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Use setting title to display in the shared headercontributors
Add feature spec for creating a new settingcontributors
Use resources router methodcontributors
Add settings formcontributors
Add SettingRepository speccontributors
Move #first to SettingRepositorycontributors
[Admin] Add settings showcontributors
Create setting entitycontributors
fix select with values and nil options (#132)helpers
Add flash#each and flash#map (#251)controller
Use <= instead of ancestors.include? for performance reasons (#956)hanami
Only pass app body parsers options to internal router if user enables them (#957)hanami
Change Hanami::Middleware to Hanami::MiddlewareStack (#954)hanami
Use Swappable JSON backend in Action::Flash (#275)controller
Merge pull request #267 from hanami/fix-double-flash-bugcontroller
Refactor Flash classcontroller
Merge pull request #262 from hanami/deprecate-parsed_request_bodycontroller
add spec for deprecation warningcontroller
improve deprecation messagecontroller
deprecate parsed_request_bodycontroller
Extracted body parser into Rack Middleware (#175)router