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Use environment value for formatting loggerutils
Rename json logger keysutils
Introduce new JSON logger formatutils
Make method more idiomaticallyutils
Add missing tests for Kernel#numeric? methodutils
Fix broken tests for logger classutils
Add level option to logger initializerutils
Don't close STDOUT and $stdout devicesutils
Add test for IO and Pathname classesutils
Fix problem with closed STDOUTutils
Check relative fileutils
Test log file permissionutils
Save log file in tmp folder instead fixturesutils
Fix saving logger text to fileutils
Fix String#classify for dash separatorsutils
Fix incorrect method name in Class documentation [skip ci]utils
Fix typo for Attributes#initialize documentation [skip ci]utils
Reduce allocations for String#classify methodutils
Bump сopyright yearmodel
Fix formatting text for migration error messagemodel
Works well with empty cache (#212)controller
Merge pull request #207 from mgrachev/feature/update-readmecontroller
Update Rack version to 2.0 (Closes #201)controller
Add documentation for params#valid? [skip ci] (#164)controller
Use hanami json wrapperrouter
Fix slash repeat when you call current_path in capybararouter
Fix header displaying for routes inspectionrouter
Display header text for routes inspectorrouter
Fix typo in documentation comment [skip ci]assets
Merge pull request #96 from davydovanton/escape-input-valuehelpers
Escape value attribute for input html taghelpers
Try to fail tests with reproducing the problemhelpers
Fix typo in select documentation [skip ci]helpers
Add prompt option for select form helperhelpers
Update form tags and inputs list [skip ci]helpers
Support include_blank option for select form helperhelpers
Add information about multiple option [skip ci]helpers
Replace link_to builder code to HtmlBuilder classhelpers
Fix nested html method callinghelpers
Add test cases for introduce this bughelpers
Update copyright to 2016 year [skip ci]helpers
Fix documentation mistakemailer
Update version for cc and bcc optionsmailer
Update documentation for better understandingmailer
Update CHANGELOG filemailer
Add bcc optionmailer
Fix typos for cc option documentationmailer
Fix JRuby build on TravisCImailer
Add cc option (#56)mailer
Fix documentation typo [skip ci]mailer
Update copyright to 2016 year [skip ci]mailer
Toggle source code block for each methoddocs
Add margin for each detail blocksdocs
Update links on readme pagedocs
Merge pull request #3 from hanami/update-designdocs
Update source blockdocs
Refactor github link methoddocs
Add link to gitgub for each methoddocs
Merge pull request #2 from hanami/update-build-scriptdocs
Update template style for method pagedocs
Generate specific version docs in separate foldersdocs
Add log folder to gitignoredocs
Create simple readme pagedocs
Merge pull request #302 from hanami/
Add link to hanami contributors
Update scripts for deploydocs
Add travis CI script for deploy sitedocs
Create simple script for CI deploydocs
Update creating commit codecontributors
Add new gems for working with rediscontributors
Add new workercontributors
Fix new commits creatingcontributors
Update link to sourcescontributors
Fix specscontributors
Merge branch 'master' of
Improve page speed for getting commits countcontributors
Add contributors repository to project listcontributors
Update readme file (drop todos)contributors
Add license to projectcontributors
Add sidekiq to projectcontributors
Fix specscontributors
Add travis CIcontributors
Update todo list in readme pagecontributors
Fix page for empty contributor listcontributors
Create navbar link status for each pagecontributors
Update testscontributors
Mobile frendly commitcontributors
Simple refactoringcontributors
Create strange codecontributors
Use new method in actioncontributors
Create method for get contributors in commit create data rangecontributors
Update links in navbarcontributors
Add title information for each pagecontributors
Update todo listcontributors
Save commit created_at timecontributors
Add puma to projectcontributors
Add services to seed filecontributors
Set ruby version for herokucontributors
Use partial for sharing template layoutcontributors
Rename faq pathcontributors