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Align method options again [skip ci]hanami
Align things [skip-ci]hanami
Rename adapter option to databasehanami
Clean up generator templateshanami
Refactoring and fixes based on code reviewhanami
Make test describe block uniformhanami
Added adapter option for new commandhanami
Init a git repo when generating a new applicationhanami
Use load_from_pattern! instead of load!hanami
Added support for passing an app name to dbconsolehanami
Merge branch 'master' into feature/dbconsolehanami
Removed unnecessary optionshanami
Added more CLI optionshanami
Adds a dbconsole command to start a db console/REPLhanami
Update README.mdvalidations
Removed Shellword escaping for mysql and postgresqlmodel
Add tests for escaped connection stringsmodel
Merge branch 'master' into feature/dbconsole-supportmodel
Escape correct path with Shellwordsmodel
Document NotSupportedError and clean ENV variable in testmodel
Remove mistakenly committed filemodel
Remove options for connection_string overridesmodel
Fix coding stylemodel
Updates based on code reviewmodel
Added some tests for sql consolesmodel
Symbol -> Stringmodel
Implemented more options and moved console related logic to their ownmodel
Adds a connection_string method to the adapters. It is used to retrievemodel
Update README.mdassets