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Update travis rubies versionsrouter
Add gitter webhook for travisrouter
Merge pull request #132 from hanami/update_travis_rubiesrouter
Update travis rubies versionsrouter
Merge pull request #127 from childss/dasherized-routesrouter
Merge pull request #130 from vyper/patch-1router
Merge pull request #120 from lucasallan/jrubyrouter
Merge pull request #79 from lotus/add-rubies-to-travisrouter
Added rubies versions to travis filerouter
Moved body parsing exception class to parser classrouter
Added documentation and renamed parsing exceptionrouter
Raise a custom lotus exception when the json parser fails to parse a malformed jsonrouter
Added prefix for mounted apps in script_namerouter
Improved path/url exception messagesrouter
Merge pull request #61 from AlfonsoUceda/fix-container-router-bugrouter
Added force_ssl optionrouter
Put behavoiur prefixed router generation inside http router classrouter
Update travis rubies versionsassets
Update travis rubies versionsassets
Add gitter webhook for travisassets
Update rubocop inheriting from hanami repositorassets
Merge pull request #68 from vyper/patch-2assets
Update travis rubies versionshelpers
Update travis rubies versionshelpers
Add gitter webhook for travishelpers
Update rubocop inheriting from hanami repositorhelpers
Merge pull request #88 from vyper/patch-1helpers
Merge pull request #47 from lotus/add-rbx2-to-travishelpers
Added rbx2 to travishelpers
Merge pull request #46 from lotus/revert-45-update-copyrighthelpers
Revert "Update copyright to 2016 year"helpers
Merge pull request #43 from lotus/add-rubies-to-travishelpers
Add rubies versions to travis filehelpers
Update travis rubies versionsmailer
Add gitter webhook for travismailer
Update travis rubies versions (#64)mailer
Merge pull request #63 from vyper/patch-1mailer
Merge pull request #43 from lotus/add-rubies-to-travismailer
Added rubies versions to travis filemailer
Merge pull request #287 from kbrgl/
Merge pull request #304 from y-yagi/
Merge pull request #11 from hanami/rename-option-list-to-valuescli
Explicit required arguments, you can use optional argumentscli
Able to unable boolean optionscli
Extract cli renderer logic to its own classcli
Remove .run method in cli DSL, no longer neededcli
Extract params parser from command to its own classcli
Refactorized command class methodscli
User argument for required params and option for optional paramscli
Support boolean params like --skip-viewcli
Pass parsed options as arguments in call command methodcli
Halt command if some required param is missingcli
Add optional param alongside required params in a commandcli
Use `required` instead `require` in a paramcli
Add required params as parameters in call methodcli
Print labels for required paramscli
Prints required param in commands renderingcli
Added required param method in a commandcli
Sort rendering commandscli
Naive implementation of commands renderingcli
Fix params parser when no desc or alias is used for a paramcli
Refactorized using command instance instead raw commandscli
reuqire optparse in command filecli
Merge arguments in command optionscli
Better description help structurecli
Convert Command class to modulecli
Move option parser options to param classcli
Add tests for params for subcommandscli
Add test params for subcommandscli
Merge pull request #5 from hanami/add-description-to-paramscli
Add desc option to paramscli
Merge pull request #4 from hanami/add_params_cli_commandcli
Add params to cli commandcli
Merge pull request #3 from hanami/introduce_hanami_cli_commandcli
Print command descriptionscli
Add aliases and desccli
Introduce hanami cli commandcli
Merge pull request #2 from hanami/support-aliases-commandcli
Support aliasescli
Merge pull request #1 from hanami/basic-commandscli
Fix prepare block for mailers (#811)hanami
Merge pull request #366 from timberio/
Remove autofocus attribute in search
Merge pull request #371 from hanami/feature/
Merge pull request #374 from maac4422/
Merge pull request #375 from dmitriy-strukov/
Merge pull request #333 from hanami/
bulk creation: fix
Merge pull request #380 from cveneziani/
Merge pull request #382 from cveneziani/
Add jdbc info in database configuration
Merge pull request #381 from cveneziani/
Merge pull request #383 from funk-yourself/
Add plugins page to head
Fix headings in command line
Implement rollback commandhanami
Hanami logger creates automatically all folders for the stream (#828)hanami
Update travis rubieshanami
Migrate new command (#802)hanami