL consolesmodel
Ported tests for Migrator::Connectionmodel
Use mapping plugin to read/write data from/to databasemodel
Basic support for PG typesmodel
Make new engine tests to pass on CImodel
Re-enable unit tests for migratormodel
Skip repository timestamps tests for JRuby with SQLite3 /cc @lucasallanmodel
Re-enabled migrationsmodel
Added support for has_many operations: #add, #to_a, #each, #map, #count, #deletemodel
Make it to work with rom-repository 0.3 (ROM 2.0)model
Merge pull request #325 from wjdhamilton/mastermodel
Debug CI envmodel
Merge pull request #323 from hanami/fix/make-db-apply-to-work-with-postgres-9-5model
Merge branch 'master' into fix/make-db-apply-to-work-with-postgres-9-5model
Removed integration test with hanami-validations, as we don't want to support entities that mix up with validationsmodel
Make db apply to work with Postgres 9.5model
CHANGELOG [ci skip]model
Merge pull request #317 from cllns/pull-request-templatemodel
Get started with one-to-many associationmodel
Increase timestamps delta in testing in order to make sure that CI delays won't affect the resultmodel
Allow repository to map database columns into entity attributesmodel
Make command plugins chainablemodel
Use `primary_key` over hardcoded `:id` in `by_id`model
Spike to make custom mapping to work with createmodel
Refactor timestamps pluginmodel
Make timestamp plugin available to all the adaptersmodel
Okay, enough. Disable JRuby build on CImodel
s/mysql2/mysql/ on CI for JRubymodel
Use again 'travis' user for MySQL on CI for JRubymodel
Force root as user to setup MySQL database on CI for JRubymodel
Enable timestampsmodel
Don't use username and password on CI for JRuby buildmodel
Try to use root for mysql test on CImodel
Enable tests for multiple adapters and database typesmodel
Ensure booleans to be correctly dumped in database. Closes #272model
Ensure to respect default schema values. Closes #237model
[ci skip] Added #transaction to the pending test contextsmodel
Implemented repository: #first, #last, #clear and tested custom findersmodel
Use schema auto-infermodel
Merge pull request #311 from cllns/fix-to_json-reserved-word-testmodel
Updated with latest comments from @solnic and @AMHOLmodel
Try to preload associationsmodel
Fixed examplesmodel
Use the Gist, Lukemodel
Simplify inner repository code. Thanks to @flash-gordonmodel
Use Repository.repository_namemodel
Reworked Repositorymodel
Merge pull request #310 from cllns/increase-test-coverage-for-sql-consolemodel
Fix other build errors introduced by e6e425fmodel
Fix build errors introduced by e6e425fmodel
Cleanup for #308model
Merge branch 'cllns-assert-uri-is-string-and-not-empty'model
Differentiate assertions as per Ruby platform and version. Ref #307model
Cleanup for #307model
Merge branch 'cllns-fix-adapter-error-handling'model
Merge pull request #301 from hlegius/287-repository-uuid-raise-typemodel
Merge pull request #299 from pascalbetz/refactor-repository-to-instance-methodsmodel
Master is now 0.7model
Prepare for v0.6.1model
Prepare for v0.6.0model
Merge pull request #286 from hanami/hanamimodel
Fix Ruby versions supported by Travis CImodel
Finalize renamingmodel
Lotus => Hanamimodel
Prepare for v0.5.2model
Trigger buildmodel
Prepare for 0.5.1model
Merge pull request #270 from AlfonsoUceda/fix-migratormodel
Merge pull request #274 from lotus/fix-mysql-protocolmodel
[ci skip] CHANGELOGmodel
Bump v0.5.1model
Merge branch 'fix-misleading-error-for-non-configured-mapper'model
Fix misleading error message for non configured mappermodel
Cleanup for #265model
Merge branch 'cllns-catch-system-call-error'model
Merge branch 'catch-system-call-error' of https://github.com/cllns/lotus-model into cllns-catch-system-call-errormodel
Depend on lotus-validations ~> for testingmodel
Merge pull request #266 from karimmtarek/introduce-lotus-model-errormodel
Merge pull request #263 from taylorfinnell/allow-connection-callbacksmodel
Merge pull request #261 from hlegius/257-split-unit-integration-testsmodel
Merge pull request #259 from hlegius/242-too-many-opened-files-testmodel
Merge pull request #256 from aderyabin/informative_db_dropmodel
Depend on lotus-utils ~> 0.6model
[ci skip] CHANGELOGmodel
[ci skip] CHANGELOGmodel
Prepare for v0.5.0model
Merge pull request #241 from lotus/ignore-dotfiles-in-migrations-directorymodel
Ignore dotfiles in migrations directorymodel
Merge pull request #216 from lotus/mapper-coercermodel
Merge branch 'master' into mapper-coercermodel
Merge pull request #228 from AlfonsoUceda/sql_joins2model
Final version of custom coercersmodel
Fixed broken testmodel
Merge branch 'master' into mapper-coercermodel
Merge pull request #207 from lotus/repository-fetchmodel
Merge branch 'master' into repository-fetchmodel
Support both mysql and mysql2 adapter for JRuby compat.model
Merge branch 'master' into repository-fetchmodel
Merge pull request #222 from AlfonsoUceda/group_querymodel
Ensure deserialized entity will always use Ruby typesmodel
Implemented mapper custom coercermodel
Introduced Adapter#disconnect. This also fixes the build on OS that don't support too many opened resources.model
Prepare for v0.4.1model
Implement command/query separation for Repository, by introducing #fetchmodel
Merge pull request #200 from nickcoyne/mastermodel
DB prepare now drops the database before to create it againmodel
Prepare v0.4.0model
[ci skip] Cleanup per #195model
Merge branch 'g3d-readme/query_interface'model
Merge branch 'readme/query_interface' of https://github.com/g3d/lotus-model into g3d-readme/query_interfacemodel
[ci skip] Typo in READMEmodel
Merge branch 'g3d-readme/repository_extracting'model
Merge branch 'readme/repository_extracting' of https://github.com/g3d/lotus-model into g3d-readme/repository_extractingmodel
Depend on lotus-utils ~> 0.5model
Merge branch 'database-migrations'model
Rely on Lotus.root (if present) or fallback to Pathname.pwdmodel
Introduced Migrator.version, to return current database versionmodel
Define (unique) indexes, foreign keys and constraintsmodel
Started with unit tests for schema modificationsmodel
Introduced Migrator.prepare for development and test mode: create, load schema and migrate.model
Escape informations that are used with databases CLI. API Docs.model
Don't raise exception if schema configuration points to a file that doesn't exist yetmodel
Unit tests for Lotus::Model::Configuration#migrations and #schemamodel
Don't raise exception in case of missing migrationsmodel
Compare only portions of schema.sqlmodel
Use complete authentication details for Postgresmodel
Introduced experimental feature: Migrator.apply. It migrates, dumps the structure and deletes migrations.model
Let Migrator to accept a target version to migrate up or downmodel
Fix CI database creationmodel
Cleanup for #193model
Merge branch 'mjbellantoni-make-repository-execute-private'model
Migration support for all the databases. Postgres, MySQL & SQLite databases can be created via Migrator.model
Introduced Lotus::Model::Migrator with support for create, drop and migrate the database (only SQLite3)model
Merge pull request #192 from guilhermeFranco/remove-unnecessary-inspectmodel
Prepare for v0.3.2model
Cleanup and refactoring for #187model
Merge branch 'dsnipe-refactoring-dirty-tracking'model
Prepare for v0.3.1model
[ci skip] Added Dirty Tracking example to README. Ref #172model
Cleanup per #173 #176 #182model
Cleanup per #184model
Merge branch 'peterberkenbosch-add-raw-sql-support-with-execute'model
Merge branch 'add-raw-sql-support-with-execute' of https://github.com/peterberkenbosch/model into peterberkenbosch-add-raw-sql-support-with-executemodel
Cleanup per #180model
Merge branch 'add-block-conditions-to-memory-adapter' of https://github.com/guilhermeFranco/modelmodel
Cleanup per #170model
Merge branch 'dsnipe-dirty-checks'model
Merge branch 'dirty-checks' of https://github.com/dsnipe/model into dsnipe-dirty-checksmodel
Merge branch 'memory-enhance-where-condition'model
Merge branch 'master' into memory-enhance-where-conditionmodel
Merge branch 'master' of github.com:lotus/modelmodel
Enhance "where" condition for memory adaptermodel
Merge branch 'fix-arry-coercion'model
Ensure Array coercion to preserve data structuremodel
[ci skip] CHANGELOG and API docsmodel
Bump version to 0.3.0model
Depend on lotus-utils ~> 0.4model
Prepare for v0.2.4model
When duplicate the framework don't copy over the original Lotus::Model configuration. Closes #154model
Prepare for v0.2.3model
Merge pull request #152 from lotus/fix-non-persisted-file-system-adaptermodel
Ensure to load old data when a new instance of file system adapter is createdmodel
Merge pull request #147 from jc00ke/patch-1model
Test against JRuby 9000 pre1 (jruby-head on Travis CI)model
Cleanup per #139model
Merge branch 'AlfonsoUceda-transactions'model
Merge branch 'transactions' of https://github.com/AlfonsoUceda/model into AlfonsoUceda-transactionsmodel
Prepare for v0.2.2model
Removed debug code :scream_cat: thanks @stevehodgkiss for the catchmodel
Merge pull request #141 from lotus/fix-repository-coercionmodel
Coerce entities when persistedmodel
[ci skip] Fix API doc for v0.2.1model
Prepare for v0.2.1model
Merge branch 'lotus-validations-compat'model
[ci skip] Removed unused line of codemodel
Minimal integration between Entity and Lotus::Validationsmodel
Merge pull request #132 from stevehodgkiss/fix-conflict-with-activesupport-dependency-loadingmodel
[ci skip] make yardoc happymodel
Prepare for v0.2.0model
[ci skip] Remove table aliasing from README, as we aren't going to ship it now. Ref #127model
Merge pull request #127 from joneslee85/patch-issue-120model
Merge pull request #129 from joneslee85/lazy-mappingmodel
FileSystem adapter: ensure to safely query when the database is new. Thanks to @gogogarrett for catching this problemmodel
Handle relative and absolute paths for file system adaptermodel
Merge pull request #125 from lotus/filesystem-adaptermodel
File system adapter :sparkling_heart:model
Merge pull request #123 from Erol/readme-fixesmodel
Merge pull request #124 from joneslee85/issue-119model
Overload Configuration#adapter to make it a getter toomodel
Remove from Model.duplicate the generation of a Ruby module where to put models. Ref #122model
Merge branch 'joneslee85-dup-yolo'model
Merge pull request #121 from joneslee85/fix-missing-utils-loadmodel
Merge pull request #118 from AlfonsoUceda/mastermodel
Merge pull request #114 from joneslee85/mapping-pathmodel
Merge pull request #111 from joneslee85/add-entity-update-apimodel
Added extra test case. Ref #105model
Merge branch 'bennyklotz-master'model
Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/bennyklotz/model into bennyklotz-mastermodel
Merge pull request #92 from joneslee85/patch-3model
Merge pull request #110 from joneslee85/meaningful-mapping-missing-exceptionmodel
Merge pull request #109 from rhynix/memory_adapter_offset_fixmodel
Lotus::Model.configure to return selfmodel
Bump version to v0.2.0.devmodel
Merge pull request #106 from joneslee85/lazy-load-entity-and-repomodel
Merge pull request #104 from lotus/null-adaptermodel
Merge pull request #101 from bennyklotz/mastermodel
Merge pull request #90 from joneslee85/patch-xxxmodel
Merge branch 'joneslee85-duplication-mechanism'model
Merge branch 'duplication-mechanism' of https://github.com/joneslee85/model into joneslee85-duplication-mechanismmodel
Initialize a repository with a null adapter for better error handlingmodel
Merge pull request #95 from joneslee85/add-test-for-configuration-resetmodel
Lotus::Repository doc cleanup. Per #103model
Merge branch 'joneslee85-deprecate-entity-not-found-exception'model
Make Lotus::Entity#to_h twice faster. Ref #99model
Merge pull request #99 from joneslee85/old-hashmodel
Merge pull request #93 from joneslee85/clean-up-testmodel
Updated lotus-utils dependencymodel
Merge pull request #91 from joneslee85/patch-2model
Merge pull request #87 from joneslee85/only-support-one-adaptermodel
Merge pull request #86 from jeremyf/adding-line-number-to-evalmodel
[ci skip] Updated EXAMPLE.md Ref #33model
Merge pull request #73 from viking/issue-72model
Renaming Sql::Collection collection into mapped_collection. Thanks to @jeremyf :+1:. Closes #67model
Added more tests for Configuration#adapter named args. Ref #83model
Merge pull request #83 from joneslee85/patch-9model
[ci skip] Remove TODO, thanks to @jeremyf :+1: Ref lotus/model#81model
Merge pull request #80 from jeremyf/wordsmithingmodel
Merge pull request #79 from jeremyf/updating-readme-regarding-lotus-modelmodel
Avoid the overhead of creating a block when using Repository.persist. Ref #58model
Merge branch 'benaskins-persist-persisted-entity'model
Merge pull request #74 from joneslee85/adapter-namemodel
Merge pull request #69 from gotjosh/mastermodel
Merge pull request #62 from jeremyf/adding-line-break-for-claritymodel
Merge pull request #63 from jeremyf/remove-trailing-whitespacemodel
Merge pull request #64 from jeremyf/wordsmithing-examplemodel
Merge pull request #66 from jeremyf/wordsmithing-an-vs-amodel
Ruby 2.1.3 supportmodel
Merge branch 'master' of github.com:lotus/modelmodel
Merge branch 'taoza-simplify-framework-initializaiton'model
Merge branch 'simplify-framework-initializaiton' of https://github.com/taoza/model into taoza-simplify-framework-initializaitonmodel
Merge pull request #57 from felipesere/mastermodel
Merge pull request #53 from arthurgeek/fix_false_positive_testsmodel
Minor adjustments for BigDecimal coercion. Ref #55model
Merge pull request #55 from fernandes/mastermodel
Merge pull request #52 from splattael/speedup-entitymodel
Merge pull request #51 from splattael/speedup-coercermodel
Merge pull request #50 from splattael/array-uniqmodel
Merge pull request #49 from Erol/small-documentation-fixmodel
Merge pull request #47 from joneslee85/config-adapter-is-not-null-hell-nomodel
Merge pull request #46 from coenert/mastermodel
Merge pull request #45 from tguo/move-configuration-out-of-modelmodel
Merge pull request #44 from joneslee85/clean-up-testmodel
Merge pull request #41 from joneslee85/issue-33model
Merge pull request #43 from joneslee85/mention-about-custom-repo-on-readmemodel
Merge pull request #38 from joneslee85/ditch-naming-repo-after-entitiesmodel
Merge pull request #37 from parndt/patch-1model
[ci skip] Document the usage of #first in EXAMPLE.md. Ref #31model
Merge pull request #30 from Partyschaum/repository_explanationmodel
Merge pull request #29 from joneslee85/patch-1model
[ci skip] CHANGELOGmodel
Bump version to 0.1.2model
Don't require coercions module in testing, this prevents a regression fixed with #27model
Merge pull request #26 from Benny1992/mastermodel
Merge pull request #23 from zlw/entity_idmodel
Merge pull request #27 from spiridonov/require-coercions-fixmodel
Fixed gemspecmodel
Bump version to v0.1.1model
Update doc coverage badge in READMEmodel
Let the final gem to include only essential filesmodel
Introduced Lotus::Model::Mapping::Coercions in order to decouple from Lotus::Utils::Kernelmodel
Merge pull request #22 from zizkovrb/fix-readme-anchorsmodel
Merge pull request #20 from krasnoukhov/typosmodel
Make the build pass with Minitest 5.3.4model
Enable Ruby 2.1.2 on Travis CImodel
Merge pull request #18 from elia/patch-1model
Merge pull request #16 from vdmgolub/typos_fixesmodel
CI: Use 2.1 instead of 2.1.0 because of travis-ci/travis-ci#2220model
Merge pull request #15 from jeremyf/correcting-test-scenariomodel
Merge pull request #14 from jeremyf/tidying-up-documentationmodel
Merge pull request #11 from splattael/eachmodel
Merge pull request #9 from sidonath/patch-1model
Merge pull request #8 from cyril/patch-1model
Merge pull request #7 from jeremyf/fixing-typos-and-tidying-up-grammarmodel
Merge pull request #6 from jeremyf/fixing-typo-referencemodel
Merge pull request #5 from jeremyf/fixing-typomodel
Merge pull request #4 from ricardovaleriano/documentation_correctionmodel
Merge pull request #3 from mattdbridges/mastermodel
Merge pull request #10 from splattael/refactormodel
Added gist link to EXAMPLE.mdmodel
Merge branch 'master' of github.com:lotus/modelmodel
Added an accessor to introspect Mapper collectionsmodel
Merge pull request #1 from sidonath/dont-insert-identitymodel
Documentation for Lotus::Entity and READMEmodel
Allow queries to be composedmodel
Fixed a requiremodel
Removed duplication from Memory::Querymodel
Fixed Sql::Collection#select for Ruby 2.0.0model
Let CI temporary depend on lotus/utils HEADmodel
Enable Travis CImodel
Finishing documentationmodel
Updated the list of supported coercion typesmodel
Prepare for releasemodel
Updated gemspec descriptionsmodel
Typos in documentationmodel
Improved documentation for Lotus::Repositorymodel
Documentation for Lotus::Entitymodel
Documentation for Lotus::Repositorymodel
Documentation for:model
Allow Sql#Query#order and #desc to accept multiple columns and/ormodel
Documentation for:model
Enforce Adapter interface with #command and #querymodel
Allow Mapper to accept a custom coercer for the databasemodel
Documentation for Mapping::Coercer and Mapping::Collectionmodel
Started with the documentationmodel
Updated Lotus::Utils dependencymodel
Moved Coercer in a separated filemodel
Enforce dependency with Sequel 4.9model
Ensure that unmapped attributes doens't interfer with initialization of entitiesmodel
We aim for 100% test coverage!model
Removed dead codemodel
Implemented Memory::Query #to_s, #empty? and #any?model
Implemented Repository#excludemodel
Removed unused requiremodel
Implemented Sql::Query #to_s, #empty? and #any?model
Implemented Sql::Query#negate!model
Define top level constant ::Booleanmodel
Load Mapper when the framework is loadedmodel
Extracted Mapping::Collection::REPOSITORY_SUFFIX constantmodel
Expose Mapper#load! to make Lotus::Model thread safemodel
DRY Implementation internalsmodel
Moved UnmappedCollectionError under a separated filemodel
Removed serialization responsibility from Mappermodel
Removed unnecessary conditional in testmodel
Renamed Lotus::Model::Mapping::Collection#key into #identitymodel
Removed serialization responsibility from Sql::Commandmodel
Removed deserialization responsibility from Sql::Querymodel
Rewritten Sql::Command, it now works on scoped queriesmodel
Coerce with the right type the primary key for Repository.findmodel
Implemented Command for mutation actions such as insert, update, delete. Removed serialization responsibility to the adapter. Removed unused code.model
Sql and Memory adapter are now using Query to serve #all, #find, #first, #lastmodel
Implemented Query#asc and #descmodel
Make querying thread safe for MemoryAdaptermodel
DRY internals of Memory::Querymodel
Implemented Query#selectmodel
Implemented Query#exist?model
Implemented Query#excludemodel
Implemented Query#rangemodel
Implemented Query#intervalmodel
Implemented Query#minmodel
Implemented Query#maxmodel
Changed the semantic of Query#average: let return a float if needed, handle strings and nil valuesmodel
Implemented Query#summodel
Implemented Lotus::Model::Adapters::Memory::Query#averagemodel
Implemented Lotus::Model::Adapters::Sql::Query#averagemodel
Introduced Sql::Querymodel
Implemented Memory::Query#countmodel
Make the results of Repository queries lazymodel
Renamed adapters with the "Adapter" suffix, in order to keep namespaces free.model
Implemented Query#or, #limit and #offsetmodel
Added tests for SQL adapter and implemented #where, #and and #order for all the adaptersmodel
FIXME notemodel
Initial design for quering the datasourcemodel
Use Lotus::Utils::Kernel conversionsmodel
Allow the mapper to specify the primary key of a collection withmodel
Extracted Lotus::Model::Adapters::Memory::Collection::PrimaryKeymodel
Lotus::Repository.collection is now configured by the framework internals.model
Introduced attributes mapping and (de)serializations policies based on it.model
Lotus::Entity#id is always the primary keymodel
Introduced Lotus::Model::Adapters::Sqlmodel
Lotus::Model::Repository => Lotus::Repositorymodel
Lotus::Model::Entity => Lotus::Entitymodel
Preload Lotus::Model::Repositorymodel
Improved tests and better semantic for Lotus::Model::Repositorymodel
Tests and thready safety for Lotus::Model::Adapters::Memorymodel
When generate Entity#initialize use class attribute 'attributes', instead of the homonym argumentmodel
Gemfile dependenciesmodel
Lotus::Model::Repository.find raises a Lotus::Model::RecordNotFound exception if it can't find a record, associated with the given IDmodel
Ensure memory adapted is able to find a record for a string idmodel
Make Repository to work with entitiesmodel
Implemented Entitymodel
Renamed "object" in "entity" in method signatures.model
Extracted Abstract adapter and made Memory to inherit from itmodel
Let Repository to delegate operations to the current adaptermodel
Made Repository methods to accept one object instead of a collectionmodel
Implemented Repository.deletemodel
Implemented Repository.persist, .create and .updatemodel
Implemented Repository.findmodel
Initial messmodel
Initial messmodel
Initial messmodel
Authors in gemspeccontroller
CHANGELOG [ci skip]controller
CHANGELOG [ci skip]controller
Prepare for v1.0.0.beta3controller
API docs. Made flash public API. [ci skip]controller
Don't mutate Rack env when sending files (#219)controller
Ensure Rack#unsafe_send_file to work both with relative and absolute paths. Ref #218controller
Make Action#send_file to send the proper Content-Length header in case of 404 Ref #218controller
API doc [ci skip]controller
Prepare for v1.0.0.beta2controller
Merge branch 'tercenya-send_file_with_formatting_globs'controller
Don't try to pass the control to other actions when a file cannot be downloaded (remove X-Cascade header)controller
Merge branch 'send_file_with_formatting_globs' of https://github.com/tercenya/hanami-controller into tercenya-send_file_with_formatting_globscontroller
Keep flash after redirect (#215)controller
Cleanup for #212controller
CHANGELOG [ci skip]controller
API doccontroller
`Action#format` should return only a value from whitelisted formats defined by `Action.accept` (#206)controller
Fix build for JRubycontroller
An action is not renderable if the body is an instance of `::Rack::File::Iterator`controller
Don't send file outside of public directorycontroller
Ensure symbol access for session during action unit tests (#203)controller
Ensure flash to return only fresh values (#202)controller
Bump version to 1.0.0.beta1controller
Depend on hanami-utils and hanami-router ~> 1.0.0-beta1controller
Merge branch 'update-utils'controller
Merge branch 'master' into update-utilscontroller
CHANGELOG [ci skip]controller
Prepare for v0.8.1controller
Expose flash by default (#195)controller
Cleanup for #193controller
Merge branch 'gramo-org-fix-exception-subclass-dump-to-rack'controller
Merge branch 'fix-exception-subclass-dump-to-rack' of https://github.com/gramo-org/controller into gramo-org-fix-exception-subclass-dump-to-rackcontroller
Make the build to pass for dry-validation 0.10.4controller
Added assertion to session integration test to verify symbol access. Ref #185controller
Prepare for v0.8.0controller
Alias BaseParams#get as #digcontroller
Prepare for v0.8.0controller
Cleanup for #179controller
Merge pull request #179 from Acornsgrow/resolve_content_type_from_custom_formatscontroller
Merge pull request #181 from hanami/params-get-to-accept-symbolscontroller
Let BaseParams#get to behave like Hash#dig and accept a list of symbols instead a string with dot notationcontroller
Merge pull request #177 from TiteiKo/array-items-access-in-paramscontroller
Bump to v0.8.0controller
Merge branch 'do_not_symbolize_raw_request_params' of https://github.com/Acornsgrow/controllercontroller
Prepare for v0.7.1controller
`Hanami::Action::Exposable::Guard::IllegalExposeError` => `Hanami::Controller::IllegalExposureError`controller
Merge pull request #180 from hanami/base-params-eachcontroller
Introduced `BaseParams#each`controller
Merge branch 'akhramov-feature/158-raise-exception-for-reserved-words'controller
Merge branch 'feature/158-raise-exception-for-reserved-words' of https://github.com/akhramov/controller into akhramov-feature/158-raise-exception-for-reserved-wordscontroller
Merge branch 'fidothe-pass-tempfile-through-params'controller
Merge branch 'pass-tempfile-through-params' of https://github.com/fidothe/controller into fidothe-pass-tempfile-through-paramscontroller
Cleanup for #170controller
Merge branch 'amccann1-accept-header-default'controller
Merge branch 'accept-header-default' of https://github.com/amccann1/controller into amccann1-accept-header-defaultcontroller
Merge pull request #172 from Acornsgrow/do_not_stringify_paramscontroller
Prepare for v0.7.0controller
Fixed isolation test problem introduced by ea28e4ccontroller
Ensure to generate a flatten array of error messages when params are nestedcontroller
Introduce Hanami::Action::BaseParams#valid? as common interface with Paramscontroller
Merge pull request #162 from hanami/error-messagescontroller
Introduced Hanami::Action::Params#error_messagescontroller
README [ci skip]controller
Re-enable temporary commented testscontroller
CHANGELOG [ci skip]controller
Support JRuby in CI buildscontroller
Removed dry-* gems from Gemfilecontroller
Ensure that exceptions raised during callbacks exectutions are handled by `handle_exception` DSLcontroller
Test against hanami/validations 0.6.x branchcontroller
Merge pull request #155 from Erol/fix-typo-on-mime-doccontroller
Merge pull request #153 from Erol/fix-typo-on-spec-descriptioncontroller
Merge pull request #152 from Erol/fix-typo-on-various-docscontroller
Merge branch 'vasspilka-master'controller
Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/vasspilka/controller into vasspilka-mastercontroller
Merge pull request #151 from hanami/new-params-validationscontroller
Use hanami-validations from mastercontroller
Ensure to deep stringify arrays coming from Rack requestcontroller
Automatically whitelist params from routercontroller
Action::Params refactoring: use validations to always whitelist _csrf_tokencontroller
Make hanami-validation a soft-dependencycontroller
Make hanami-validation a soft dependencycontroller
Integrate with new hanami-validations predicates syntaxcontroller
Cleanup for #148controller
Merge branch 'ADone-cookies'controller
Merge pull request #146 from hanami/remove-simplecovcontroller
Remove simplecovcontroller
Merge branch 'fix-ruby-warnings'controller
Fixed Ruby warningscontroller
Bump development dependency to Rake 11controller
Master is now 0.7controller
Prepare for v0.6.1controller
Merge pull request #142 from railsme/mimetype-memory-usagecontroller
Prepare for v0.6.0controller
Merge pull request #141 from hanami/hanamicontroller
Finalize renamingcontroller
Lotus => Hanamicontroller
[ci skip] API docscontroller
Merge pull request #140 from lotus/fix-sessions-and-cookiescontroller
Prepare for v0.5.1controller
[ci skip] CHANGELOGcontroller
Merge pull request #139 from lotus/ensure-superclass-exception-to-not-shadow-subclassescontroller
Exception handling: ensure superclass exception to not shadow subclassescontroller
Prepare for v0.5.0controller
Merge branch 'remove-configuration-default_format'controller
Removed Lotus::Controller::Configuration#default_formatcontroller
Merge pull request #135 from karimmtarek/introduce-lotus-controller-errorcontroller
Depend on lotus-validations ~> 0.4controller
[ci skip] CHANGELOGcontroller
Merge pull request #134 from lotus/exception-notifiers-compatibilitycontroller
Reference a raised exception in Rack env's rack.exceptioncontroller
[ci skip] CHANGELOGcontroller
Merge pull request #132 from lotus/custom-headers-for-reponses-without-bodycontroller
Allow to force custom headers for responses that shouldn't include themcontroller
Merge pull request #131 from baob/threads-doc-updatecontroller
Test against lotus-router ~> 0.5controller
Cleanup for #128controller
Merge branch 'cfcosta-make-session-public'controller
Bump v0.5.0controller
Cleanup for #127controller
Merge branch 'lucasallan-master'controller
Depend on lotus-utils ~> 0.6controller
[ci skip] CHANGELOGcontroller
Depend on lotus-validations '~> 0.3', '>= 0.3.3'controller
Prepare for v0.4.5controller
Merge pull request #126 from lotus/rack-1-6controller
Bump rack dep to ~> 1.6 + >= 1.6.2 because of CVE-2015-3225controller
Cleanup for #125controller
Merge pull request #125 from theocodes/response-format-improvementscontroller
Merge pull request #116 from tak1n/mastercontroller
[ci skip] Prepare for v0.4.4controller
Merge branch 'mjbellantoni-fix-bug-113'controller
Merge branch 'fix-bug-113' of https://github.com/mjbellantoni/controller into mjbellantoni-fix-bug-113controller
Depend on lotus-utils v0.5.0controller
Bump v0.4.4controller
Merge pull request #114 from lotus/csrf-protection-supportcontroller
CSRF Protection support for lotusrbcontroller
Prepare for v0.4.3controller
Cleanup, fixes and refactoring for #112controller
Merge branch 'AlfonsoUceda-send_file'controller
Cleanup per #110controller
Merge branch 'AlfonsoUceda-master'controller
Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/AlfonsoUceda/controller into AlfonsoUceda-mastercontroller
Depend on lotus-utils ~> 0.4, >= 0.4.2controller
Ensure Action::Params#to_h to return ::Hash at the top levelcontroller
Merge branch 'master' of github.com:lotus/controllercontroller
Prepare for v0.4.1controller
Merge branch 'AlfonsoUceda-problem_rack_lint'controller
Merge branch 'problem_rack_lint' of https://github.com/AlfonsoUceda/controller into AlfonsoUceda-problem_rack_lintcontroller
Ensure Action::Params#to_h to return a ::Hashcontroller
Added test for Action::Request#xhr?controller
[ci skip] Expanded API docs for cookiescontroller
Merge pull request #105 from lotus/fix-internet-explorer-http-acceptcontroller
Don't patch Rack but use a private implementation of its helper methodcontroller
Ensure proper format for IE (Ruby 2.0). Ref #104controller
Ensure proper format for IE (Ruby 2.1). Ref #104controller
Ensure proper format for IE. Closes #104controller
Move Rbx to the allowed failures on CIcontroller
Merge pull request #100 from lotus/ensure-string-for-redirectcontroller
Ensure to use ::String when invoke redirect_tocontroller
[ci skip] Changelogcontroller
Rename default_cookie_options into cookiescontroller
Depend on lotus-router ~> 0.3 (for testing)controller
Depend on lotus-validations ~> 0.3controller
Bumped version to 0.4.0controller
[ci skip] Cleanup per #94. Thanks to @gotjoshcontroller
Merge branch 'Erol-allow-block-in-middleware-use'controller
Merge branch 'allow-block-in-middleware-use' of https://github.com/Erol/lotus-controller into Erol-allow-block-in-middleware-usecontroller
Cleanup per #96controller
Merge branch 'donperi-master'controller
Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/donperi/controller into donperi-mastercontroller
Depend on lotus-utils ~> 0.4controller
Default HTTP headers: allow to set values multiple times, reject headers with nil values, safely duplicate this setting. Ref #88controller
Merge pull request #89 from lotus/params-getcontroller
Additional tests for Params#getcontroller
Introduced Lotus::Action::Params#getcontroller
Cleanup per #88controller
Merge branch 'AlfonsoUceda-security_default_headers'controller
Merge pull request #84 from jc00ke/patch-1controller
[ci skip] Changelog for v0.3.2controller
Cleanup per #83controller
Merge branch 'AlfonsoUceda-master'controller
Bump version to v0.3.2controller
Lotus::Action::Glue: only add exposures for actions who support this featurecontroller
Introduced Lotus::Action::Glue#renderable?controller
[ci skip] release number in API docscontroller
Prepare for v0.3.2controller
Cleanup per #82controller
Merge branch 'AlfonsoUceda-raw_params'controller
Merge branch 'raw_params' of https://github.com/AlfonsoUceda/controller into AlfonsoUceda-raw_paramscontroller
Cleanup per #71controller
Merge branch 'stevehodgkiss-nested_attributes'controller
Merge branch 'nested_attributes' of https://github.com/stevehodgkiss/controller into stevehodgkiss-nested_attributescontroller
Merge branch 'master' of github.com:lotus/controllercontroller
Use new Utils' callbacks API. Ref lotus/utils#54controller
Merge pull request #78 from AlfonsoUceda/action_middlewarecontroller
Added 205 to the list of HTTP statuses without body. Ref #62controller
Merge branch 'stefanoverna-no-content'controller
Merge branch 'no-content' of https://github.com/stefanoverna/controller into stefanoverna-no-contentcontroller
Merge pull request #77 from lotus/do-not-dump-exception-in-rack-errors-if-it-is-handledcontroller
Only dump exceptions in rack.errors if handling is turned off, or the raised exception isn't managedcontroller
Cleanup per #73controller
Merge branch 'weppos-halt-with-message'controller
[ci skip] Removed "Reusability" section from README. /cc @robyurkowskicontroller
[ci skip] Updated CHANGELOGcontroller
Ensure params will return coerced valuescontroller
Prepare for v0.3.1controller
Adapt to last Lotus::Validations changes and depend on v0.2.2+controller
Merge pull request #63 from lessless/patch-1controller
Cleanup per #68controller
Merge branch 'lasseebert-request'controller
[ci skip] Include pkg/ into .gitignorecontroller
Quick fix (without tests :cry:) for edge case when flash is nilcontroller
Prepare for v0.3.0controller
Configuration#prepare docs cleanup. Ref #58controller
Merge branch 'joneslee85-issue-57'controller
Merge branch 'issue-57' of https://github.com/joneslee85/controller into joneslee85-issue-57controller
Merge pull request #60 from lotus/fix-rack-utils-mri-2-2-0controller
Fix lib/rack-patch.rb for MRI 2.2.0 and Rbx 2.3.0 on Ubuntucontroller
Updated CI rubiescontroller
Merge pull request #54 from lotus/remove-controller-dslcontroller
Merge pull request #56 from lotus/flashcontroller
Increased HTTP Request id lengthcontroller
Introduce a private flash mechanism to temporary store data in session between requestscontroller
Remove unused constant from Lotus::Action::Rackcontroller
Update HTTP status codes to IETF RFC 7231 via @tonytacontroller
Bump version to v0.3.0.devcontroller
Update documentation to reflect Controller changescontroller
When Lotus::Controller is included, it doesn't inject code anymorecontroller
Remove Controller.actioncontroller
Merge pull request #52 from lotus/framework-freezecontroller
Introduce Lotus::Controller.load! as loading framework entry pointcontroller
Update code to reflect latest Lotus::Validations changescontroller
Merge branch 'master' of github.com:lotus/controllercontroller
Update according to the latest changes in Utils and Routercontroller
Merge pull request #50 from jeremyf/improving-documentationcontroller
Depend on lotus-validations ~> 0.1controller
Documentation adjustments. Ensure to duplicate default charset in configuration. Ref #48controller
Merge branch 'kirs-charset-setting'controller
Merge branch 'charset-setting' of https://github.com/kirs/controller into kirs-charset-settingcontroller
Merge pull request #47 from kirs/validations-dependencycontroller
Merge pull request #45 from jeremyf/wordsmithingcontroller
Ensure that nested params are correctly deserializedcontroller
Added test cases for Hash serialization of nested paramscontroller
Refactoring, adjustments and documentation for custom exception handlers. Closes #44controller
Merge branch 'krzyzak-exception-handling'controller
Ruby 2.1.3 supportcontroller
Ensure no information escape happens when using Params#to_h. Added tests for #to_hash.controller
Merge pull request #43 from rail44/add-to-hash-for-paramscontroller
Merge pull request #38 from Erol/readme-correctionscontroller
Merge pull request #37 from lotus/params-validationscontroller
Implemented Params validationscontroller
Use Lotus::Validation to implement Action::Params featurescontroller
Put require directive on top of the file. Ref #36controller
Merge pull request #36 from lucasas/feature/cache-controlcontroller
Merge pull request #35 from splattael/refactorcontroller
[ci-skip] Remove unnecessary test fixturecontroller
Ensure that included modules can use Action featurescontroller
Updated README with whitelisting paramscontroller
Never use Lotus::Action::Params directlycontroller
Store whitelisted param names only as symbolscontroller
Allow Lotus::Action.params to accept a blockcontroller
Fixed params whitelisting behavior in pure Rack env.controller
Merge branch 'mjbellantoni-param_whitelisting'controller
Merge branch 'param_whitelisting' of https://github.com/mjbellantoni/controller into mjbellantoni-param_whitelistingcontroller
Ensure the right level of visibility for Action's methods. Ref #16controller
Merge branch 'fuadsaud-protected-methods'controller
Merge branch 'protected-methods' of https://github.com/fuadsaud/controller into fuadsaud-protected-methodscontroller
Merge pull request #34 from robyurkowski/patch-1controller
Merge pull request #28 from arthurgeek/patch-2controller
Merge pull request #32 from Foxandxss/patch-1controller
Added JRuby to the allowed failures of the CI. Ref jruby/jruby#751controller
Merge pull request #30 from arthurgeek/document_redirect_custom_status_codecontroller
Merge pull request #29 from arthurgeek/patch-3controller
Merge pull request #27 from arthurgeek/patch-1controller
Merge pull request #24 from joneslee85/patch-1controller
Merge pull request #20 from Benny1992/mastercontroller
[ci skip] CHANGELOGcontroller
[ci skip] CHANGELOGcontroller
Refactoring for Lotus::Action#format= use Utils::Kernel.controller
Made Lotus::Action#content_type publiccontroller
[ci skip] CHANGELOGcontroller
Let to specify a default format for all the requests that aren't strict about the requested Mime type (eg. '*/*').controller
[ci skip] CHANGELOGcontroller
[ci skip] Remove a postponed feature from READMEcontroller
Implemented private method for default_content_type, so that an action can decouple from Action::Mime::DEFAULT_CONTENT_TYPE. This is declared as a private api for now.controller
Merge pull request #19 from fgo/patch-1controller
[ci skip] Documented new mime types features in READMEcontroller
Raise error if Lotus::Controller::Configuration#format doesn't receive the proper argument. Let Lotus::Action::Mime#accept to work with registered mime typescontroller
Additional example for Mime type integration testscontroller
Make Lotus::Action::Mime#format a public methodcontroller
Detect the asked mime type and return the corresponding formatcontroller
Let actions to detect accepted mime type and to return the correct format symbol. Configuration can now register mime typescontroller
Merge pull request #18 from zlw/15_action_formatcontroller
[ci skip] CHANGELOGcontroller
Bump version to v0.2.0controller
Bump lotus-utils dependency to 0.2.0controller
[ci skip] Yardoc adjustmentscontroller
[ci skip] Documentation for Lotus::Controller modulescontroller
[ci skip] Documented all the Lotus::Action modulescontroller
Controller.duplicate can accept nil controllers namespacecontroller
[ci skip] Documentation for Lotus::Controller and Lotus::Actioncontroller
Lotus::Controller: .duplicate => .dup, .generate => .duplicatecontroller
Updated README documentationcontroller
[ci skip] READMEcontroller
Gem: build only with lib/ and essential filescontroller
[ci skip] LICENSE.txt -> LICENSE.mdcontroller
[ci skip] Changelogcontroller
Removed Lotus::Action::Throwable#throw in favor of #haltcontroller
Merge branch 'zlw-rack_errors'controller
Pretty print exceptions in rack.errorscontroller
Let Lotus::Controller.generate to set action_modulecontroller
Introducing Lotus::Controller.generate as shortcut for .duplicate and .configurecontroller
Use composition over inheritance for Lotus::Action::Paramscontroller
Use composition over inheritance for Lotus::Action::CookieJarcontroller
Merge pull request #12 from rrrene/patch-2controller
Added more tests for modulized controllers and actions' configurationscontroller
Make the build to pass againcontroller
Make CI temporary depend on 'lotus/utils' repositorycontroller
Allow standalone actions to inherit configuration from the right framework. Added Configuration#modules in order to configure the additional modules to include by defaultcontroller
Better Ruby idiomscontroller
Merge pull request #11 from lotus/configurationcontroller
Use the proper level of encapsulation for Configurationcontroller
Ensure the right level of duplication for Lotus::Controllercontroller
Keep independent copies of framework, controller and action configurations. Introduced in action_module for configuration.controller
Introduced configuration for Controller and Actioncontroller
Enable Ruby 2.1.2 on Travis CIcontroller
Merge branch 'http-statuses'controller
Merge branch 'action-use'controller
Make HTTP status messages compliant with IANA and Rackcontroller
Implemented Action.use, that let to use a Rack middleware as a before callbackcontroller
Merge pull request #8 from sidonath/restore-throwcontroller
Merge pull request #6 from sidonath/disable-exception-handlingcontroller
Merge pull request #3 from stefanoverna/patch-1controller
Merge branch 'master' of github.com:lotus/controllercontroller
Added support for Ruby 2.1.1controller
Merge pull request #2 from rrrene/patch-1controller
Added lotus-controller.rb for Bundler backward compatibilitycontroller
Fix documentation with the right requirecontroller
Document thread safety notescontroller
Enable lotus-router on Travis CIcontroller
Enabled Travis CIcontroller
Update year in LICENSEcontroller
Gemspec adjustmentscontroller
Define initial version as 0.1.0controller
Improved documentationcontroller
Moved .handled_exceptions from Action to Controller, so that the place where to configure the framework will be easier to find for developers.controller
Improve READMEcontroller
Added Lotus::Action.handle_exceptioncontroller
Implemented Lotus::Action.accept, in order to restrict the access when a non supported mime type is requestedcontroller
Implemented Lotus::Action#accept?controller
Changed auto content type policy. It prefers in the order:controller
Use @_env instead of the argument in Lotus::Action::Callable#callcontroller
Extracted constants for Lotus::Action::Paramscontroller
Improved README documentationcontroller
Improved example in READMEcontroller
Home page in gemspeccontroller
Merge pull request #1 from lotus/remove-rack-request-responsecontroller
Make session support optionalcontroller
Make cookies support optionalcontroller
Removed Lotus::HTTP::Request and Responsecontroller
Return serialized Rack response (Array) instead of the object.controller
Lotus::Action::Rack#session no longer depends on Requestcontroller
Lotus::Action::Mime no longer depends on Requestcontroller
Lotus::Action::CookieJar logic for cookies extraction/set/get is no longer dependant on Request and Response.controller
Documentation for Lotus::Controller, Lotus::Action and the following nested submodules:controller
Document Lotus::Router and Rack integrationcontroller
Added integration test for standalone usage of sessions (w/o Lotus::Router)controller
Extended documentation for READMEcontroller
Ignore tmp/controller
Ignore coverage/controller
Lotus::Router.draw => Lotus::Router.newcontroller
Enable test coveragecontroller
Updated gem dependenciescontroller
Ignore Bundler artifactscontroller
Don't wrap body if respond to #eachcontroller
Introducing factory for Responsecontroller
Partial (and hacky) support for Accept headercontroller
README syntax highlightingcontroller
Ensure to wrap body for HTTP::Responsecontroller
Extracted Lotus::Utils in a proper gemcontroller
Introducing Lotus::HTTP::Request/Responsecontroller
Integration tests for sessionscontroller
Added automatic Mime Type capabilitiescontroller
Split features in proper `Lotus::Action` submodules.controller
Introducing throw facility, to stop the request flow immediately.controller
Integration tests with Lotus::Routercontroller
Implemented cookies facilities.controller
Rack compatibilitycontroller
Implemented #redirect_tocontroller
Implemented sessions supportcontroller
Implemented action callbackscontroller
Introducing Lotus::Controllercontroller
Initial messcontroller
Authors in gemspecrouter
CHANGELOG [ci skip]router
Prepare for v1.0.0.beta3router
API docs [ci skip]router
Prepare for v1.0.0.beta2router
Merge pull request #142 from hanami/fix/return-non-routeable-route-when-lazy-endpoint-cannot-be-resolvedrouter
Hanami::Router#recognize must return a non routeable route when a lazy endpoint cannot be resolvedrouter
Merge pull request #141 from valikos/router-params-deep-symbolizerouter
CHANGELOG [ci skip]router
Merge pull request #134 from igneus/as_option_for_resourcesrouter
Merge pull request #137 from pascalbetz/issue-136router
Bump version to 1.0.0.beta1router
Depend on hanami-utils ~> 1.0.0.beta1router
Merge pull request #129 from hanami/fix/body-parsers-do-not-eval-untrusted-inputrouter
Ensure JSON body parser to not eval untrusted inputrouter
Prepare for v0.8.0router
Cleanup for #128router
Merge branch 'beauby-pristine-parsed-body'router
API doc [ci skip]router
Prepare for v0.8.0router
Merge pull request #125 from hanami/fix/body-parsers-to-override-uri-paramsrouter
Ensure body parsers to not override URI paramsrouter
Merge pull request #123 from hanami/fix/inspector-to-respect-router-prefixrouter
Ensure inspector to respect router prefixrouter
Added support for LINK and UNLINKrouter
Prepare for v0.7.0router
CHANGELOG [ci skip]router
Merge pull request #117 from hanami/fix/no-method-error-for-unrecognized-routerouter
Fix NoMethodError for unrecognized routerouter
Depend on rack ~> 1.6router
Merge branch 'davydovanton-hanami-json-wrapper'router
Merge pull request #110 from Erol/fix-typo-on-endpoint-resolver-docrouter
Merge branch 'Erol-move-default-response-to-a-constant'router
Merge branch 'move-default-response-to-a-constant' of https://github.com/Erol/hanami-router into Erol-move-default-response-to-a-constantrouter
Merge branch 'nicolaracco-host-constraint'router
Merge branch 'host-constraint' of https://github.com/nicolaracco/router into nicolaracco-host-constraintrouter
Merge pull request #107 from hanami/support-multi_json-for-body-parsersrouter
Wrap a JSON parser constant inside JsonParser. Thanks to @Erol for the suggestion.router
Support multi_json for body parsersrouter
Merge pull request #102 from hanami/fix-uri-escape-warningrouter
Fix URI.escape warningrouter
Merge pull request #101 from hanami/remove-simplecovrouter
Remove simplecovrouter
Merge branch 'fix-ruby-warnings'router
Fixed warning of redefined method for test/routing/routes_inspector_test.rbrouter
Fixed warning for not initialized instance variable @endpoint in Routing::RecognizedRouterouter
Fixed warning for not initialized instance variable @compiled in Routing::HttpRouterrouter
Fixed warning for not initialized instance variable @name in Routing::Routerouter
Bump development dependency to Rake 11router
Cleanup for #98router
Merge branch 'cllns-add-root'router
Ensure that PATH_INFO and SCRIPT_NAME are instances of String. Ref #91router
Merge branch 'Acornsgrow-fix_issue_92_non_hinami_nested_routers_break_hanami_routes_cli'router
Cleanup for #91router
Merge branch 'Acornsgrow-fix_empty_script_name_with_partial_match_route_bug'router
Master is now 0.7router
Prepare for v0.6.2router
Merge pull request #89 from davydovanton/fix-slash-repeatingrouter
Prepare for v0.6.1router
Merge pull request #86 from hanami/fix-body-parsers-for-non-hash-requestsrouter
Fix body parsers for non Hash requestsrouter
Prepare for v0.6.0router
Merge pull request #84 from hanami/hanamirouter
Finalize renamingrouter
Lotus => Hanamirouter
Prepare for v0.5.1router
Merge pull request #83 from davydovanton/router-inspectorrouter
Prepare for v0.5.0router
Merge pull request #81 from karimmtarek/introduce-lotus-routing-errorrouter
Merge pull request #78 from davydovanton/display-routes-headerrouter
[ci skip] CHANGELOGrouter
Merge pull request #77 from AlfonsoUceda/rescue_json_parser_exceptionrouter
Merge branch 'router-recognize'router
[ci skip] READMErouter
Merge branch 'master' into router-recognizerouter
Use new SimpleCov syntax for MultiFormatterrouter
Introduced Lotus::Router#recognize as testing facilityrouter
[ci skip] README: Body Parsersrouter
Merge pull request #74 from lotus/router-definerouter
Introduce Lotus::Router.definerouter
Use `lint: true' where possible in testingrouter
Merge pull request #72 from vlazar/fix-force-ssl-response-bodyrouter
Bump v0.5.0router
Cleanup for #71router
Merge branch 'AlfonsoUceda-fix-mounted-api'router
Merge pull request #70 from stravid/masterrouter
Merge pull request #68 from AlfonsoUceda/improve-router-exception-messagesrouter
Depend on lotus-utils ~> 0.6router
[ci skip] CHANGELOGrouter
Prepare for v0.4.3router
CHANGELOG & gemspecrouter
Bump v0.4.2router
Depend on lotus-utils >= 0.5.1. Cleanup per #64router
Merge branch 'theocodes-same-prefix-resource-bug-fix'router
Prepare for v0.4.1router
Cleanup for #57router
Merge branch 'AlfonsoUceda-force_ssl'router
Merge branch 'force_ssl' of https://github.com/AlfonsoUceda/router into AlfonsoUceda-force_sslrouter
Depend on lotus-utils v0.5.0router
Additional tests for #58router
Merge branch 'AlfonsoUceda-prefix_router'router
Merge branch 'prefix_router' of https://github.com/AlfonsoUceda/router into AlfonsoUceda-prefix_routerrouter
Merge pull request #59 from triplepointfive/head_req_doc_fixrouter
Prepare for v0.4.0router
Cleanup per #51router
Merge branch 'AlfonsoUceda-nested_routes'router
Merge branch 'nested_routes' of https://github.com/AlfonsoUceda/router into AlfonsoUceda-nested_routesrouter
[ci skip] Changelogrouter
Bumped version to 0.3.0router
[ci skip] Cleanup per #45router
Depend on lotus-utils ~> 0.4router
Merge pull request #38 from jc00ke/patch-1router
Prepare for v0.2.1router
Prepare for v0.2.1router
Merge pull request #36 from AlfonsoUceda/action_middlewarerouter
[ci skip] Fix API docsrouter
Prepare for v0.2.0router
Check if there are defined routesrouter
Drop Rubinius support for now :broken_heart:router
More Inspector testsrouter
Inspector cleanup. Ref #35router
Merge branch 'AlfonsoUceda-master'router
Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/AlfonsoUceda/router into AlfonsoUceda-masterrouter
Updated CI rubiesrouter
Prepare tests for Rack 1.6.0router
Merge pull request #32 from arandaio/masterrouter
Bump version to 0.2.0.devrouter
Depend on lotus-utils >= 0.3.1.devrouter
[ci skip] Document controllers and namespaces in READMErouter
Merge pull request #30 from lotus/rbx-2-3-0router
Officially support Rubinius 2.3.0router
Merge pull request #29 from lotus/simplify-controller-action-namingrouter
Added tests for Lotus and Lotus::Controller integrationrouter
Simplify naming controller/action conventionrouter
Fix for member/collection actions in RESTful resource(s): allow to take actions with a leading slashrouter
Let CI to pick the right version of lotus-utils. Ref #26router
Refactoring. Ref #26router
Merge pull request #26 from janko-m/fix-nested-namespacesrouter
Merge pull request #27 from lotus/routes-inspectorrouter
Introducing routes inspectorrouter
Merge pull request #25 from lotus/remove-prefix-optionrouter
Unify namespaced routes by removing :prefix option in favor of #namespace. Ref #24router
Ensure body parsing to be idempotent. Thanks to @rail44 for spotting this.router
Made InvalidRouteException to inherit from StandardError, not Exception. :scream:router
Merge pull request #23 from janko-m/301router
Merge pull request #22 from janko-m/faster-jsonrouter
Merge pull request #21 from lotus/body-parsersrouter
[ci skip] Document custom body parsersrouter
Body parsing refactoring. Allow custom parsers.router
Body parsers for mime typesrouter
Ruby 2.1.3 supportrouter
RESTful resource(s): ensure members and collections will be respected. Closes #19router
Merge pull request #18 from fredwu/misc_tweaksrouter
[ci skip] Define next version in doc as x.x.xrouter
Merge pull request #17 from fredwu/definerouter
Merge pull request #15 from lotus/jruby-supportrouter
Experimental support of JRuby in 2.0 moderouter
Depend on http_router '~> 0.11'. Ref #13router
Merge pull request #14 from arthurgeek/patch-1router
Merge pull request #12 from joneslee85/patch-1router
Merge pull request #11 from Benny1992/masterrouter
[ci skip] Improve documentation for yardocrouter
Bump version to v0.1.1router
Let the final gem to include only essential filesrouter
Updated README detailsrouter
Introduced Lotus::Router#mountrouter
Use composition over inheritance for Lotus::Routing::Resource::Optionsrouter
Let specify a pattern for Lotus::Routing::EndpointResolverrouter
Merge branch 'master' of github.com:lotus/routerrouter
Enable Ruby 2.1.2 on Travis CIrouter
Merge pull request #9 from jeremyf/wordsmithingrouter
Merge pull request #8 from karlfreeman/svg-badgesrouter
Merge pull request #7 from karlfreeman/various-tidyingrouter
Fixed StackOverflow link in READMErouter
Enable byebugrouter
Additional route recognition testsrouter
Added support for Ruby 2.1.1router
Merge pull request #4 from rrrene/patch-1router
Make Lotus::Routing::Endpoint::EndpointNotFound to inherit from StandardError, instead of Exception. This make it compatible with Rack::ShowExceptions.router
Route recognition testsrouter
Route generation testsrouter
Added Bitdeli badgerouter
Removed .coveralls.ymlrouter
Remove duplication in test_helper.rbrouter
Changed build command for Travis CIrouter
Merge branch 'master' of github.com:lotus/routerrouter
Integrate Coveralls with Simplecovrouter
Merge pull request #2 from marcosdsanchez/patch-1router
Enabled Travis CI and Coverallsrouter
Updated Mailing list url in READMErouter
Added lotus-router.rb as Bundler facilityrouter
Added support for OPTIONS HTTP verbrouter
Updated dependenciesrouter
Updated README and LICENSErouter
Added "Getting Started" section to READMErouter
README badgesrouter
Specify SemVer version in README. So metarouter
Added testing instructions in READMErouter
Added Lotus::Routing::EndpointNotFound when a lazy endpoint can't be foundrouter
Make action separator customizable via Lotus::Router options.router
Catch http_router exceptions and re-raise them with names under Lotus::Routing.router
Added more tests for Lotus::Router#path and #urlrouter
Lotus::Router now encapsulates Lotus::Routing::HttpRouter, instead of directly inherit from HttpRouter.router
Documented RESTFul resource(s) names in READMErouter
Typos in READMErouter
Ignore tmp/router
RESTFul resource(s) use Utils::String#demodulizerouter
Lotus::Routing::Resource::CollectionAction use configurable controller and action name separator over the hardcoded valuerouter
RESTFul resource(s): DRY implementations of default member actionsrouter
RESTFul resource(s): DRY #named_routerouter
RESTFul resource(s): DRY #rest_pathrouter
RESTful resource(s): Documentation; DRY code about controller and action name separator; Use the same separator of EndpointResolver, instead of hardcode it.router
RESTful resource(s): renamed #name into #resource_namerouter
DRY RESTful resource(s): Use class var 'verb' and reference it from the homonym instance method.router
Copyright in licenserouter
DRY examplesrouter
Additional test for Lotus::Routing::EndpointResolverrouter
Add test coverage instrumentationrouter
Development dependencies adjustmentsrouter
Documentation for Lotus::Routing::Resource::Optionsrouter
Documentation for Lotus::Routing::Resources::Actionrouter
Documentation for Lotus::Routing::Resource::Actionrouter
Documentation for Lotus::Routing::Resourcesrouter
Documentation for Lotus::Routing::Resourcerouter
Documentation for Lotus::Routing::Routerouter
Acknowledgements to @joshbuddy for http_routerrouter
Documentation for Lotus::Routing::Namespacerouter
Implemented Lotus::Routing::Namespace#resourcerouter
Documentation for Lotus::Routing::Endpointrouter
Additional documentation for Lotus::Routing::EndpointResolverrouter
Refactoring for Lotus::Routing::Resources: remove the unnecessary code that can me inherited instead.router
Refactoring for Lotus::Routing::Resources::Action: remove the unnecessary code that can me inherited instead.router
Documentation for Lotus::Routing::EndpointResolverrouter
Document the 'controller#action' conventionrouter
Increased test coverage for Lotus::Routing::EndpointResolverrouter
Refactoring of Lotus::Routing::EndpointResolver: allow endpoint class to be injected, defaults to Lotus::Routing::Endpointrouter
Refactoring for Lotus::Routing::EndpointResolverrouter
Extended READMErouter
Documentation for Lotus::Routerrouter
Initial version 0.1.0router
Simplify Lotus::Router public API: removed .draw and let .new to accept a blockrouter
Silence warnings when redefining HttpRouter::Route::VALID_HTTP_VERBSrouter
Define VERSION oncerouter
When resetting the router, allow the default values for scheme, host and port to be reinitialized as http_router doesrouter
Ignore .bundle/router
Don't reset default approuter
README syntax highlightingrouter
Explicitely require 'delegate'router
Use Utils::Class loading mechanismrouter
Extracted Lotus::Utils in a proper gemrouter
Lotus::Utils::String to use always instance methodsrouter
Lotus::Routing::EndpointResolver now accepts options to inject namespace and suffixrouter
Allow resolver and route class to be injected via options. Added options argument to .drawrouter
Lotus::EndpointResolver => Lotus::Routing::EndpointResolverrouter
Return 404 for not found and 405 for unacceptable HTTP methodrouter
Allow non-finished Rack responses to be usedrouter
Ensure .draw to always return a Lotus::Router instancerouter
Documented other featuresrouter
Benchmark for class and lazy endpointsrouter
Implemented lazy loading for endpointsrouter
Implemented Lotus::Router.drawrouter
Massive cleanuprouter
Add support for resourcerouter
Drastically reduced LOCs :heart_eyes:router
Support for resource's member and collectionrouter
Add support for namespacesrouter
Added support for RESTful resourcesrouter
Add support for POST, DELETE, PUT, PATCH, TRACErouter
Routes constraintsrouter
Named urlsrouter
Ensure redirect works properlyrouter
Run all the test suiterouter
Add support for Procs:router
Implemented redirectrouter
Initial messrouter
Pin rubocop to 0.48.0assets
Authors in gemspecassets
CHANGELOG [ci skip]assets
Prepare for v1.0.0.beta2assets
API docs [ci skip]assets
CHANGELOG [ci skip]assets
Fix CI for rainbowassets
Bump version to 1.0.0.beta1assets
Depend on hanami-utils and hanami-helpers ~> 1.0.0-beta1assets
Prepare for v0.4.0assets
Make rubocop :cop: happy. Ref 5be3947assets
Revert the renaming from #60. `#manifest` is the public DSL to set the manifest name, while `#public_manifest` is the internal method to get an instance of Manifestassets
Update rubies in README [ci skip]assets
CHANGELOG [ci skip]assets
Merge branch 'cllns-rename-digest-to-fingerprint'assets
Remove MRI 2.2 from CIassets
Prepare for v0.4.0assets
Hanami::Assets::Configuration#initialize yield block if givenassets
Ensure Assets::Bundler to check if duplicates respond to #configurationassets
Bump to v0.4.0assets
Introduced `Hanami::Assets.precompile` as future replacemente for `.deploy`assets
Merge pull request #64 from lucasallan/jruby-9.1assets
Merge pull request #61 from hanami/ensure-null-manifest-to-be-pretty-printableassets
Disable rubocop Style/MethodMissingassets
Ensure NullManifest to be pretty printableassets
Prepare for v0.3.0assets
Don't create digest version of files under public directory, but only for precompiled files.assets
CHANGELOG [ci skip]assets
At the precompile time remove assets directory and manifest, and preserve existing files. Ref #59assets
Merge branch 'feature-smarter-destination-folder-clear' of https://github.com/mdorfin/assetsassets
Different modified time check if the asset has dependencies or notassets
Assets::Cache#modified? to return always true for never stored filesassets
Fix rubocop offenseassets
On CI mark as pending the tests relative to Sass/SCSS transitive dependenciesassets
Even more wait for CIassets
Wait longer to modify test files when on CIassets
Ensure to recompile Sass/SCSS assets when a dependency is added or removedassets
Extract Compilers::Lessassets
Ensure to compile Sass/SCSS files when a dependency change.assets
Exclude vendor/**/* from Rubocop buildassets
CHANGELOG [ci skip]assets
Add support for JRuby
Code tidyassets
Cleanup for #57assets
Merge branch 'cllns-add-options-to-javascript-helper'assets
Merge branch 'add-options-to-javascript-helper' of https://github.com/cllns/hanami-assets into cllns-add-options-to-javascript-helperassets
Merge pull request #55 from cllns/improve-readmeassets
Merge branch 'rickenharp-fix_precompilation'assets
Merge branch 'fix_precompilation' of https://github.com/rickenharp/assets into rickenharp-fix_precompilationassets
Make the tests to pass on MRI 2.2.4 & 2.3.xassets
Merge branch 'vyper-patch-1'assets
Ensure to compile Less assets with :paths optionassets
Merge pull request #49 from hanami/remove-simplecovassets
Remove simplecovassets
Merge pull request #48 from hanami/fix-ruby-warningsassets
Don't print warnings in Travis CIassets
Fix Ruby warningsassets
Bump development dependency to Rake 11assets
Master is now 0.3assets
Prepare for v0.2.1assets
Merge pull request #44 from hanami/ensure-to-truncate-copied-assetsassets
Ensure to truncate copied assetsassets
Merge branch 'SleeplessByte-patch-1'assets
Fixed Lotus referenceassets
Merge branch 'patch-1' of https://github.com/SleeplessByte/assets into SleeplessByte-patch-1assets
Merge pull request #41 from hanami/fix-recursive-sass-importsassets
Removed Config::Sources#to_a as no longer neededassets
Fix recursive Sass importsassets
Precompiler: fallback to configuration passed to the constructor, rather than to use Hanami::Assets.configurationassets
Prepare for v0.2.0assets
Merge pull request #39 from hanami/hanamiassets
Finalize renamingassets
Lotus => Hanamiassets
[ci skip] Copyright yearassets
Prepare for v0.1.0assets
Fix closing bracket for builtin stylesheet compilerassets
Use per configuration compressorsassets
Don't require 'yui/compressor' as Assets::Bundler dependencyassets
Depend on tilt >= 2.0.2 because it ships with Babel supportassets
Merge branch 'configurable-compressors'assets
[ci skip] Document builtin compressorsassets
Test against closure-compiler 1.1.12assets
Tests for JS/CSS factories. Added support for third party gems for compressorsassets
Ship with builtin compressors for JavaScript and Stylesheetassets
DRY compressors codeassets
[ci skip] Documentationassets
Integration tests with NullCompressorassets
Added support for Sass compilerassets
Added support for Closure Compilerassets
Added support for UglifyJSassets
Allow developers to configure their own assets compressor.assets
Merge pull request #32 from lotus/skip-compression-in-case-of-errorassets
Skip compression in case of errorassets
Ensure destination directory exist when bundling assetsassets
Cleanup for #29assets
Merge pull request #29 from klebervirgilio/audio_helperassets
[ci skip] READMEassets
[ci skip] Done with API docsassets
More API docsassets
Better error message for missing asset in digest modeassets
Introduced Lotus::Assets::Errorassets
API docsassets
Clear directory before to precompileassets
Merge pull request #28 from lotus/asset-urlassets
Implemented CDN modeassets
Introduced #asset_urlassets
Better exception for missing digest manifestassets
Test on new Travis CI infrastructureassets
Forgot to delete AssetTag and AssetTags in #27assets
Finished porting of assets helpers from lotus/lotusassets
Compiler: ensure dest directory is always created before to writeassets
Allow file names like bootstrap.min.js to not be preprocessedassets
Merge pull request #27 from lotus/simplify-internalsassets
Use portable file separatorassets
Renamed Configuration#destination into #public_directoryassets
Removed asset types :confetti_ball:assets
Let Lotus::Assets::Helpers to use Lotus::Helpers::HtmlHelper to build markup.assets
Use cache directory for Sass: tmp/sass-cacheassets
Removed unnecessary argument for Lotus::Assets.duplicateassets
Merge pull request #22 from Nerian/patch-1assets
Merge pull request #21 from lotus/fix-sass-importassets
Don't precompile Sass modules directly, let `@import' to include them.assets
Fix Sass importassets
Merge pull request #20 from lotus/deploymentassets
[ci skip] READMEassets
Include bin/lotus-assets into the gemassets
Expand tests for bin/lotus-assetsassets
Make it work with Lotus Container apps. Ensure other type of assets are successfully copied over at the deploy time.assets
Force right configuration before testassets
Introduced digest mode. When active, tag helpers append file checksum to their relative urlassets
Generate manifest file at deploy time.assets
Append checksum to file name at deploy timeassets
Reload third part gem dependency during testassets
First part of deployment precompilerassets
Wrap Lotus::Assets.sources and .duplicates with a Mutexassets
Make Lotus::Assets.duplicates thread safeassets
Fixed root and sources for fixturesassets
Allow third part gems to add assetsassets
Swap URL prefixes for nested assetsassets
Ensure asset sources to be unique. This speeds up the lookup at the compile time.assets
Recursively find assets under sourcesassets
Unified asset sources.assets
Framework duplicationassets
Require view helpers by defaultassets
ES6 support via Babelassets
Depend on lotus-utils ~> 0.6assets
Merge pull request #18 from awochna/hidden-filesassets
Refactoring. Ref 0299901assets
Bump to v0.1.0assets
Store asset paths in thread localassets
Depend on lotus-utils ~> 0.5assets
Merge pull request #3 from lotus/assets-compilersassets
Let's lazily autocreate destination folderassets
Introduced Configuration#root, it allows to use relative paths as sources for specific asset typesassets
Default destination is "public/"assets
[ci skip] minor README fixesassets
[ci skip] Document sources and preprocessors in READMEassets
Drop LESS support for now.assets
Added concrete test with LESSassets
Added concrete test with SASS (.sass & .scss)assets
Build: Remove tmp/ directory only if present and make Travis CI :happy_cat:assets
Ensure to compile/copy by setting permissions to 0644assets
Only compile/copy if destination is missing or source has been modified since the last timeassets
When compile a specific type only look for <filename>.js.*assets
Raise custom error in case of uknown asset engineassets
Raise an exception if an asset is missing during the compile timeassets
Made compiling process turned off by defaultassets
Copy from src to dest assets that don't require to be compiledassets
Initial work on asset compilersassets
Merge pull request #2 from lotus/assets-helpersassets
Symbolize names of custom defined asset typesassets
Change default asset path from "assets" to "/assets"assets
Remove unused constant from Configurationassets
Added helpers instructions to READMEassets
Prepare gemassets
Remove unnecessary FIXMEassets
Cleanup the code using Utils::PathPrefix as assets prefix representationassets
Refactoring: use Hash default when defining new asset typesassets
Config::Asset => Config::AssetTypeassets
Remove rendering responsibility from configurationassets
Configuration#asset_path => asset_tag. Ensure to raise meaningful exception when attempt to use an unknown asset type.assets
Make assets configurableassets
Refactoring towards a more configurable frameworkassets
Accept absolute URLs as assets sourcesassets
Rename Helpers private method namesassets
Assets helpers now accept multiple file namesassets
Allow a global assets prefix for apps not living at the top level of the domainassets
Allow to configure custom output directories for javascripts and stylesheetsassets
Basic helpers support for javascripts and stylesheetsassets
Ignore .greenbarassets
Initial messassets
Authors in gemspechelpers
Prepare for v1.0.0.beta2helpers
CHANGELOG [ci skip]helpers
HTML Elements: added `<var>`helpers
HTML Elements: added `<slot>`helpers
HTML Elements: added `<rtc>`helpers
HTML Elements: added `<hgroup>`helpers
HTML Elements: added `<dialog>`helpers
HTML elements: `<link>` was defined twicehelpers
API docs [ci skip]helpers
From helpers: added #tel_field helperhelpers
Refactoring: include Hanami::Helpers::EscapeHelper in Hanami::Helpers::FormHelper::FormBuilderhelpers
From helpers: added #url_field helperhelpers
From helpers: added #search_field helperhelpers
From helpers: added #range_field helperhelpers
From helpers: added #image_button helperhelpers
From helpers: added #fieldset as concrete method, only for documentation purposeshelpers
From helpers: added tests for #submithelpers
From helpers: added #button as concrete method, only for documentation purposeshelpers
Bump version to v1.0.0.beta2helpers
API docs cleanup (#102)helpers
Remove Ruby 2.2 load check (#101)helpers
Merge pull request #99 from hanami/form-time-inputshelpers
Added time_field form helperhelpers
Added week_field form helperhelpers
Added month_field form helperhelpers
CHANGELOG [ci skip]helpers
API dochelpers
Try to fix JRuby build on CI, with a suggestion from Travis CI supporthelpers
Bump version to 1.0.0.beta1helpers
Depend on hanami-utils ~> 1.0.0-beta1helpers
CHANGELOG [ci skip]helpers
Prepare for v0.5.1helpers
Merge pull request #93 from davydovanton/typo-selecthelpers
Merge pull request #87 from myabc/fix-form-builder-values2helpers
Merge pull request #85 from katafrakt/fix-format-numberhelpers
Prepare for v0.5.0helpers
Prepare for v0.5.0helpers
Make the rubocop :cop: happyhelpers
Merge branch 'TiteiKo-add-multiple-option-to-select'helpers
Params#valid? triggering in tests is no longer necessaryhelpers
Merge branch 'add-multiple-option-to-select' of https://github.com/TiteiKo/helpers into TiteiKo-add-multiple-option-to-selecthelpers
Let CI to build only against MRI 2.3 and JRuby
Make it to work with hanami-controller ~> 0.8helpers
Merge pull request #83 from TiteiKo/fix-blank-submission-testhelpers
Make it to work with hanami-utils HEADhelpers
Merge pull request #82 from hanami/new-routes-factoryhelpers
Bump version to v0.5.0helpers
Use Web.routes instead of Web::Routes as routes factoryhelpers
Make the build to pass with Rubocop ~> 0.44helpers
Make it work with the latest version of hanami-controller and hanami-validationshelpers
Merge pull request #72 from hanami/form-values-to-support-hash-dighelpers
Disable rubocop Style/MethodMissing rulehelpers
Micro optimization for form values. Thanks @davydovanton for the suggestionhelpers
Form values to support `Hash#dig`helpers
Prepare for v0.4.0helpers
Code tidyhelpers
CHANGELOG [ci skip]helpers
Remove jruby from CI allowed failureshelpers
Remove dry-* gems from Gemfilehelpers
Merge pull request #69 from sebastjan-hribar/set_selected_optionhelpers
Make the build to work with latest validations/params changeshelpers
Merge pull request #64 from hanami/remove-simplecovhelpers
Remove simplecovhelpers
Merge pull request #63 from hanami/fix-ruby-warningshelpers
Fixed Ruby warningshelpers
Bump development dependency to Rake 11helpers
Merge pull request #62 from killthekitten/add-utils-dependencyhelpers
Merge branch 'davydovanton-select-include-blank'helpers
Merge branch 'select-include-blank' of https://github.com/davydovanton/helpers into davydovanton-select-include-blankhelpers
Merge branch 'invert-values-for-form-builder-select'helpers
Merge branch 'master' into invert-values-for-form-builder-selecthelpers
Test check box value with #nil? instead of dynamic lang thruthy testhelpers
Make select form helper to work with structured arrays of options and with a collection of serializable objectshelpers
Invert values for form builder's selecthelpers
Cleanup for #60helpers
Merge branch 'hoksilato-feature-datalist-form-helper'helpers
Merge branch 'feature-datalist-form-helper' of https://github.com/hoksilato/helpers into hoksilato-feature-datalist-form-helperhelpers
Merge pull request #58 from davydovanton/doc-form-helperhelpers
Master is now 0.4helpers
Merge pull request #52 from hanami/allow-links-to-be-concathelpers
I made a mess with merges. :sweat_smile: Here's the test files.helpers
Merge branch 'master' into allow-links-to-be-concathelpers
Allow links to be concathelpers
Merge pull request #51 from hanami/revert-50-link-to-in-htmlhelpers
Revert "Link to in html"helpers
Prepare for v0.3.0helpers
Bump to v0.3.0helpers
Finalize renaminghelpers
Lotus => Hanamihelpers
Prepare for v0.2.6helpers
Merge pull request #44 from huynhquancam/html-fragmenthelpers
Bump v0.2.6helpers
[ci skip] CHANGELOGhelpers
Added CHANGELOG.md to released gemhelpers
Depend on lotus-validations ~> 0.4 for testinghelpers
Cleanup for #39helpers
[ci skip] API doc fix for RoutingHelperhelpers
[ci skip] API dochelpers
Use lotus-view ~> 0.5 for testinghelpers
Depend on lotus-utils ~> 0.6helpers
[ci skip] CHANGELOGhelpers
Added lotus-validations to Gemfilehelpers
[ci skip] CHANGELOGhelpers
Merge pull request #38 from awochna/number-fieldhelpers
Merge branch 'capitalize-form-labels'helpers
Form #label outputs capitalized stringshelpers
Prepare for v0.2.5helpers
Text area helper: accept a wider range of objects as options. Additional tests and docs. Ref #33helpers
More tests and alias for text concat in HTML builder. Ref #30helpers
Stricter signature for link_to helper. Ref #22helpers
Depend on lotus-utils ~> 0.5helpers
Merge pull request #20 from lotus/csrf-protection-supporthelpers
CSRF Protection support for lotusrbhelpers
[ci skip] CHANGELOGhelpers
[ci skip] Update README with usage for form and number formatting helperhelpers
Cleanup for #11helpers
Merge branch 'tomkadwill-number_helper'helpers
Merge branch 'number_helper' of https://github.com/tomkadwill/helpers into tomkadwill-number_helperhelpers
Bump v0.2.0helpers
Merge branch 'form-helper'helpers
Merge branch 'master' into form-helperhelpers
Default value for accept-charset (utf-8)helpers
Introduced Form as facility to DRY form definitionshelpers
Added password_fieldhelpers
Get rid of Values#update? magichelpers
Form method must be explicithelpers
Updated to latest depshelpers
Unified params and valueshelpers
Let form values to not inherit from OpenStruct, but to use composition.helpers
Add #check_box to form helpershelpers
Prepare for v0.1.0helpers
Depend on lotus-view ~> 0.4 (for testing)helpers
Depend on lotus-utils ~> 0.4helpers
Depend on lotus-utils ~> 0.4helpers
Changed syntax for "create" vs "update" formshelpers
Ensure params will take the priority over the form valueshelpers
Form helpers: add support for update resourceshelpers
[ci skip] Done with API docs for form helperhelpers
Form builder: minor changes and API docshelpers
[ci skip] API docs for Lotus::Helpers::FormHelperhelpers
Form helper: split into separated fileshelpers
Introduced Lotus::Helpers::FormHelperhelpers
Introduce support for Ruby 2.0+helpers
Merge pull request #14 from lotus/routing-helperhelpers
[ci skip] Typo. Thanks @tomkadwill :+1:helpers
Introduced Lotus::Helpers::RoutingHelperhelpers
Rename EscapeHelper#escape_url alias into #hu, to avoid name collisions with <u>. Ref #10helpers
Cleanup per #10helpers
Merge branch 'AlfonsoUceda-master'helpers
Merge pull request #9 from jc00ke/patch-1helpers
Merge branch 'html-generators'helpers
[ci skip] fix a couple of typoshelpers
HTML generator: use symbol hashes for attributes. Data attrs should be passed with the dash notation.helpers
[ci skip] Remove outdated commenthelpers
Final cleanup for HTML generatorshelpers
Bind original context for HTML generators (eg. local variables of a view)helpers
Auto escape HTML generators' tag contentshelpers
[ci skip] Updated README with design noteshelpers
HTML builder: Handle deeply nested blockshelpers
Handle breaking lines when a block is used to generate inner tagshelpers
Added more tags. Refactoring. Allow devs to have custom (empty) tags.helpers
Basic implementation of HTML generatorshelpers
Bumped version to v0.1.0helpers
Development: depend on Bundler ~> 1.6helpers
Boilerplate to enable testing, coverage, CI, metrics etc..helpers
Merge pull request #2 from joneslee85/patch-1helpers
Initial messhelpers
Authors in gemspecmailer
CHANGELOG [ci skip]mailer
Prepare for v1.0.0.beta2mailer
CHANGELOG [ci skip]mailer
Fix CI for rainbowmailer
Bump version to 1.0.0.beta1mailer
Depend on hanami-utils ~> 1.0.0-beta1mailer
Prepare for v0.4.0mailer
Prepare for v0.4.0mailer
Merge pull request #62 from lucasallan/jrubymailer
Prepare for v0.3.0mailer
Code tidymailer
Merge branch 'davydovanton-bcc-option'mailer
Merge pull request #52 from hanami/remove-simplecovmailer
Merge pull request #51 from hanami/fix-ruby-warningsmailer
Merge branch 'master' into remove-simplecovmailer
Fixed warnings for initialized instance variables @from, @to and @subject for Mailer:Dslmailer
Bump development dependency to Rake 11mailer
Remove simplecovmailer
Merge branch 'fix-ruby-warnings'mailer
Fixed warnings for initialized instance variables @from, @to and @subject for Mailer:Dslmailer
Bump development dependency to Rake 11mailer
Merge pull request #50 from deepj/jruby-9050mailer
Master is now 0.3mailer
Prepare for v0.2.0mailer
Merge pull request #46 from hanami/hanamimailer
Finalize renamingmailer
Lotus => Hanamimailer
Merge pull request #42 from lotus/revert-41-bug-buble-up-mail-errormailer
Revert "Lotus::Mailer::MissingDeliveryDataError buble up Mail::ArgumentError messages"mailer
Depend on lotus-utils ~> 0.6mailer
[ci skip] CHANGELOGmailer
Remove Configuration#delivery aliasmailer
Merge branch 'first-release-cleanup'mailer
Final cleanupmailer
Thread safetymailer
Added pending test for custom delivery methodmailer
Added pending test for Configuration#preparemailer
Test for namespaced template namesmailer
Raise error when from/to delivery data is missingmailer
Remove framework duplicationmailer
Default and custom charsetmailer
Run Mailer#prepare on initializemailer
Attachments cleanupmailer
Selective multipart deliverymailer
Template enginesmailer
Remove kwargs for localsmailer
Immutable mail message before deliverymailer
Associated templates and DSL cleanup. Ref #2 #3mailer
Test Lotus::Mailer.configuremailer
Test custom delivery methodmailer
Cleanup configuration and document custom deliveriesmailer
[ci skip] We only accept contributions made by RGSoC studends for the entire Summer of 2015mailer
[ci skip] READMEmailer
Nevermind, now it's CI that complains about bundler :cry:mailer
Use bundler ~> 1.7 instead of 1.10 as it doesn't require extra maintenance for CImailer
Depend on lotus-utils ~> 0.5mailer
Initial messmailer
Merge pull request #1 from hanami/readmedocs
Generate doc index with sidebardocs
Use custom Yard templatedocs
Include yard in Gemfile depsdocs
Generate docs for Hanamidocs
Layout with fixed sidebardocs
Configure Gulp to generate assetsdocs
Initial messdocs
Added instructions for log rotationhanami.github.io
Announcing Hanami v1.0.0.rc1hanami.github.io
Pass arbitrary arguments to logger setting in config/environment.rbhanami
Isolate global state (env vars) for a mailer configuration test, by running it in a separated processhanami
Prepare for v1.0.0.rc1hanami
Generate empty `lib/<project-name>.rb` file (#762)hanami
Allow mailer settings to be evaluated multiple times (#761)hanami
Disconnect Hanami::Model directly inside Hanami.boot (#760)hanami
Prepare for v1.0.0.rc1view
Prepare for v1.0.0.rc1utils
Logger arguments (#205)utils
Ruby 2.3.4 isn't available yet on Travis CIutils
Test against latest Rubiesutils
Make the build to pass with rubocop 0.48.0validations
Prepare for v1.0.0.rc1validations
Make the build to pass with rubocop 0.48.0model
Prepare for v1.0.0.rc1model
Prepare for v1.0.0.rc1controller
Prepare for v1.0.0.rc1router
Prepare for v1.0.0.rc1assets
Make the build to pass for rubocop 0.48helpers
Prepare for v1.0.0.rc1helpers
Prepare for v1.0.0.rc1mailer
Let ArgumentError to bubble up when not related to mailer DSL missing data (#70)mailer
Update .travis.ymlcontributors
Use Ruby 2.4.1 and Hanami 1.0.0.rc1contributors
Change timestamp for blog posthanami.github.io
Font for logotype is Roboto. Ref #287hanami.github.io
ML 0011hanami.github.io
Adjust developers count for MLhanami.github.io
Final touches for Getting Started Guidehanami.github.io
Update deploy instructions for Herokuhanami.github.io
Update Getting Started Guidehanami.github.io
Small tweakhanami.github.io
Prepare for v1.0.0hanami.github.io
Announcing Hanami v1.0.0hanami.github.io
Team pagehanami.github.io
Security policyhanami.github.io
Let Hanami.boot to return nilhanami
Prepare for v1.0.0hanami
Prepare for v1.0.0view
Pin rubocop to '0.48.0'utils
Prepare for v1.0.0utils
Prepare for v1.0.0validations
Prepare for v1.0.0model
Prepare for v1.0.0controller
Prepare for v1.0.0router
Bump version to 1.0.0assets
Prepare for v1.0.0helpers
Bump version to 1.0.0mailer
Prepare for v1.0.0mailer
Merge branch 'develop'utils
Cleanup RSpec. Ref #200utils
Merge branch 'master' into developutils
Merge branch 'develop'router
RSpec cleanup. Ref #144router
Merge branch 'master' into developrouter
Merge branch 'develop'helpers
RSpec cleanup. Ref #106helpers
Merge branch 'master' into develophelpers
Fix guide's migration where UUID is used as primary keyhanami.github.io
Update fixtures reference in specsutils
Remove Minitest from the projectutils
Document how to use #raw helper with a local. Ref hanami/view#123hanami.github.io
Add Twitter hashtag to Community pagehanami.github.io
Merge branch 'build' into new-communityhanami.github.io