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Add note on database
Use SQLite in the Getting Started
allow action params to read arrayscontroller
add form support for arrays of nested fields (#74)helpers
Merge pull request #97 from hanami/fix-travis-rubygemshelpers
Fix rainbow installation for TravisCIhelpers
Fix blank submission testhelpers
add multiple option possibility to selecthelpers
Merge pull request #215 from jaymiejones86/issue-213-documentationutils
Don't mutate input hash unless necessary (#219)utils
Fix timestamps for models not having updated_at column. (#413)model
Add empty filters to generated configuration filehanami
Fix rack content length errorhanami
Send params to loggerhanami
Merge pull request #773 from linchus/update-environment-commentshanami
Log filtering (#225)utils
Merge pull request #211 from hanami/improve-interactors-formatutils