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Merge pull request #290 from kami-zh/
Merge pull request #289 from kzf/
Merge pull request #284 from hanami/
Merge pull request #288 from alcesleo/
Merge pull request #286 from alcesleo/
Merge pull request #285 from alcesleo/
Add vector logo to
Add link to hanami
Merge pull request #279 from nickgnd/
Merge pull request #256 from davydovanton/
Add include and require right module to cache
Add information how to test action flash
Merge pull request #271 from gizotti/
Add gitter chat button for all
Merge pull request #263 from rmascarenhas/
Update association
Merge pull request #243 from mgrachev/
Update information about entity in getting start
Add hanami awesome to community
Make footer text more
Set colors for code a bit
Put gems status to
Replace navbar to separate
Add special page with status of all hanami
Update footer and donations part of site (#179)
Create anchors like in
Update form helper
Fix editing button in guides
Add more complicated
Add information about supporting link_to
Add information about generation action with
Set grey color for command output in dev
Set grey color for command output in dev
Fix #125
Add information about nested
Update style for #shuffle
Fix typos in
Ensure project to work without mailer configuration (#742)hanami
Fix typos in static documentation [skip ci] (#645)hanami
Add format settings to config file templateshanami
Use format option for set special formaterhanami
Use JSON logger formatter only for production environmenthanami
Add format settings to config file templateshanami
Update documentation. Add private status for method.hanami
Add test for CLI subcommandshanami
Use format option for set special formaterhanami
Use JSON logger formatter only for production environmenthanami
Update logo in welcome pagehanami
Replace general logic to module instead classhanami
Create simple way to creating custom CLI commandshanami
Require gems in bin/hanami filehanami
Exit with status code if rake command was raisedhanami
Fix configuration file for app architecturehanami
Delete all Hanami::Logger logichanami
Add test case when level is integerhanami
Update generated template for setting level option valuehanami
Set logger level to builded hanami logger instancehanami
Create level option for logger config instancehanami
Update generated configation filehanami
Set logger name in loaderhanami
Fix testshanami
Set Hanami::Logger constant to module loggerhanami
Create option for set custom log instance instead Hanami::Loggerhanami
Fix loger initializer and add app_name getter/setterhanami
Rename log_device to devicehanami
Create new Config::Logger class for setting logger optionshanami
Replace hanavi version without temolates to private methodhanami
Fix slim application template layouthanami
Fix template generation when template options is not erbhanami
Generate less strict hanami version on Gemfilehanami
Use File#end_with? instead comparisonhanami
Fix problem with windows file separatorhanami
Add test for verification this bughanami
Fix template for checking static urlshanami
Fix model generation for camelcased app namehanami
Add missing file adapter description to generatorshanami
Fix incorrect app naming when app name include dash charhanami
Show dynamically application name on welcome pagehanami
Create default gitignore template and template for file dbhanami
Fix nested position for Commands::New::App testshanami
Update test file for Lotusrc classhanami
Fix ghostly failing for middleware session testhanami
Fix not completed PR with new rspec data in spec_helperhanami
Set correct definition for application and project words [skip ci]hanami
Update rspec_helper template file [skip ci]hanami
Update test cases for create new action logichanami
Fix action generation for app architecturehanami
Fix hardcoded keys and values in .lotusrc templatehanami
Fix typos in repository [skip ci]hanami
Merge pull request #117 from mgrachev/feature/update-readmeview
Introduce ::filled? method (#191)utils
Try to update ruby version to 2.4.0utils
Fix typo in readme [skip ci] (#155)utils
Keep empty valuesutils
Use special EOL constant instead '\n'utils
Fix default logger formatutils
Use new json wrapper for loggerutils
Create wrapper for json moduleutils
Update documentation for Hanami::Logger [skip ci]utils
Replace formatters to different classesutils