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Fix grammar and typos on Application Rake Tasks Guide (#180)
Fix typo on Mailer View Template
Fix typo on Action Control Flow
Fix typo on Basic Usage
Fix typo on Getting Started
Fix small
Use app getter instead of instance variablehanami
Use early container mount configuration instead of late mountinghanami
No longer allow redefinition of routes constanthanami
Undo changes to test fixtures and generator templateshanami
Allow redefinition of routes constanthanami
Fix typos on generator templates and fixtures [skip ci]hanami
Fix typo on Hanami::Environment doc [skip ci]hanami
Fix typos on Hanami::Configuration doc [skip ci]hanami
Fix typo on Hanami::Commands::Server doc [skip ci]hanami
Fix typo on Hanami::ApplicationName doc [skip ci]hanami
Update test template fixtureshanami
Fix route mounting on testing environmentshanami
Make minor text correction on READMEview
Fix typo on Hanami::Interactor doc [skip ci]utils
Allow deep indifferent access on Hanami::Utils::Attributesutils
Small README correctionsmodel
Make minor text correction on READMEmodel
Fix typo on Hanami::Action::Mime doc [skip ci]controller
Fix typo on spec description [skip ci]controller
Fix typo on Validatable doc [skip ci]controller
Fix typo on MIME doc [skip ci]controller
Fix typo on Action doc [skip ci]controller
Test Rack middleware use with blockscontroller
Allow blocks when specifying Rack middleware to usecontroller
Reconstruct sentence for better readabilitycontroller
Minor correctioncontroller
Use correct prepositioncontroller
Fix typo on EndpointResolver doc [skip ci]router
Correct version docrouter
Move default response to a constantrouter