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Add pagination to blog (#296)
Add new favicon (#291)
Use SMTP_HOST env in address instead SMTP_PORT for mailer config (#721)hanami
Fix generate new mailer when app dir name and app name differ (#719)hanami
Tiny improvement imporvement. Use tr instead gsubhanami
Fix example for messages_path method (#111)validations
Parse host and port from connection url with params (#384)model
Fix error in `db console` command when scheme is postgresqlmodel
Fix example with confirmation in params (#221)controller
Fix typo in docshelpers
Use released 1.0.0 hanami versioncontributors
Pass pending testcontributors
Add simplecovcontributors
Migrate from Minitest to RSpec (#200)utils
Add missing .env.developmentcontributors
Change faviconcontributors
Add spec for servicescontributors
Add test for title method in contributors show viewcontributors
Add indexes for commits and contributors tablescontributors
rename assertion methodvalidations
Migrate from minitest to rspecvalidations
Rename env files to samplecontributors
Fix typo: servises -> servicescontributors
Add since field for contributorscontributors
Add ruby 2.5.0 to travis buildhanami
Remove unused dry-struct gem declarationcontributors
Fix build on ruby 2.5.1contributors
Remove Utils::Class.load_from_pattern! usage (#147)view
Deprecate Utils::Class.load_from_pattern! (#271)utils
Remove Utils::Class.load_from_pattern! usage (#252)controller
Remove Utils::Class.load_from_pattern! usage (#90)assets