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Added Sao Paulo User Group into Community
Removed old generator's action
Fixed README.mdvalidations
Updated to explain blank valuesvalidations
Added blank_value? to size predicatevalidations
Added additional parser for JRuby PG Adapter when get uuid invalid typemodel
Using error hint to evaluate if raise error or return nil for #findmodel
Updated fixtures.rbmodel
Updated TravisCI config file for JRuby
Fixed .find for wrong typesmodel
Updated README.mdmodel
Updated README.mdmodel
Moved all Hanami::Model error classes to the same filemodel
Changed case-when to Registry Patternmodel
Added test case for SerializationError from Sequelmodel
Added more test cases into Sql/Commandmodel
Mapping SQL Adapter's Errors into Hanami Model Errorsmodel
Added test:unit and test:integrationmodel
Fixed too many opened files errormodel
Added hlegius and Creditas as donators (#359)