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Add pagination to blog (#296)hanami.github.io
Add new favicon (#291)hanami.github.io
Use SMTP_HOST env in address instead SMTP_PORT for mailer config (#721)hanami
Fix generate new mailer when app dir name and app name differ (#719)hanami
Tiny improvement imporvement. Use tr instead gsubhanami
Fix example for messages_path method (#111)validations
Parse host and port from connection url with params (#384)model
Fix error in `db console` command when scheme is postgresqlmodel
Fix example with confirmation in params (#221)controller
Fix typo in docshelpers
Use released 1.0.0 hanami versioncontributors
Pass pending testcontributors
Add simplecovcontributors
Migrate from Minitest to RSpec (#200)utils
Add missing .env.developmentcontributors
Change faviconcontributors
Add spec for servicescontributors
Add test for title method in contributors show viewcontributors